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Tiki neighborhood in Newport Beach, CA

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I thought this was pretty cool. There is a whole neighborhood in Newport that was designed in an 'a-frame' polynesian style. Usually the houses have lava rock on the walls or the fences. The whole group of houses have a very 60's feel to them.

Unfortunately, there is some real estate lady that is going through buying up the old houses and 'updating' them to re-sell at a huge profit. She is getting rid of the lava rock and using stucco where she can.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

This first place is not actually in the neighborhood that I'm talking about. It is a rental duplex down by the beach that a friend of mine lives at. The upstairs features a lava rock fireplace and high ceilings with exposed beams. When I told my friend about the architecture she was just kinda like, 'tiki? I never noticed it."

Below are the houses in the neighborhood. Even though there is a lot of it on other streets too, this one street is the best example of the polynesian architecture. For me, I think that owning one of these houses would be the ultimate tiki collectable.

The house below is on the Balboa peninsula. I would love to live in a house that looks like a boat. Plus, it's pretty big, and it's right on the water.

You gotta hand it to someone that has cannons in their front yard.

This is the side that faces the bay. Crazy boat rigging. Looks like you could sail that house right off the beach into the water.

I know of more places around Newport that feature tikis in their front yard. I'll photograph them soon and post 'em.


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Mr. Lucky,

That second neighborhood is Newport Shores where I was born and raised for 18 years. Every childhood experience has a reason. Mrs. Bamboo grew up across the R.J.'s in H.B. on Mokihana street. Your good buddy Wyland (the artist?), bought our old house in the Shores after my parents split. I moved next door with my mom into a cool one story "A" frame. We were all crazy punks back then and Wyland decided to paint Punk Dolphins and Boom! We could have lectured you on this at the Punk Rock party in rm. 118 on Sat. night but time ran out. (that was fun to leave tiki for a while)

Very cool story Ben. That party in your room was alot of fun. It was nice having beer and the Clash for awhile. If I had one more mai tai last night, I would have thrown up all over the place. Especially from those mai tais at the Reef.

If anyone ever gets to talk the old punk days with Ben, his brother, or Mrs. Boo, you'll see that it's no joke. They've got stories about every show, every band, and every old venue in Orange County. Very cool.


Excellent urban archeology.
Always good to see modern tiki huts
still in existence.

Could you or Ben share the cross streets for those of us less familiar with OC?

I'd like to cruise by on my next visit to the Royal Hawaiian.

Thank you for those kind words. PCH and 62nd, I think? Look for a blue a-framed hotel on PCH and turn into the neighborhood behind it. That oughtta' get you there.


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