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Any Tiki Happenings in So Cal this Halloween? Where's the partay?



Wasn't sure if i should post it as a main topic so i will piggy back off this one!

Also in Long Beach, CA. on October 31...
A fundraiser for a Roller Derby team?

Zombie Roller Babes Motorcycle Massacre

May not be pure tiki but looks interesting.

I thought I read somewhere that the Smokin' Menehunes were going to be at Don's on Halloween but looking at the calendar, I do not see them listed.

Don the Beachcomber calendar

Was I dreaming? halluncinating? Being haunted by Jason Krugar or whoever that guy is on Elm lake?

news to me, I hadn't heard that.


your house!

I am seriously questioning my sanity.

I now look at the Don the Beachcomber calendar and I see that the Smokin' Menehunes are playing at the Dagger Bar in Don The Beachcomber located in Sunset Beach, CA at 6pm on Sunday, Oct 31/Halloween (or Samhain or Harvest festival if you prefer)

Honestly, it wasn't there before!

They're coming to take me away, ha ha! They're coming to take me away, ho ho, hee hee, ha ha.....


Yep....we are going to be there. A nice, low-key, Halloween show! (In the dagger bar)...

Some possible crossover appeal to some of you.
Stuff happening during the day of Oct 31.

Long Beach Comic Con
October 29-31st, 2010 Long Beach Convention Center

And if you enjoy dogs in costumes...
10th annual HAUTE DOG HOWL'OWEEN PARADE this Sun., Oct. 31
corner of Livingston Dr. @ Park Ave. Long Beach, CA

This year, with Halloween on a Monday, many of us may be doing our dead man partying on the Saturday before. But if you do choose Saturday or be official and stick to the Samhain date on Monday, former Oingo Boingo drummer, Johnny Vatos, can accommodate you. His band, Johnny Vatos Boingo Dance Party, will be playing Oingo Boingo classics in Long Beach, CA at The Long Beach Zombie Walk on Saturday, Oct 29. On Halloween, Monday Oct 31, the band will be in Redondo Beach at the Brixton. Former Oingo Boingo members bassist Avila and guitarist Steve Bartek will perform with the band at the Brixton show and help bring the Deadman Party alive (or the Liveman party to death).

:D :D :D :D



THE CREEPY CREEPS will be playing 2 shows this weekend! friday the 28th, we are at hensleys in carlsbad playing with THEE SWANK BASTARDS!!! it is an early show, so dont be late!MUSIC ENDS AT MIDNIGHT!



Where is the Til 2 Club?


Never Mind,
San Diego it is

Former Oingo Boingo drummer, Johnny Vatos and his band, Johnny Vatos Boingo Dance Party, will be doing a Halloween show again (or weekend before Halloween). This year on Friday Oct 26 and Saturday Oct 27, they will be at...
New Wave Restaurant, Bellflower, CA

And there will be another Long Beach Zombie Walk in Long Beach, CA(where else?) on Saturday Oct 27. Live musical entertainment will include the Undead Kennedys who perform zombified versions of DK classics.

Jason Lee and the R.I.P. tides and the Creepy Creeps in Carlsbad Ca.
Fri. Oct. 26th

The Los Angeles Day of the Dead Festival at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a very cool event. It gets bigger and more popular every year. Some of the outfits, art work, makeup and altars are really amazing.
Olvera Street has 9 nights of Day of the Dead processions.

In addition to what King Bushwick said about Long Beach events there is also a cemetery tour put on by the Long Beach Historical Society this Saturday. Actors portray the departed next to their tombstones and tell the sometimes grisly manner in which they died. This is a day time event.

Killer Show in Carlsbad literally right off the 5 freeway.

In glorious 3-D 'The Creature From the Black Lagoon' will be playing at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica tonight. Julie Adams will be there in person signing copies of her new book, " The Lucky Southern Star: Reflections From the Black Lagoon" and answering questions after the movie.


1954, Universal, 79 min, USA, Dir: Jack Arnold
Ichthyologist Dr. David Reed (Richard Carlson) leads a team of scientists on an expedition up the Amazon River to hunt for fossils linking prehistoric land and sea mammals. But the murky waters of the region’s Black Lagoon hide more than old bones; an amphibious gill-man rises from the depths to attack the researchers. Like King Kong, the creature is captured, escapes and sets his sights on a beautiful woman - Dr. Reed’s girlfriend, Kay (Julia Adams). The last of the classic Universal movie monsters, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON was one of the studio’s first 3-D features, and remains among the most memorable horror films of the 1950s.

The Dickies!

I used to do the Long Beach Zombie Walk when it was on 4th Street. I was the glowing zombie in the hazardous waste suit if you ever went to that event.

Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily are organizing the Anaheim Halloween Parade this year. If their pics on Facebook are any indication it should be a good family friendly event. October 26th.



Myself and girlfriend have been volunteering with the Anaheim Halloween Parade to get it ready. Since this is tiki central, there will be a Jungle Cruise theme float. They have more information on their FB page. Total family fun.

Until it became unbelievably crowded I used to really enjoy the LA Day of Dead festival at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It takes place on November 2nd this year. Quite a few famous people are buried there and the alters that the families, fans and friends build are very impressive.
If you don't like having to use the restroom in a pitch dark Port-O-Potty this event is not for you.
There are plenty of vendors, live music, processions and interesting Dia de los Muertos outfits that people wear.


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Spooky Tiki Tuesday HALLOWEEN PARTY at La Descarga Rum Bar! Oct. 29th

I will be Guest Bartending for the Halloween Party and I look forward to Handcrafting my newest recipes for you!
La Descarga is a Rum and Cuban-themed speakeasy bar in L.A. and is one of the most beautiful settings to enjoy a cocktail. Join us for the best in exotic cocktails, tiki culture, live music and dancing. There’s even a cigar and rum tasting patio for those inclined!
La Descarga October 29, 2013 at 8:00pm Come on by, have a cocktail and say Boo! Happy Halloween!!

Wear that costume more than once and get your money's worth out of it! Come Party With Me!

Costume NOT required but please wear your best Tiki attire, suit, slacks or dresses. No flip flops.

1159 North Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 466-1324
[email protected]

The weekend before Halloween, Sat Oct 26,you got the International Tiki Marketplace at Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach, CA

TikiCentral: International Tiki Marketplace

Many of the vendors are high profile members of TikiCentral and music is provided by The Smokin' Menehunes and Kimo and his Hawaiian Steel.

It may not be a true Halloween event but if you wear an old Ben Cooper costume from your childhood, it should add some of that holidays spirit.

For 2014, the Long Beach Zombie Walk is 3 days, Friday October 24 - Sunday October 26. Dr Demento is appearing on the Zombie Walk stage on Friday!

If you go Friday, you could still see the Hula Girls/Jason & the R.I.P. Tides at Don's on Saturday, October 25.

What happened?! There appears to be no Long Beach Zombie Walk this year. Must have died or something. Then again, how can something die when it's already...

Anyway, lots of other stuff with tiki familiar names playing some tiki favorite music on Halloween eve (All Hallows Eve Eve?)

and Halloween

The Long Beach zombie walk is October 23rd through the 25th at Rainbow Lagoon Park.

A list of all Halloween events in Long Beach, CA from the Zombie Fest and walk to the Haute Dog 18th Annual Howl’oween Parade where dogs in costume march in a parade

LBPost: Halloween events in Long Beach: The definitive list

Whatever happened to Chris that started this thread? Is he still part of the SoCal Tiki Scene? He used to make those crazy "Lost in Paradise" videos at all the events.

Curse of the Tiki #5 at Clifton's Republic in Downtown LA!

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