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tiki food, then and now

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Back in the golden ages of tiki, when Polynesian restaurants littered the neon landscape, what kind of food did they have? Was is super authentic Polynesian or was it Americanized like American Chinese food?

How about now? How many of you make some sort of tropical inspired dishes to serve with tiki drinks? I'm always looking for tropical/Polynesian recipes but since I don't eat seafood there's not much to pick from.


Americanized, even though there is no way I could remember the era. But, I like to see it similar to the Better Homes and Gardens books... homogonized and loaded with Gelatin.

There's a dish that was popular then, I can't recall the name but it was basically chicken wrapped in bacon on shishkebabs. Deliciously clogging!


Get yourself some old Trader Vic's cookbooks. The newer ones aren't too hard to find in used book stores. They put out the following:
Trader Vic's Book of Food and Drink c.1950s
Trader Vic's Kitchen Kibitzer c.1950s
Trader Vic's Pacific Island Cookbook c.1960s
And one came out in the 70s but I don't have that one.

Some recent books like the Don the Beachcomber recipe book have some classic polynesian food recipes in them. You could get any of Sam Choy's cookbooks. Try this web site:


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