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Leprechaun Traps

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I had no idea that the trapping of leprechauns was such a popular pastime. But as this Google search shows, it is. And mommy always said if something comes up with multiple hits on Google then it's true.

Now I know, you're probably scared of leprechauns. But for the sake of considering this leprechaun trap craze that is clearly sweeping the world let's pretend for a moment that you actually aren't scared of leprechauns, you're just making an ass of yourself.*****

Why could leprechaun traps be of such interest to people? Is it purely economical? Does the current economic situation and the lure of easy (though often cursed) gold get people pondering the trapping of leprechauns? This seems somewhat unlikely as gold is always desirable, even in very good times. If it were there for the taking we'd all have leprechaun traps in our yards and big corporations would probably have been exploiting the leprechaun herds for decades.

Maybe the interest in leprechaun traps is so popular because people use it as a simple yet effective way to prove the existence of a Higher Power. As C.S. Lewis never said: "Teach a man to catch a leprechaun and he will fish for a day thinking God must live in the depths of the sea." Which of course means it's pointless to reveal the magic in the world to an idiot, he won't know what to do with the knowledge.******

So why are so many idiots trying to catch leprechauns? Is it because most of them are children and children are notoriously stupid? (Not yours, I mean everyone else's.) Perhaps we should blame it on the young and stupid. Except look at this screen capture of suggested search terms from Google:

An we see several of the suggestions are for catching leprechauns with machines. Machines aren't made by children, at best kids can handle boxes, glue, string, maybe paper if the edges aren't sharp. Another search is for "leprechaun traps that work." Clearly this is not mere child's play, these are adults who want results.

We may never know why leprechaun traps are so popular. But we can speculate. Which is what I suggest we do. As the subject is leprechauns we need not be bound by the constraints of logic, sense, or purpose because Lord knows the Irish don't have any of those things.

*****Much the same way you do when you pretend to be freaked out by clowns or balloons or grown men with obviously bleached out hair. (The last one I must admit is a bit disturbing.)

******That point has little to do with proving the existence of magic I just wanted to warn you to not waste you time going on nice walks with idiots. They'd be just as happy staying at home and watching TV.

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I haven't been able to get mine to work. I thought it was great at first. I was catching little green men and women at a rate of about four an hour. Then they told me they were not leprechauns but rather space travelers laying over on Earth waiting for transport to the Small Magellaninc Cloud. So I let them go. I even carried their heavy-ass luggage to their itty bitty horse-drawn carriage.

Let me know if you run across a trap that actually works for a change.

On 2010-06-08 17:42, woofmutt wrote:
Leprechaun Traps

(Cheap ass drunkin' Photo Chop)


Here in the Northwest we don't see the type of East Coast Irish enthusiasm that lass is demonstrating.

It seemed to me that a good leprechaun trap would involve whiskey but I didn't notice any in the Google image search thumbnails I saw. I doubt American kids are allowed to play with whiskey. In Ireland the parents probably know they'd best ignore their ten year olds asking "Can we have a bottle of whiskey so we can trap a leprechaun?" because the kids won't come home with a pot of gold and they'll never see their whiskey again.


Oh yeah, this thread is suddenly relevant.

I always thought green looked swell on the ladies..

what's annoying is that my kids' teacher has them convinced that these things work and that leprachauns are up there in the same class as Santa, the Easter Bunny etc.; when the kids come back from lunch the 'traps' are filled with goodies. don't need another player in that scene.

It must be degrading for a leprachaun to moved from keeper of a pot of gold down to marshmallow charms to finally provider of candy.

All I know is I fall for every one of those blasted traps!!


I'd heard that McDonald’s® has had to use artificial flavor and color in their Shamrock Shakes this year due to unforeseen shortages of leprechaun blood and it reminded me of this thread.


Watch how many you trap, they could in up on the endanger species list and then you would end up substituting with trolls,midgets and dwarfs! An no lucky charms for you!


I was just pourin some Jameson whiskey in my coffee and on my corn flakes and recalled this thread.


Use Irish whiskey...don't try to fool the little buggers with Apple juice.

Since today is opening (and closing) day of the one day Leprechaun Trapping season, I thought I would give it a go. The traps shown above are nice but I don't think they work cuz there are no Leprechaun pics. So I decided to take a more direct approach. Knowing that 2 of a Leprechaun's weaknesses are 4 leaf clovers and Bailey's Irish Cream, I set a trap with a four leaf clover as bait and drenched it in Baileys. Then I set it in the garden last night with a trail of Bailey's leading up to it.

And this morning look what I found:

Unfortunately, a dead Leprechaun won't tell you where his pot of gold is :( May have to try something else next year.

:lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D
Just a quick polymer clay sculpture, I didn't spend much time on it so it's not all that well done.

Hey Mike...ya gotta get some kind of a magically delicious stun gun or something so you can torture the lil bastards into sharing the secret location of that pot of gold.


Fun idea for next St Pat's Day: Make more dead leprechauns and leave them in magically inappropriate places.

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