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Okolemaluna Tiki Lounge in Kona

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Brice posted on Tue, Jul 6, 2010 11:08 AM

Aloha TCer's I wanted to welcome you all to Okolemaluna Tiki Lounge in Kailua Kona, HI (opening in September). This lounge is a dream come true for my wife and me, and we're excited to share it with you all as well as extend some public shout-outs and mahalos. There is a fabulous Tiki Farm custom mug in progress (mahalo to Holden) with other shwag in the works. The vintage Hawaiian-themed decor will be done with the help of AliiTiki and the crew at Bamboo Too. Please feel free to visit our website, still under construction but looking great(mahalo to MauiRob)--www.okolemalunalounge.com. You can also get the most up-to-date information through our Facebook page.

We want to extend a warm Aloha and E Komo Mai to you all and let you know if you mention Tiki Central during your visit there will be some great perks. So if you plan on making the trip to Big Island and are looking for the spot to relax and enjoy a classic tiki bar experience (as well as an authentic, hand-crafted cocktail), we hope you'll come see us. We're also attending Tiki Oasis so we hope to meet plenty folks there.

Okolemaluna's mission: to provide guests with a high-quality, memorable experience in a stylist yet welcoming and unpretentious environment. This means delivering impeccable cocktails and appetizing pupus at reasonable prices in a casual, yet exotic, atmosphere.

Sounds fantastic! All the best to you for making your
dream a reality on the Big Island. Look forward to hanging
and drinking at Okolemaluna Tiki Lounge on our visit later this year.


FINALLY! Our favorite place now has the biggest attraction yet!

Exciting news! I'll have to check it out next time I'm in Kona visiting the ohana - just emailed all my Kona contacts too!

YeeHaw and Congrats, Brice! After sipping a few of your concoctions, I knew you would really do this. Hawai'i Island (aka the Big Island) needs more Tiki Bars, and yours is stumbling distance from the condo we stay at in Kona. Can't wait to join you guys with a mai tai.

Congrats again. Keep us posted on which date you plan to be Opening Day! And good luck on the mai tai contest!!

Aloha and Cheers. Hope to see you two at Tiki Oasis next month!

I just booked a trip to Kona mid-to end-Sept and hope to check it out!

We're coming to Kona at the end of August. Please hurry-the-f'k up!


Take your time - we'll be there in September (or November) ...of 2012!

At least we can check out the external decor....and maybe get drunk outside.
I found the location on your website. Will you have a drive-thru Mai Tai window with a talking Tiki to take our orders or at least tell our troubles to?

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On 2010-07-10 00:49, HelloTiki wrote:
At least we can check out the external decor....and maybe get drunk outside.
I found the location on your website. Will you have a drive-thru Mai Tai window with a talking Tiki to take our orders or at least tell our troubles to?

[ Edited by: HelloTiki 2010-07-10 00:54 ]

Will you be able to understand the talking Tiki order-taker though? "Aloha! Welcome to, uh, welcome, uh, hic, um, whaddya want dude?"

Best of Luck Brice...I LOVE Kona, and am in need of a visit.

Google maps is showing the address as Island Lava Java, a fave place of mine. Is it next door ?

If so, you got a helluva view !


Can't wait to see some in progress photos!

Brice posted on Sun, Jul 11, 2010 1:34 PM

I'm sorry but the Liquor Commission wouldn't let put in the stumble-thru Moai. Even if we aren't open yet we can still go for a drink! Send me a message when you're going to be here.

We are indeed in the same complex as Lava Java, but a little further back. We are in the process of posting some pictures to the website, but can't imagine anyone wants to see me chipping out tile or drywall. We are going to be taking a short construction break for Tiki Oasis 10 this year, so hope to meet y'all!


Quick update: OK, with bureaucracy being on Hawaiian time & all, our projected opening is pushed back a few weeks, into October.

But the GOOD NEWS:

From deep in the Okolemaluna Test Kitchen comes the first taste test of our EXCLUSIVE, Beachbum Berry-created, cocktail. May we present the Mele Kalikimaka! Verdict: deliciousness!! But we may have to make several more just to be sure...

Awesome ! Please post pics as soon as you can.

Ah, can't wait to visit your new place. We will be there for a week next September, 2011.
So exciting! We're getting thirsty. You are at the top of our "must do" list. Best of luck! :)


can hardly wait! Now will have one more reason to visit Kona side besides Hapuna, Honaunau, and Costco. :wink:
OK, I left out a couple places. But there is nothing quite as disappointing as a poor rendition of a tiki style cocktail at an oceanside restaurant named after ... well, nevermind, you can already see where this would be going.

The buzz is already on. So if those cocktails are the real deal, your success is certain!

see you soon! aloha!

I was in Kona 2 weeks ago and swung by but it wasn't open yet. Instead, I got an awesome tiki tattoo from the guy 2 doors down! Really great location - right across the street from the ocean; right next door to THE best breakfast spot in Kona (U Top It) and a great kava place, snorkel gear place, art gallery, tattoo place and sushi place. Also has free off street parking.

Will have to check it out next time I'm on the island.

Brice posted on Wed, Oct 6, 2010 12:42 AM

I can not tell you how wonderful those comments are. We are working so hard and having a rough couple of weeks but the posts above this one really hit our hearts and made us ready to do battle again (mainly a battle with floors). We want to give all of you a Mahalo Nui Loa. We want to be as great as you make us sound. We are very proud to see you follow us on Facebook and here. Brice and Lisa are truly looking forward to serving you all not only our drinks and pupus, but our aloha as well!

I sent this info to my sister (who just moved back to Kona). Can't wait to hear more about this place!


Can't wait to visit! I'm a Hilo kinda guy - but now I have a reason to make the trek to Kona! It was great seeing you folks at Oasis, and I hope you get through the construction/permitting woes soon.

A very excited Henrik


HI, Inky and I are planning to visit around the end of November. Can't wait to check it out!

Brice posted on Thu, Nov 4, 2010 12:01 AM

We are hopping to be open by mid November, but if we aren't we'd still love for you to check it out and meet with Alii Tiki from Bamboo Too! I will send you a message so we can meet up no matter what situation happens!


Sounds good-looking forward to it!



Hang in there Brice. All good things!

"Grand Opening Dec 5" per the website-- I hope the soft opening is well before that! :wink:
Smiley and Inky


I'm working hard on some Okolemaluna "drink-for-two" bowls.
Is it for the HumuHumu drink?

Hopefully the first two get glazed this weekend, then I can post pics!

I hear the buzzer going off..time to pull one out of the mold!

How is it coming along?


We are as pleased as Planter's Punch to report that we are open (soft opening), beginning this Tuesday! We had a private preview party on Sat. night and it went pretty well, I think (photos are forthcoming from others, I believe). We're still working on adding layers to the decor and we're dialing everything in, but we have an amazing staff and we're ready to start serving Kona fresh and authentic tropical cocktails! Hope to see you all soon.

By the way, the Dec. 5th date is our grand opening date, but we will be open until then as well...regular hours are 3-11 during the week, 3-12 on weekends, closed Monday.

See you soon, Smileys!


Okolemaluna !!!
Mahalo to Brice & Lisa,this is a true blood,sweat and tears establishment.
The pre-opening party was a blast,the place is coming together great.
Here's some spoiler shots of the newest authentic Tiki Bar in Hawai'i.
Home of the Second best Mai-Tai in the world, among other delicious cocktails and Pupus.
Hop a plane or build a raft and start paddling,just get out here and support the Ohana and all their hard work making it right for all of us to enjoy.
Preview Menu

Proprietor and MixMaster Brice

Secret Recipe Book SShhhhh ....

Ho'omaika'i 'Ana!!!
Brice, Lisa ~ Looks like all that hard work payed off... Okolemaluna Lounge looks GREAT!
I can't wait to come over and visit Kona... AWESOME!!
Hopefully I'll see you both soon.


Wow, the place looks great! I can't wait to see it in person. GREAT JOB!

ZAZZ!! See you in a few days. I assume you are closed on Thanksgiving?


Good to see you got some of the Travana carved statues from the Hawaiian Hut! You can see them in my book "Waikiki Tiki: Art, History and Photographs" in their original locations.

Much success to you both!

Wow guys, congrats to such a wonderful job! Kona NEEDS such a place! The locals AND the tourists should love this!
I wanna give you more paper ephemera for your glass table tops! I think customers should bring in stuff to donate! There's room on the walls.


We agree, BigBro! Everyone should send us their Hawaiian floatsam & jetsam... :)

Seriously, big mahalos to everyone for their good wishes and support. We hope to be here in Kona for a nice long time so we can serve all TC'ers, locals, and other visitors the best damn tropical drinks in Hawaii!

Looking forward to seeing you soon. Whenever you stop by, please introduce yourself. We met several TCers already and can't wait to meet more.


Brice - HUGE conratz on your opening. There is alot of Tiki in Kona, and now there is even more...and by one of our own to boot.

Now I need to book a Big Island trip to visit.

Kona locals and exotic travelers...SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL TIKI BAR !!!!

Conga-rats Brice! The place looks terrific.
Matt the Cat and his wife TikiMookie from Sacramento are in Kona right now so I e-mailed them your location info. Hopefully I will be out there in the next year or so.

[ Edited by: rugbymatt 2010-11-27 15:04 ]

Thanks again for a great tiki bar experience with a killer Zombie! I was glad to be able to stop by during my visit. Your new place rocks!



We had great dirnks and service from Brice , Lisa and their crew. The big "lava" waterfall is great! Thanks for your generosity and friendliness- I am glad you liked our gifts! ---Smiley and Inky!


Okay, this place needs a bump, 'cause it's awesome! Kona DOES need a tiki bar, and this one is done quite well...It looks proper and the drinks are proper (the pupus are tasty too)! We arrived at the Okolemaluna Tiki Lounge on our second night as per Maestro Bacchi's suggestion (thanks Jim!). Sherriyaki and I walked in wearing our Tikiyaki gear, and Brice came over with excitement over our clothing choice as he, Lisa and the rest of the crew welcomed us with open arms. We're planning on going back a few times during our visit, it's worth the drive! This place is a must if you make it to the BIG island. They've updated the place a bit since the last photos were posted, so I'm adding some of my own...


Ms. VanTiki and I are heading to Kona on thursday to volunteer at the 2011 ironman. Yes, it will be cool to see all the world-class athletes and catch their $5,000 bikes as they zip into the transition area - but the real reason I am excited is I finally get to go to OkoleMaluna! Can't wait! Hotel is in walking distance - so I'm thinking we will be making multiple visits :)

Henrik "VanTiki"


Thanks for the recent pictures Tonga Tom. Mrs Slob and I will be visiting Okolemaluna in October right after the Ironman thing. We will be staying within staggering distance so will have to visit a couple of times before we move up the coast to the next destination. Those pictures really feed the fire. Looks really cool there.
Brice and Lisa, see you in October after the Ironman.
A hui hou,
Tiki Slob


On 2010-11-23 12:42, bigbrotiki wrote:
I think customers should bring in stuff to donate! There's room on the walls.

Indeed! I don't have much after Tiki Oasis, but I'll be bringing a few gift goodies!


Here's some of our drinks 'n' eats...


Those drinks look way too refreshing. Yum. Can't wait to try some.

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