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Progress City and other extinct attractions, Disneyland!

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This was the impressive model/diorama that was in the carousel of progress in tomorrowland. As you were exiting up an escalator, this was right next to you.

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TikiG posted on Wed, Jul 1, 2009 4:02 PM

I have vivid memories of this model. I do remember it being billed as EPCOT.

This was built inside a 180 - 270 degree, glass wall area that you walked around. No escalator (maybe a moving floor?)

You entered at one end and the model was in "daylight".
By the time you walked around the circle, the model was lit up because the daylight turned to night.

I'm an amusement park fan and as a kid I remember the small amusement area built into this Epcot model. Loop-o-planes, double ferris wheel, carousel etc. All moving like real.

A fantastic model display and worth the torture of watching the Carousel Of Progress show.

I miss it!


I think you are right about the daylight/night, but I somehow remember going up and past it....but I could be wrong about that. The memories are so hazy at this point. I must have been under 10 years old at the time. Maybe even about 7, so who knows?

In researching it, I see that Walt had intended to build it in florida. After he died, they sort of did make it, renaming the creation EPCOT.

My next quest is to find any image of the interior of space station X-1.. I see plenty of ride posters, but nothing of the actual diorama itself.

When I was there a few years ago, in the Florida Magic Kindom anyways, I think this diorama was in one of the tunnels of the People Mover/Disneyland Transit Authority rather than the Carouself of Progress. I don't know if maybe it was in the COP before and moved. I'm only 20, so, I'm seeing Disney World and Land in their more modified state.

I want a turkey leg now...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I think the X-1 was removed for the current rocket ride in the middle of the Tomorrow Lands.

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It was taken from disneyland, and moved to walt disney world, or so I heard! In disneyland, it was definitely in the carousel of progress (Later American sings, then innoventions)....It seems like walt disney world actually kept a lot of the attractions that disneyland phased out, like the people mover.

Yes - this model is in the people mover at Disney World. I understand that it is the same model that was at the carousel of progress and it was moved to Florida.

There's a great documentary about Walt's vision of this proposed city (which he called EPCOT) on the limited edition Tomorrowland DVD's "Disney in space and Beyond"

Remember it well,
This could be seen from both the people mover (from behind the line) and while leaving carousel of progress.,

This one actually shows Progress City. As soon as you go in the first tunnel, there it is.



This one has some info on progress city, but as an added bonus the music is really cool...sounds like Mancini on a 70's cruise ship.


Great film footage of the Progress City model being made:

Here are some good photos from the Daveland website which Lucas pointed out in the first post.

House sporting an A-Frame partially visible on left:

There was a tiki bar/lounge/restaurant in Progress City when it was at Disneyland

Disney Imagineering: Progress City, then and now

Not sure if it's in the current version that got transplanted to Florida.

The People Mover!!! The only ride at Disney without any lines. I have been told it is the stupidest ride there but I love it. The highlight for me every time is the diorama.

Only about half the model is in Walt Disney World. To place it along out WEDway track, they had to remove some sections… I think the tiki bar is there, of course.

I remember it too and still frustrated that we don't have hoover cars...I should be flying to work...Jetson style!!!!

On 2011-03-11 14:10, King Bushwich the 33rd wrote:
There was a tiki bar/lounge/restaurant in Progress City when it was at Disneyland

Disney Imagineering: Progress City, then and now

Not sure if it's in the current version that got transplanted to Florida.

Another makeover at Disney's California Adventure- Pixar Pier...

MiceChat: Pixar Pier

A building planned for the area seems likes it's inspired by the tiki palace at Progress City!?

WED Enterprises was founded in 1952 by Walt Disney himself

They sure like that architectural feature.

The house/headquarters in the Pixar movie The Incredibles 2


Yep! I totally remember going up the escalator and getting a great look at it!

Almost there

Jetsonaero jetson

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