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Survey for Hukilau Merch

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I'm in the middle of carving a few things to be sold at Hukilau, hopefully to to adorn the walls of a few folks here. My question is: Do you think people on the whole would like MORE of something (plaques, clubs, etc) perhaps a bit less elaborate and more inexpensive (150.00 and under)just for general decoration and "the right look", or LESS of something more elaborate, large, and crafted, (I.E. big elaborate tikis) which involves more handiwork and time and therefore can be a bit pricey (300.00-up range)? I guess simplified it would be put good-looking quantity or upscale quality?

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-03-28 10:40 ]

Well, pile it high, sell it cheap always seems to work. I'm sure you'd make more money (and more people happy) by seeling the smaller, cheaper stuff.

Saying that, perhaps showing off an 'illustrative' work that you've slaved upon will get you commissions from those with more money. A connoisseur would happily wait for a carving, particularly when they knew it was being made for themselves.

The 'showpiece' carving could be sold anyway, with the stipulation that the buyer can't have it until after the show.

Good luck,
Trader Woody


It also depends on the 'level' of art fair you're at. The masses go to the Tempe Art Fair, where cheap is good. They're not looking for something they'll keep forever anyway. The well-off go to Scottsdale's art fair, the uniqueness is appealing and makes it worth the extra cost.

Test the waters at both types of show and find the sweet spot for your work. I've met two artists that only go to Scottsdale type shows and at least last year they were doing extremely well.


Sorry, I'm talking about the Phoenix area by the way.


Size Matters!(stop snickering you dirty minded folk)

Items should be able to fit in a suitcase (for those on planes) or the Vendor should be willing and able to handle shipping.

Thats what I say.

Kim posted on Fri, Mar 28, 2003 6:42 PM

I'd say go for smaller things at fairs—under $200 generally, with one or two big pieces for the really devoted people who have truckloads of moolah to drop. Make your willingness to do larger pieces on demand known, and people who want (and can afford) the larger things will ask for it if they want it.

I know, from our experience, that luminior and I will often drop a little more than we can afford on something cool, but there is a limit. And it really sucks to see a ton of great stuff that's so far out of your budget that there is NO chance in hell you can take anything home.

(I found the tiki mother-lode! I have to sell a kidney to even think about it! I wish I was dead!— that kind of thing is awful...)

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