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Who would you select?

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I haven't met anyone here yet so would like to ask a question.

Here's the scenario:

You are on Tiki Island with everyone from Tiki Central.You won a reward challenge with a fabulous luau and endless polynesian cocktails. You get to choose ONE person from Tiki Central to share that reward with you for one evening.

WHO do you choose and why?

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I believe that most of the TC members have a spouse or significant other. Ummm....I do believe you will only hear from the single's on Tiki Central.....hee hee

This should be interesting....

I'm taking the Fifth on that one. :D


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OK everybody can call me a big kiss-up..

I'd share it with Hanford because there wouldn't be a Tiki Central without him.

I have a few other choices for Plan B, if Hanford is a no show, as he seems to be lately.


ha ha I actually didn't mean it that way. What I meant was who would you find interesting to have a dinner conversation with for a few hours? You can answer it however you like though. I don't know anyone yet, but totally understand message board dynamics and a choice to keep mum! :)

I am going to choose Squawker (bringing him back to Tiki Island after he was run off) because I think he would have some interesting things to discuss with me... And since he's not here to read this I'm safe that I'll get no negative feedback in this choice... ha ha


The film noir dame in me lights up a cig and drawls lazily..."aw, fellows, wouldn't you like to know..." :wink:

Actually, what keeps me hanging around here isn't just the inspiring interior decorating projects, the intriguing urban archaology discoveries, the stimulating political discussions, the strong yet tasty cocktails, the massive, carved pagan idols, or even the wild party lifestyle.

No, it's that--in the sense your revised post indicated--I haven't yet met ANYONE on TC (single people, couples, or members of couples) that I wouldn't enjoy spending a few hours chatting over dinner with.

As for the more ribald implications of your question...


Out of sheer bashfulness, not to mention the need to protect my sensitive spinster's ego :D, I will, like the SensibleCynner, take the Fifth. Publicly, anyway.

Looking forward to meeting you, Exoticat! And in the meantime, party on, folks!

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hey wait, on second thought, do 'Alnshely' count as one person? Hmmmmmmm...

I would choose Trader Pup. He likes me the most right now. :)

p.s. It would've been you Atomic, but we hugged at MONDO!

Not related to the World Famous Bamboo Ben!

[ Edited by: RevBambooBen on 2003-05-05 22:43 ]

Cursed by the BUFFET again!


Aaahhh my little red-fixated vixen! I am kicking Squawker back off the island and choosing you now (he'll never know). So fickle at this late hour. :wink:


I dont know anyone here..
I know my hubby is the designated driver..
Dunno..I can drink an awful lot..I would choose whomever can hold their alcohol..puke all you want so long as you keep going..gotta be someone as dumb and as tenancious as me..
Last time I went out drinking I blew a .57
My avg is .30 and higher..


I would choose SIMON. Who is SIMON you ask? He is my computer. SIMON and an internet connection so I can log onto TC. No one person in particular, gotta have the whole group!


I would choose Laney. That way when it was all over, there'd be 1 less TC member clogging the board (I'm just not sure who the survivor would be?).

Since I haven't ever met any of you I will need to hold my decision until after this weekend at the Palm Springs event. Looking forward to it.

If she was a TC member I would pick Salma Hayek. Get a load of that Unibrow in "Freida".

laney posted on Tue, May 6, 2003 10:47 AM

I would chose a carver. Then he/she could teach me some tricks of the trade. I am not a patient person so if someone could show me the process, I'd have yet another hobby (and several more unfinished projects)
There are so many creative, talented, carvers on here Gecko, Chiki, BK, C Al, etc. But I may pick Tikifile (cuz she's a chick) Keigs (he may teach me some of Bill's secrets) or Tiki Jaksin (anyone who makes THIS has something different swimming around his head) You guys are all awesome!

But...I'm afraid his creation would come alive, hunt us down, and eat us! Ahhhhhhh!

[ Edited by: Laney on 2003-05-06 14:42 ]


Without a doubt Tikifish - I find myself constantly entertained by her posts as well as her website!


I would choose RevBambooBen, because I like him most right now. :)


Tikivixen--I agree. Of the few TC folks I've had the pleasure to meet (single/married/who cares) all were funny, articulate, and genuinely nice people.
Laney--I agree with you, as well. I'd choose a carver just to learn more. Just think..trapped on a deserted isle with no internet access. What better way to spend one's time than improving one's carving skills? (Well, maybe one better activity, but I think most of those wood workin' men are spoken for.)


I'd have to go with Gorilla X.

Being a monkey and all, he probably knows how to survive on an island, and he could climb the trees to get us banannas and coconuts. And scare off scary headhunters. And grab Dita and bring her back to our camp for me. I've seen the pics. It's for real. He is a real gorilla.

Definitely have to be Capitan Kirk. "Dammit, Jim, I'm not really a doctor - I just play one on tv!"
Just as long as I wasn't wearing a red shirt...

um, drink tall fruity drinks and prosper


heheh...told you everyone was a trekkie.


On 2003-05-07 17:25, martiki6 wrote:
heheh...told you everyone was a trekkie.

Get a life!


whut about "the buffet tiki"?

Speaking of Buffett, Roger's Profanisaurus describes 'buffeting' as "The disturbing half gulping, half choking carry on that precedes a psychedelic yawn".

How startlingly apt.

Trader Woody

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