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Frankie's TIKI Room ...Las Vegas

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Name:Frankie's Tiki Room
Street: Charleston
City:Las Vegas
Status:Dec. 4th, 08'



[ Edited by: revbambooben 2008-11-02 09:43 ]

YaaaaaaY Frankie's!!!!

A Vegas Tiki with Dice in the eyes; ya gotta love it!

..let's see more interior pictures quickly!!!....before this thread gets choked with posts of congratulations, back slappin and general praise and worship.....

..i think the translation for the words around the entry way are either " paddle home safely".....or"abandon hope all ye who enter here" which is incidentally the same thing written over the gates of hell...and every other Denny's.....it's not a bad thing. This place is gonna be great!!

"the wheels of karma grind slow....but they grind fine !!"

[ Edited by: Tipsy McStagger 2008-11-19 14:10 ]


This is a much deserved "bump" to let you all know that there are a bunch of new photos on page 18 of the "General Topic" thread here: http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=30181&forum=1&start=255&261


I hoping to be there in January



kiya posted on Tue, Dec 23, 2008 6:24 PM

I'll be hitting up Frankie's this weekend while visiting LV from San Francisco...
From the looks of it and what i've read it sounds like it's gonna be a favorite of mine up there with Forbidden Island..

kirby posted on Wed, Dec 24, 2008 4:17 PM

hey peeps..Im gonna be in vegas this weekend the 26th to the 29th if anybody wants to hang and hit up frankies let me know...kirby

Im arriving on the 30th. Does that work?

kiya posted on Thu, Dec 25, 2008 11:50 AM

Frankie's meet-up?
Sunday afternoon?

We will be visiting ohana in LV December 29 - January 3, 2009 and will stop by and check it out.

We were there this week!
Oue three Favorite Things

  1. Gambling
  2. Tiki
  3. Great Tunes!
    Thw Mrs Loved her drink!
    Moss, one of the owners is the only club owner in LV with a clue!
    Beats TV, LV by a mile!

This is from the Las Vegas Weekly :down:


Another review of Frankie's, from the Las Vegas Weekly.

The article is more interesting, if you first visit the website (link below) and see the photo of Bamboo Ben (and a guy named Moss), and then find out what film clips are being shown on the TV sets.


But here is the article if you absolutely need to read it this second.

*Since reopening this winter after an interior overhaul that turned Frankie’s (non-descript dive) into Frankie’s Tiki Room (hipster-haven), there’s been plenty of buzz over the West Charleston bar.

We’ve heard gushing over the tropical kitsch décor complete with carved wooden heads and dried blowfish lamps – “It’s so unVegas.” – and warnings on the drink menu – apparently those skulls beneath each cocktail are potency indicators and not just artistic additions. But what caught my attention after ordering up a refreshing Lava Letch on my first visit was the video loop.

Behind the bar, which stretches the length of the main room, two video screens played an intriguing mix of footage that ranged from grainy hula dancers to surf porn to actual porn in black and white starring a sailor and what appeared to be a Polynesian hooker.

Just when things were about to get really graphic and I and other patrons were starting to gape with a general, “Wha-a…” the scene would switch. Parting grass skirt became tightly curled wave, and we returned to our cocktails muttering.

While the incomprehensible hodge-podge was more often white noise than centerpiece, the odd combination of clips certainly beat staring at Anderson Cooper (no offense, AC) or Sports Center highlights. Play on, Tiki loop. *

Frankie's was everything I had hoped for. I knew I had to ''hit it''' while I was in Vegas for Viva Las Vegas. Friday morning I am outside of the Orleans Hotel having a conversation with my wife on my cell phone with my Friend from PA nearby. A cab drives by and I get him to stop. We are going to Frankie's and it's 10:00am.......hmm shouldn't be too crowded. We get there and immediately have to wait til our eyes adjust to the dim lights. What a great set-up inside Frankie's we find. We are greeted by a great bartender ''Tanya'', she must know we are FTB virgins because she takes time to explain everything to us. The menu, the mugs, the t-shirts....She had us both before our eyes readjusted.. The first drink was the bearded clam. My friend and I got our t-shirts and bearded clam mugs. The drink was good but I wanted a bit more so I went for a navy grog next. It was very good, just as I expected. Next was the ''Sea Hag''. This turned out to be my favorite of the day. My friend and I snapped photos and conversed with Tanya and the manager Scott. He was trying to get the light in a puffer fish working again. People started coming in and out of the bar. We met some great locals who told us stories of Frankie's bar before it became tiki. We loaded up the juke box and what a great tiki bar juke box it is. Someone took a lot of time and effort picking those albums and they truly help set the mood at Frankie's. We took lots of pics. (a couple are posted on ''who's going to VLV''). I had 2 more drinks, a Thurston Howell and a Mai Tai and Scott bought the whole bar a shot called ''pond scum''? I may not have the name right but I know I got the guys name right who bought them!!! I could have stayed in Frankie's all F'in day...and maybe someday I will...because that's how good it felt!!! Artsists and carvers you did an outstanding job. I can't wait to go back.

Moondog, you said everything that I wanted to say... We had a very similar experience going there on the Thursday night of Viva. I could have stayed there all weekend too. The cocktails and juke box and all of the decor were just perfect! ....and I don't mind TVs in bars as long as they are playing something rad that compliments the environment. The videos were really cool surfy/ hula/ beatnik art clips. Ben and Moss did a hell of a job on that place, getting it just perfect. I can't wait to go back.

UGH! I can't wait for November!


Just went to Frankie's...

So incredibly awesome!!! Must go back every time I go to Vegas!! Heck, I'll go to LV just to return to this place...


I'll be in Vegas this Sunday and I'm going directly to Frankie's. WOOHOO!


Also, as an aside...this place makes me unable to refrain from this...
::lying on the floor::
Bamboo Ben, I worship your craftivity! All hail the Ben!

(is craftivity even a word?)

On 2009-04-25 20:30, ZeroTiki wrote:
Also, as an aside...this place makes me unable to refrain from this...
::lying on the floor::
Bamboo Ben, I worship your craftivity! All hail the Ben!

(is craftivity even a word?)

Did you see the "Note" under the table?


On 2009-04-25 20:30, ZeroTiki wrote:
Bamboo Ben, I worship your craftivity! All hail the Ben!

(is craftivity even a word?)

If not, it should be invented for Ben, for he is such a crafty creative and creative craftsman -which equals craftivity! :)

I bet he wrote "Tiki" in old bubble gum wads. :D

I think it says "welcome to the floor,
enjoy it while yer down here"


I just had the honour of enjoying a few drinks at Frankie's last Tuesday, and I have to say, it was a wonderful experience. T'was prolly the highlight of my Vegas trip. Kudos to all the artists involved.

On 2009-04-23 15:59, ZeroTiki wrote:
Just went to Frankie's...

So incredibly awesome!!! Must go back every time I go to Vegas!! Heck, I'll go to LV just to return to this place...

So well said. I agree Zero Tiki my husband and I went in February and we would go back to LV just for a visit to Frankie's. We went both days we were there! Allison's Murky Lagoon is one of the best new drinks I have ever had it was magical! I love the sign! Anybody know the translation?


I was in Vegas for Viva Las Vegas 13 this past weekend and made a stop into Frankie's. This happened to be my first time in a real tiki bar and the first time I bought my tiki mug with booze in it!

so i took a picture with the abiding diety

and at the car show i found more Vegas tiki

Just got back from a week of routine maintenance at Frankies Tiki Room.

Installed some back bar lighting so you can now see the House Mugs,Beer, Rum and Bosko's Tikis
, etc.

More shelving for more rum and a couple of Art Lamps on Big Toe's painting
and Doug Horne's painting.

Oh.... and installed this sucka out front to the left. Some guy named Benzart it

carved back in the day for the Tropicana.......

Vegas Seven one of the best magazines in the city that never sleeps puts Frankies in the top ten.


My dad was in Vegas for a few days so I had to take him to his first tiki bar. I ordered him a 3 rum scum, he put 20.00 in the poker machine and won over $500.00!!! Paid for his trip and then some. Need I say that pops now loves all things tiki. Thanks Frankie's for giving me a memory to last forever.

Good one! That could become a campaign for all kinds of Tiki destinations. Really works best in the desert, though, where an oasis is most desired.

Picture with Chumlee from Pawn Stars in front of Frankie's mascot tiki. And here he is with Mrs. Gabbahey.

I ended up with four mugs by the end of the night although one is technically the wife's. I wish I could have spent more time there. I was happy to find their navy grog tasted like mine (confirmation that I can follow directions.) Full disclosure, I was tipsy enough to have some trouble adding my tip into my tab at the end of the night but I eventually worked it out. Good times.


Love, love, love Frankies - here's the Bouncer & myself out front. I think the bathrooms & the jukebox on the wall were fantastic there.

Just moved from Vegas to San Diego and I'm going through 3 rum skum withdraws, hay, how about u guys building a Frankies 2 in San Diego!!!!!!!!


On 2011-06-14 21:30, hang10tiki wrote:
Just moved from Vegas to San Diego and I'm going through 3 rum skum withdraws, hay, how about u guys building a Frankies 2 in San Diego!!!!!!!!

I second that motion.

Hi everybody, I am new to this forum but I am at Frankie's just about every tuesday night. Here's the thing i also run a website called nevadastrange.com. It's a ghost hunter / urban exploring website. I did a video on the ghost in Frankie's. Just though you might want to see it... Here is the link http://www.nevadastrange.com/2011/08/exploring-haunted-frankies-tiki-room-in.html

Johnny Strange

Well....if I was Butch, I probably would want to spend eternity there also. Have ya tried givin' him a Mai Tai?


Johnny Strange, are you privy to the current state of the Underground House? Is it still rented for events?

Jerry built a 6,000 square foot luxurious underground home near the Alexander Dawson buildings in Las Vegas where he lived. You took an elevator down into the underground home 25 feet below ground. There was a main house, heated swimming pool with cascading waterfall, a guesthouse and "outdoor" walkways. It had a remote-controlled lighting system, which could turn a starry night sky into a beautiful sunrise - all with a push of a button! The underground home was featured on the Travel Channel in 2003. Jewell Smith painted the murals


How bad is the smoking there? I'm a heavy drinker but a non-smoker, and the girlfriend is Asthmatic. We've been surviving just fine in the hotels because of the top notch ventilation at the better ones. This is pretty much our last night here, and I have enough hooch in this hotel room to kill an entire frat of college kids, so its unlikely I'll get over there this trip, but we are hoping for another one in the not insanely distant future. Mostly since this trip has been mostly free, the Girlfriend won a $1200 jackpot first night we were here on dime slots.

This is actually my first time in vegas as an adult, I was conceived and born here, but raised in California my entire life. Its like disneyland for drunken horny adults. Wonder if they need botanists/horticulturalists...

I hear there will be a new mug soon, any inside info on it?

I hear there will be a new mug soon, any inside info on it?




Who's there?

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