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New piece "Hidden Amongst the Foliage"

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[ Edited by: suburbanpagan 2010-07-29 21:54 ]

No kidding. Every vacation is a tiki treasure hunt. You captured it with your art. Wendy

Thanks Wendy........ he looks pretty satisfied with his find! :)

Love it! When I use to have a Honda Accord, I had to do that a few times to get tikis or logs to and fro!

Thanks Tony! I had an Accord too... By hook or by crook the tiki would be carried! Somehow!

Right On kevin!
Lovin the Wheels!

by hook or crook!

Thanks LLT! I'm bouncing back and forth between painterly and graphic and loving the ride, including the turbulence!


Yep, I'm like T Tony in that My rides in the past have looked Just like that!

haha! right on Benzart! Glad to know I've touched on a subject we've all dealt with! "I love it! Now how do I get it home?"

Hidden Amongst the Foliage

Love the colors and depth of this one!
K-K-Kevin's BAck!

LLT:It............ is.......... ALIVE!!!!




Great stuff, Kevin! Love the mid century mod feel...

What media are these? Digital, acrylic, other...?

Let us see some more!


Looks like a good design for a Gecko mug! Wendy

Well, it has been a looooooonnnnnnng time since I have been here! Here are prints of two of my Moai paintings before being shipped off and in their new home in Kansas! What a great Moai display!!

[ Edited by: suburbanpagan 2018-02-06 22:59 ]

[ Edited by: suburbanpagan 2018-02-06 23:06 ]

Where? The anticipation is killing us!!!

WAY Kool

Oh yeah. This is good stuff!

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