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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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Now i can see all of Dawn's purdy pictures
and not have to read all those word thingies!

I'm lovin' this! Great to see a collection of your work Dawn.


Sophista-tiki...the sunshine artist :)

Dawn this is so cool having a central post for your works, side-by-side and all that.


I really like your art. :)


Dawn, one day when I win lotto, I'm having you design my house.

I'm currently getting ready to get accepted into the house architecture program at University of Washington. Every day I day-dream about the perfect house that I'm going to get when I win the Publishers Clearing House 10 million dollar super prize!

We want to live in one of your homes too. Nothing is harder to get right than a water color, impressive. Wendy and Dan

So are you new? :lol:

We really missed you on Saturday but thanks for the visit today, girlfriend~! Can't wait to see what you do to your pad next. Until then, let's get back to your pretty pictures here....



Great work Dawn! But where's the rest? I know you've got lots more great pieces and you could be bowling us over with 'em!

I'm having a hard time finding pics on my computer, several files seem to be lost somewhere. but more to come I promise.

moving all the images to the first post like I was supposed to in the beginning.

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beautiful work, dawn! thanks for posting.

Really like the all blue pieces.......solid!


Dawn, it is Great to see your art all stacked up here and to see how you have progressed as an artist. Your stuff keeps getting better and better and this Gallery is finally the greatest place to show it all off.
Oh Yeah, I want one of your houses too!!

Ive watched your Werk for a while and just LOVE it your kolors and shading are Great .


Beautiful, beautiful work.

Every piece fantastic Dawn!!


Awesome update, Dawn!

Love your use of patterns, very nice!


Tres' hip, mellow and inspiring!

Thank you for sharing!

Boobies, the fabric just added to the bottom of the first post

Boobies-the fabric is a HIT,Dawnee!
Love the Spumoni colors in the background!
brown and seafoam green?
Pretty friggin KEEN!

you see brown?

it bleeds from a seafoam green to a small area of white
into a brown...
am i color-blind?

It may be bad color adustment in photoshop, but the actual piece goes from thalo green mixed with white ( that would be the seafoam) to grey.
Now Im curious about what the green and brown combo would look like. Hhmmm may have to paint another version.

before redo

after redo

is this better? I adjusted the tint

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Oh my God, Dawn. Boobies, The Fabric is perfect! I like it more than anything else you've ever done!

i likes em both!


new pieces

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Dawn, Really Refreshing, neat and clean works, they are All so clear and just seem Perfect. Cool Stuffs

Dang Guuuuurl!
You are on FIRE,Dawn!
Each one a little gem!
Especially love the way the inside lights look!

Hi Rufus!

Ri Rinny RI Riss ROU


On 2010-07-18 17:11, Sophista-tiki wrote:

This one's my favorite! Love that yellowy glow!


all acrylic on masonite panel

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Hey Dawn,
It's been really fun to watch how your skills have gotten more and more refined. Really outstanding work. :)
A fan,

Thanks Pants,
I've been reaLLY working on getting there. a big part of it was having more confidence

gurlz gots madder skillz than before!
so nice seein you last weekend!

11" x 8"
acrylic on Masonite
this piece is available to win for the meager price of a raffle ticket! PM me
raffle tickets are 10 clams
funds raised are needed to get me to Palm Springs for the BOT show at M Modern. I'm about 1/2 way there the winner will be picked at the end of Sept.

"Tahiti ta-Maori"
11" x 14" acrylic on Masonite

11" x 14" acrylic on Masonite

these two pices are the ones that will be in the show

Love the colors that establish a peaceful and interesting mood. I want to be there, Wendy


Really beautiful!!!

Really like you style!! Totally excellent!

Hahaha! NICELY done, Dawny~!


Dawn, you had McTiki @ Posted: 2010-02-23 09:28 am

Thank you for sharing this awesome collection.

Way to go Dawn!!! I am happy for you. What a great accomplishment. :D

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