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Happy Birthday Dan

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Here I waiting to add Dan to this list of birthday wishes and I almost forgot. I'm going to drag him in here just so he can see it. Today is his actual birthday but we have been celebrating with a tiki a day for the last three.

Happy Birthday to everyone else I forgot, Wendy

Happy Birthday Dan! I heard that Dan loves tikis and Dan loves danlovestikis :lol:

TikiG posted on Tue, Mar 9, 2010 7:39 AM

Dan - Have a great day today...

oh yeah - HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!

Keep that Beautiful Birthday Smile ALL YEAR!
Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Dan. Hope you had a fab day!

Happy Birthday Dan...

You are a great guy and best of wishes for your day. Hope Wendy got you lots of amazing things...I think I know of at least one. Shhhh!



Hope your birthday was a good one!

I need to share another smile. He's having a very happy birthday, Wendy



Dan's birthdays are special becaue he gets to add wonderful tikis such as the Squidalu to his collection. He says thank you to everyone. Wendy and Dan

Happy Bday Dan-0
Have a great day my friend


Happy Birthday Dan!

Happy Birthday Month, Dan!

Happy BDAY DAN-0

Cheers to you !!!!!!!

hang10tiki Dan says a big thank you. Wendy

Happy BDAY month DAN-0

Dan says thank you hang10tiki.

I say I can't believe you remembered this site.

Cheers, Wendy


Yo Dan-0

Have a great B-DAY

Hamo posted on Tue, Mar 15, 2022 9:58 PM

Happy belated (as in the last two years) birthday, Dan!

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