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Clay Jams - The work of Babalu - updated 10/15 pg1

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Hey All,

Let's see...I'm going to show my "newest" work (directly below my writings here) leading down the page towards work I did when I first came on board here on TC.

All the works shown below are now in private collections unless otherwise noted...still, I do custom work upon request...so if you see something that strikes your fancy please let me know :) I may be able to do something similar.

new edit :down:

wow, I haven't posted inhere in a while...need to catch up.

Here are some pictures of my continuing work with The Mauna Loa Drum mug, the Cobras Fang mug, and my Trophy Head directions...All of these directions have taken quite a bit of my time to work through, but I feel it has been a worthwhile pursuit.

Like all of you, I'm in love with the Kitsch Escapism that surrounds tiki mugs from the Golden Age of Tiki. I'm also very interested in the cultures and the spiritualism that surround the actual works of art from Polynesia...mostly the drums :) . I feel my intended combination of the 2 creates more of a "Camp Sensibility" that I am quite fond of.

Custom Cobras Fang Mugs -

Cobra with Gecko

Cobra with young lorikeet

Mauna Loa Drum - custom 1/1

Mauna Loa Drum - 2 limited edition runs (12 & 30) and a few APs

Cobra's Fang Tribute Mug - Limited Edition of 50

A few more Trophy heads -

This is a customed Papua Ooma Mow Mow that I did as a gifty for someone...every square inch on this mug has been altered from the original...I won't be doing many (or any?) like this one again - mucho work on these guys...

Custom hand built Yipwan Drum - The first in a series "Dream of the Asmat".

Papua Ooma Mow Mow Drums - The Gallery Series (still a few available)

1933 Porkster with Babaloon #3

Papua-Ooma-Mow-Mow Drum Mug - a collaboration with Squid - Limited edition run of 40 "a few are still available"

Ooo-Ooo Squidalu Drum Mug #3 - (a collaboration with Squid - Babalu customized)

Squidalu Custom Drums #1 & #2 (a cast collaboration with Squid - Babalu customized)

The Hip Hip Bowl of Paradise

The Mouna Loa Tribute Drum Mug (prototype #2)

PNG Drum - I've done 4 of these like this thus far

The Mouna Loa Tribute Drum Mug (prototype #1)

The Tower

Yipwan Bowl custom - no. 2

The Chop Drum

Yipwan Bowl custom no. 1

Yipwan Drum Mug custom

Yipwan Drum Mug - run of 30 different Mugs plus a few APs

This is me doing my best to ruin one of Squid's Porkers :)

Did a few of these Trophy Heads...

Kona Platter - (24 inch diameter)

Another PNG Platter...(24" diameter) - still available -

Headhunters Bowl

Cobra Fang #3 prototype

Honu Bowl

PNG Christmas Ornament

Ben's Drum

a Little Lost Tiki - Babalu collaboration - 3 sided PNG mug

lapaki Puka or (the Rabbit Hole bowl)

Cobra Fang #2 prototype

This is the first Drum mug I ever did - PNG

Cobra Fang #1 prototype

Cannibal Bunny

Lapaki Mug - (based on my carving)

Babaloon #1.5 There was a little mix up on whether this was number 1 or 2...I sculpted the othe one first, but I glaze fired this one first to make a show in time, sooo...he's number 1.5 :) There is no #2 Babaloon...

Babaloon #1

One last up date to go....coming soon :)

Ok, next are these 5 Birds of Paradise Mugs

A mug for Paipo - (Piapo's "Creature" carving shown below too)

a few mugs done for a TC trade

here is another TC trade mug - a custom 2 headed Man of War

here is a cast mug that I did as a give away for Chop folks...many different flavors...I even heard through the gapevine that someone brought one at a Thrifty... :) Now, that's kind-a cool...

when I first came onto TC I was carving...

Lapaki #2

Lapaki #1

I built this alter for my daughter's wedding: here is how this little fairy tale at the Bali Hai played out....The alter is part of my studio now :)

Isn't she beautiful!

Well, that's all the work I've done on TC...again, I will post all future newer work that comes down the pipeline at the top of this page.

Thanks for looking -

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[ Edited by: Babalu 2010-10-17 11:43 ]

This is great seeing ALL your mad creations at once!
More! More!


Babalu -

Love the Porkster with Babaloon #3...Love all of the drums...Love the Tower...

but damn! the Bowls are to die for, man!! WICKED GREATNESS

Thanks for posting :)

Seeing our bowl and one of our mugs show up on your thread was super fun. We love your work, Dan and Wendy

GROG posted on Wed, Feb 24, 2010 1:31 PM

Aw holy crap!

Well, thanks alot for posting all your work in one place, you bastard!

GROG' penis just shrunk to the size of a button.

but doesn't having all that skill and product feel kinda empty? lol
You need to share it with the world and I think the joy this will bring could effect climate change and a deeper social understanding of the complex dilema of the over population in our urban areas?!
what I mean is DAMN!
Your work is deep!
someday I hope to own one of your pieces...

Wow....what a collection. Incredible work Babalu, and that Babaloon is
absolutely NUTS. The PNG drums are in a class by themselves.

the new babaloon is great! all hail babalu!


Why thank you Kinny :) - here's some more....

Thanks G...hope you liked that #1 Paupa Ooma Mow Mow :wink:

Wendy, you and Dan are the BEST!

Grog - Just think of knuckle dragging hairy women...your problem will go away.

Tikiville - wow, deep is good...thank you man :)

Conga - you the Man!

Bullet - damn buddy, your going to have to let Babalu come up and see that killer new tiki room of yours sometime!


One more good update and I should have it all up....I can't wait till BenZ , Paipo and BK post :) You too Kinny...you guys are ALL in for some work. hehe...

any time babs. babaloon 2 is gonna be tough to ever top.

sorry, babaloon 1.5!

kirby posted on Thu, Feb 25, 2010 6:54 PM

one of my favs..Awesome work!!


Highly creative use of the Pacific symbolism. Very well-crafted and enticing.
The drinkware is incredible. I think my personal favorite is the honu. It's flawless.

I still don't get the tiki-bunnies, but if I have to wade through a few of those to get to that huge amount of amazing work, it's well worth it.

Mahalo for the pics.


OMG, the cannibal bunny is killer.

Babs, it's all awesome. there is so much joy in ur work.


Bullet - thanks man, I'll keep trying :)

Thanks Kirby - I have to get up there and party with you all sometime soon!

Master Toe - Thanks boss.

Pablus - Hey, thank you very much for the props! Your words made me feel really good.

The Bunnies...yes, I'm not doing much with these lately as my focus has switched...but, let me see if I can explain a little...it all revolves around one little story that has been passed down:

On the island of Kona there stands a mighty carved Ku...it has been said that once a year, when all of the stars are aligned in one particular way, this mighty Ku begins to breath life...when he does, he sets out to find a few wahines to pass the time with - sorry, I can't get more explicit with that on a family forum, but hey you understand.

Well, there was one year back in the early 1960's that this mighty Ku came to life, and the village was empty of wahines...apparently, the whole village had gone out on a big fishing trip. The mighty Ku searched, searched...he searched everywhere until he he came across these "Beauteous Bunny Babes" from Toledo hanging out on the beach...well, one thing lead to another...and, you know...

Rumor has it that all parties involved had a really good time...It's even been said that these Bunny Babes have been taking trips every year to a different island in the Pacific Island chain in hopes to re-create the great time they had. Me, well, I think it's a little silly myself . :)

TikiG posted on Mon, Mar 1, 2010 11:59 AM



About the bunny story: hm??
And about your work, what can I say? you are the king of clay.

I always knew you were the master of the mug...but that altar?!?!?! That is some of the best bamboo work I've ever seen! Mixing the different diameters with the wicker and cane looks awesome. The first thing I thought when I saw that hut, was how much it looked like the Enchanted Tiki Room. So cool! At least you know that if you ever run out of clay, you'll have a backup plan!

Rick your art will always amaze me! You are the master indeed.
My millions of thanks to you will go on forever. I am honored to have your art on my collection and hold them most dearly. What a privilege. Your tops in my book Babs and a hell of a friend! Keep on keepin' on!!

GROG posted on Wed, Mar 10, 2010 3:55 PM

The piece GROG bought from Babalu, GROG sold on ebay for twice the price, and bought a Bowana piece. Once Bowana's value has gone up enough GROG will sell that on ebay to get enough money to by a piece from Bai. :wink:


Baba, your work is amazing and very disturbing, I love it...


You all are the best!! :up:

I updated the top of page one with a few good goodies.

Looks like I will be spending some time in the studio getting ready for this June's Ohana "Luau at the Lake" event. Ohhhh this is going to be fun!! See you in NEW YORK!!

Babs is headin to Luau at the lake!?!?
Right on!

Everytime i see those drums
i am hypnotized...
you and Squid make good stuff!


WOW! Incredible stuff, Babalu! LOVE your drum mugs, and how far you are going with that theme! Brilliant, dazzling work! Did you creathe the top of the wedding cake too?

It would be fun to drink from the snake/rat mug and to freak out the meek! Terrific art, Wendy


Wow, amazing work Babalu! Killer stuff. Keep it up.


Really love those drum mugs, great work.

A little off topic, but couldn't help thinking of you when I came across this matchbook from the Club Babalu.



Thank you all for the kind words.

:lol: - that's really great DC - :lol:

Didn't Ricky Ricardo own this club?

Sorry, Babs... this was not the spot I thought I was working on. That was actually a PM I was sending. Jeez.

...But, since I'm here, I absolutely love the work you do. Baboons=awesome. Tikis=awesome.
Babalu= Triple awesome... at least.
Sorry agin!

"The guy in the jacket"

Visit Zerotiki!

[ Edited by: ZeroTiki 2010-04-15 09:47 ]


Hey Zero, you must have meant for the above :up: post to placed in your Gallery thread?

Thanks in advance for moving it over...


Posting scootched to proper recipient.

....I blame the rum.


Top of page 1 updated :)


I see the leash on the bird drum mug. I was wondering if you were/ when you were going to do that. When I planned on making this mug years ago I got that light bulb idea to do the leash the same way Benzart made his necklace braids. Mixed media mugs have a higher quality feel to them.

Love the Gecko Rick, CLASSIC! :D Beautiful glazing too

I just had the best time looking at your art. I had missed the rat being eaten by the cobra, horrors. We are just so happy to have your work in our collection. We just returned from Oregon it's time for me to talk to you, I'll call soon, Wendy

Amazing work....that is all I can say! I am in awe of such awesomeness!


Every so often I got back to admire your work. I always see another detail I missed before. Your detail work is so fine. I was surprised today that I had missed your daughter's wedding cake matching the hut you built for the ceremony. What a lucky daughter to have you for a dad. Hugs, Wendy

Babalu glaze test wall.

Learning from the master during Oasis, my glaze test wall.

Can't get enough of page 1...
Freekin awesome

I never really got the bunnies either. All i know is that over the years whenever I've crossed paths with the bunny pieces they've made me happy. I have the same reaction to Kenny's work. Fertile like the imagination from whence they came, I hope they continue to multiply.

As for your work in general, Mr Babalu, you don't just raise the bar... you're a game changer! I don't know how you channel that creative energy, but if you ever figure out a way to bottle it I want some!



Where hasth this ceramic genius gone?

Been quite awhile bro but you and Bowana are ceramic legends beyond reproach, and damned if I don't miss the chops with you guys! Hope all is well for you and the chops still survive!

He updated his facebook photo today and it shows him working on a mug!
A few years back he retired and started working with Squid and Bowana on lots of ceramic projects.
Then his old job called. They had hired 5 guys to replace him and it still wasn't working.
They offered him a deal he couldn't resist and so he went back to work.
We can only hope he'll retire and once again bring us his wonderful ceramic art.


So intensely detailed without looking messy, awesome stuff! Love the bunnies too...


I retire into the studio April !st....For reall; I'm moving to my 2nd house in Boulder Colorado (no more San Diego),and after a few month of house repairs. I begin making art for arts sake! It's going to get better:and better! Hard work pays off! I can build anythng!!!!!!!

On 2015-06-08 13:53, danlovestikis wrote:
...We can only hope he'll retire and once again bring us his wonderful ceramic art.

Looks like you hopes have come true Wendy! I don't know about Colorado though, I make it to SD a lot more than Colorado :(

This is going to be an exciting 2018!!! Babalu we are ready! Wendy

Where is Babalu?

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