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Pics of the Tongue-N-Groove Tiki Bar

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Hello all...

I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. My buddies and I built a Tiki bar in my back yard last fall that I wanted to share with you. The building is a 12' x 20' room that has hot/cold running water, seperate sub panel for electric, cable tv, VCR, full rack stereo, a/c, heat, hottub and more. We matched the outside of the bar to our house so the neighbors (that are not V.I.P members) would not be suspecious as to what is going on. Hehe It is far from being done... but we enjoy the use of it almost every weekend.
The name of the bar is the Tongue-N-Groove Tiki Bar. I used tongue and groove wood for the bar top.... a play on words if you will for the bar name!! Hehe The pictures here are fairly old as we have added and done more to the bar since. Currently a 8' x 8' mural is being painted for one of the walls! We even have embroidered shirts, hats and bar towels with our logo on it. Man this tiki stuff is addictive... I think I have a sickness and I love it!!

Well enough babbling for now. I hope the pics show up. If not they are in the archives section under Home Bars. I will add some current pics soon.....


TNG, welcome to the tribe. Nice looking bar you've got there - interesting concept with the swings!

Looks really nice. I got my bar sign from the same guy. He does good work.

Tacky Techie Tiki Bar

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You could call it the Tongan Groove tiki bar!


I seemed to have missed the pictures.

But hey it's "Groovy"
(Oops found them... very nice).

o o


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