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Tiki Tribe Paris is the first exhibition by a collective of six French artists influenced by Polynesian pop culture. The collective's members hail from Paris and eastern France, and they first met each other via Tikicentral.org, mostly on the Carvers forum.

The exhibition will feature the fantastic tiki mugs and paintings of Baï, great hand-sculpted wooden tikis and poles by Benella, Akuae and his friends, beautiful Kavakava, Hei Tiki pendants by Laojia, and much more.

The exhibition opens with a Luau on the 8th of May complete with musical exotica ambience supplied by yours truly, Jimmy Virani !

Tiki Tribe Paris runs from May 8th until June 5th at:

Born Bad
17 rue Keller, 75011, Paris, France


Born Bad Exotica
11 rue Sabin, 75011, Paris, France

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More info and lots of pictures on the facebook event page

That's looking good. Take plenty of photo's please.


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Very cool, Jimmy! Quite the collection of local talent- top shelf! Have a blast~




This event is way cool!

Wish I could be in Paris to see the show and meet everybody in person.

Some of my favorite artists in one spot - WOW!!

Take lots of pics :)


We have just booked Eurostar, so we are coming out for the Luau, don't have much time there, but at least we will see it, really looking forward to it and catching up with everyone and meeting new faces!
Roll on May 8th!!


On 2010-04-07 07:56, TIKIWAGON wrote:
We have just booked Eurostar, so we are coming out for the Luau, don't have much time there, but at least we will see it, really looking forward to it and catching up with everyone and meeting new faces!
Roll on May 8th!!

:) :) :)


Already something ready for the exhibition ...

Cheers everyone!


The carvers are not for sale :lol:

virani posted on Mon, May 3, 2010 9:42 AM

Are we there yet, are we there yet ? !!


posted and fwd'd on both FB and MS.
just wanna help spread the good "Tiki" word in France

Rosered/a.k.a. Rockin' Rose (Rose Marston)


I will be in Paris later this afternoon, if anybody fancies acouple of drinks, we will probably head over to the Experimental Cocktail Club later, unless anyone else has other ideas.


the french connection :)

GROG posted on Sun, May 9, 2010 8:41 AM

It's a good thing Bai was there to add some class (and good looks). :wink:

Let's see some of that fabulous art you guys have on display.


They look just as scruffy and stoned as Californians. So much for the myth of the French sophisticate.


Here are some images, mine and those of a friend:

Front of the coolest record store in Paris, transformed for the occasion in a Luau place:

Inside,after two good afternoon of work to decorate and install a small hundreds of original works:

Some stuff:

Some people:

A very qualified cool guy for the music:

and for the drink service... Thank you one more time Jimmy!

An other cool guy on this pics (who hand stuck in the machine to crush ice) Ivan the boss of the Born Bad Shop. A big thank to him for his trust! and sorry for your fingers. :roll:

Here's what you can do with some clay, few hunk of wood and after 322 mails (I counted!), many hours on the phone and especially seven people who had never met(or almost)nine months before.



Sorry, I was already heading home on the streets with the Cheekytikis while this last photo has been shot... (although, I would have added a lot of french class and sophistication :wink:

Anyway, we had a fantastic time at the opening of the exhibition, lots of great friends, fantastic tikis, great cocktails by the Alsacians... I had the pleasure to DJed and make the cocktails at the same time (thanks god I prepared a music mix on my computer !!!).

Here are some pictures by me and madame virani :

And lastly, my favorite Bai's piece, of course, as a snail slurper :wink: :

GROG posted on Mon, May 10, 2010 3:09 AM

Yay! Looks like a fun time and some awesome Tiki art.

Just got back from a great weekend in Paris, with a great tiki event, Tiki Tribe, which is what we had planned to go for, and it turned out to be a good night. Met up with Bai, which was great seeing her and seeing her fantastic art, one very clever lady! And the other artists who are very talented too, some great stuff to buy there, and I think quite alot was sold on the night. Met up with Jamie and Anjy from Cheekytiki too, good to see them there. Thanks go to Virani for ordering our drinks in French, as we we're all useless at speaking the lingo!! And had a good time at the pub/club afterwards with some great music but unfortuantely the eyes would not stay open any longer, a very long day!
Thanks to everyone for a great night and lovely to meet some great people. Did take some photos, but almost the same as others already posted!


The "tiki-style" awarded dude/mixologist enlighted by a spacial vessel from the outer space :

A few works:

A few dudes:

Lots of fun meeting all those nice tikiphiles.




Where's the pics of the Elsass Crew Tiki carver?

Wake Up Akuae!!!


laojia posted on Thu, Jun 3, 2010 5:51 AM

Well, other people's photos will come later :evil: , when he will be back from vacation, or they have finished the work in their home ... :wink:

Meanwhile the exhibition at BornBad / Exotica Paris continues all the month of June for our great pleasure! :D

Alongside, this exhibition will also be presented in Metz (eastern France) in the Garageland store :o :

At Metz or Paris, come on meet the french tiki carvers!


Random pics of the first Tiki event at Garageland ,Metz, France.

Eve, boss of the shop, happy with his new Tikimug by Baï.

More pics on facebook

Thank's for looking!

here is the tikitribe stand I made for the born bad festival. I don't know how i've done to make all fit in this little stand :)

harro posted on Mon, Jun 28, 2010 4:40 AM

looks like i will be in Paris for work this weekend (fri 2nd July - Sun 4th), will there still be anything on show at Born Bad?

We now officially have a Strong french Tiki Scene!
Excellent pictures,art,tikis,and items!
Congrats Parisians!

i wanna party with this crew...

GROG posted on Mon, Jun 28, 2010 9:51 AM

Yay!!! Tiki art is MORE than well-represented in France. Aweome stuff. GROG like.


thanks my buddies :wink: sorry harro... the exposition is over now... at born bad.now we are travelling all around france... by the way I have to find a canoe now... and try to come in the US :wink:

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The Tiki Tribe will be down there today and tomorrow:

Pics monday...


Here some pic of the event:

The Tiki Tribe stand:

Thank's to Akuae, Tikiller and Coxico ( the Elsass Crew!) for setup and decoration

The Tiki Tribe banner:

The most clean stand of the event:

With Coxico (men at work!)

Seb' Tikiller at work:

blah blah blah.... :roll:

Akuae trying to finish a tiny Moai for a customer:

Product of the day:

With the carvers:

There were also some nice cars:

Even a french rat rod custom:

And the highlight, the work of Sir Haikai. Two day of chainsaw carving for this beautiful tiki:

Sorry, cell phone pic... Larger view on FB


Looks like a great event. Lot of nice carvings. I love the little green guy that Akuae carved, and too bad that picture of Haikai carving is so small would be nice to see some larger pictures of that piece from different angles.


Hey Hiltiki, thank you for comment. More pics of the Haikai masterpiece here


On 2010-09-03 05:25, AKUAE wrote:
yes a great week end with great guys and some great
carving sessions
hopefully next year for the W.A.R. 5 with all the members of the TIKI TRIBE

stay wild


and my little Carving Lady ZOE passed a great first moment with all these Tikis


Next event where you can meet the TIKI TRIBE:


next weekend to Parmain, in France.

Also come visiting our FACEBOOK page


Here comes the new invasion....in France!


Printer has worked so well they'll be collector!

I heard from a swedish bartender that there was a polynesian place in Paris called Tahonga. The owner later came to Sweden and opened another Tahonga in Stockholm, and even later in Malmö. The bartender i met was the central figure on these two places. Some of the know how and drinks was passed along from place to place. I would be happy to supply the few clues I have to some french urban archeologists.


Next week, Tiki Tribe will be in the GormandizersCar Show

virani posted on Fri, Aug 5, 2011 1:15 AM

We're back in Paris, at Born Bad again, for 2 months. Opening party is the 3rd of September.

New creations by Baï, Laojia, Benella, Niko and others !!! Music and Drinks by me !

Wish I could come by....keep it up, kids, one day I will be back! In the meantime, I only have this lil' altar to look at:

virani posted on Mon, Sep 5, 2011 7:35 AM

Some pics from the opening of the new exhibition on Paris. More on facebook on our Tiki Tribe France page.

Part of the tribe :

the improvised bar with Benella on the ice crusher, Celia and Virani on serving the drinks (home made double martinique rum mai tais) :

We had an awesome time, the weather was almost tropical with rain shower during the great hawaiian hapa haole set by the Royal Boudoir Orchestra !

Looks like a ton of fun! Beautiful artwork also!


meanwhile... somewhere in France...

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