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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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CocoJoes puna rift lava plaques

Tiki plaques:

Dancer plaques

Different colors comparision:

Coco Joes lava tikis:

Lava Tikis 9"-14" tall

Lava Tikis 12" tall

Lava Tikis 9-10" tall

Lava Tikis 8-12" tall

Lava Bookends and Ku

Lava tikis 6" tall

small lava tikis

Alii gold

lava bottle openers

lava lighters


Letter holder and lava lamp(it originally came with a candle)

Lava tiki letter openers

Letter opener,mini knifespoon set,and bolo tie

Lava tiki Penholders

lava tiki Penholders and jelly boat

Coco Joes lava pendants tagged

Coco Joes lava pendants

Petroglyphs ashtrays

Tiki pipeholder ashtrays

Tiki ashtrays

Ashtray lighter set

Ashtray & letter opener


Still in package stuff

Coco Joe's hapa wood tikis

Tikis 12-14"

Tikis 8-12"

hapawood tiki bookends

hapawood tikis 6"

hapawood tikis 6"

hapawood tikis 6-8"

Hapawood kanaloas 9"

Hapawood tikis 8-9"

Hapawood tikis 9"

Hapawood tikis 4"

bottle openers


Hapawood tiki ashtrays and pipe holder

hapa wood Tiki penholders

hapawood letter and bottle openers

hapawood tiki pendants +united airlines

Hapawood tiki pendants

Hawaiian zodiac pendants

Coco Joe's hapawood non tikis

12-18" hapawood

9-12" hapawood

9" hapawood

Small hapawood non tiki pieces

Hula pen holders

Egg timer and letter holder

Hapawood non tiki pendants

Coco joe bolo tie

Hapawood various

Orlas and letter holder

Hapawood bowls

Hapawood ashtray and bowls
Bronzites and Lava

Old wholesale pricelists


Postcard,pamphlet,wooden nickel

Coco Joe's Lava non Tiki

Surf themed

Large King Ks

Small King Ks

Fertility gals

Ukes etc

Peles etc

Tiki carver, musician, fisherman


Hulas and dancers

Lakis and storyteller

Warrior, napkin holder, bottle opener

Coco joes lava non tiki pendants

Ashtrays and penholders

CocoJoe himself:

HIP Tikis

larger than 9" lava

larger than 9" hapawood

HIP medium sized hapawood tikis

Medium sized lava tikis

Small HIP tikis

HIP tiki lighters

Little Grassshack bookends and letter holder

God of Love ashtrays

Tiki Outrigger

Pen holder & letter opener

HIP Olivine and sandstone

HIP small olivine

Olivine ashtray,letter opener, and paperweight

HIP pendants tagged

HIP pendants

HIP Jumbos Lava

HIP jumbos mixed

HIP dancers

Penholders and King K

Fertility godesses and Lei seller

HIP non rascal humorous

HIP rascals

CoralRascal variationon the right

Memorial stand up and bookends

HIP hula ashtrays

Pipe holder/ashtrays

Ashtray and wallhanger

HIP letter openers

Polyart tikis

Polyart hapawoods


Polyart nonTikis

Ashtrays and lighters



Polyart Hulas:

Frank Schirman tikis:

Schirman non tikis

Schirman wallplaque


Exotic Creations

Plaster unmarked, pied piper, Randotti

Hula Lei,unmarked,unmarked

Unmarked and Holo Ka Hana

Lava Ray

Guam and saipan


Holo Ka Hana and South Seas Sales

Pictures of Paradise,BIP,and Hilo tiki

Polyart? and HIP? cant remembers

Tahitian resin

Hawaiian Distillers lava and Hapawood

Maori resins

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Mug #7

Mug #6

Mug #5

Mug #4

Mug #3

Mug #2

Mug #1


Ceramic Pendants:

Custom napkin rings:

matching S + P shakers

ClayCo Joe's tribute lava plaques:

Mini #1




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