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Midwest Tiki Meet-Up - 9/25 in Omaha, NE!

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Finally trying to revitalize the midwest tiki scene. Or, at least start one. I know there aren't very many of us, so this is going up early to build and spread the word. We have some people coming from out of state for this, so no excuses. If you're anywhere in the area, you need to be there!

The plan is to get there a little early for some grub upstairs and head down to the Mai Tai Lounge afterward for the real deal.

So, put it on your calendar and tell everyone you know. And, man, if anyone wants to visit from out of state and see the only tiki joint we have left in the mid-west you're more than welcome. Anyone unfamiliar with The Mt Fuji Inn can look here:


Sept. 25, 2010! See you there!





I forgot to mention that they are doing renovations just prior to our event, so it'll be nice and shiny for us!

GREAT!!! I am going to try to get my Niece and her husband, from Omaha, to this event. They are going to get to go to the Bali Hai festivities in August and they have seen the Tiki Lounge in my home (when it was in its early stages). I previously sent them a few mugs and Tiki Modern. Just trying to get them interested and it would be great for them to go to the Mt Fuji event. I will keep an eye on this thread and WAY TO GO!!!

My wife and I will be there! Thanks for organizing this!


On 2010-08-03 17:47, VampiressRN wrote:
GREAT!!! I am going to try to get my Niece and her husband, from Omaha, to this event. They are going to get to go to the Bali Hai festivities in August and they have seen the Tiki Lounge in my home (when it was in its early stages). I previously sent them a few mugs and Tiki Modern. Just trying to get them interested and it would be great for them to go to the Mt Fuji event. I will keep an eye on this thread and WAY TO GO!!!

Awesome! Throw a Mt Fuji mug in their next tiki care package so they can bring it along!



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I'm bringing all my tropical shirt clad friends!

If I can remember. . .


Hmmmmmm.......Nebraska is nice in September......

Have Moais will travel.

Hotel reservation is made; we will be there! I really hope we pack the place! It's important to show support for the only VINTAGE tiki bar left in the four state area.


When it gets a bit closer to tiki time, I'm gonna have to let them know to staff the place a little more than on a normal weekend. This is more people than I assumed would come. Thank you, everybody!


Okay, I sent them a letter. They've been called and written-to. They know we're coming. Let's give 'em a reason to be excited and show them a good time and how much we appreciate them still being the last and only tiki bar in the whole mid-west!

Tiki GO!

Just got word this evening that there may be 2 more coming from Kansas City. Classify them as "Tiki Curious." Word is getting out . .


I stopped by Mt Fuji's yesterday while in Omaha to see Dave Matthews. The place was locked up tight and a sign on the door said "Closed for remodeling, will open September 19th".

I can't tell if I'm excited to see the changes or dreading the possibility that they've removed some mana from the place.

Either way, I'll see you all there! I'll be the one drinking! :)


This place never did open back up.
Hope I'm wrong.


What place was that? I spoke to Mt FUji a couple months ago and they stated that they'd be open by the time we get there. I will, of course, call again shortly before we meet, but al signs points to being open and welcome for our business.

Food looks awesome and I hear the drinks are "kick arse" so hope it all works out OK and the remodel is done in time for your event.


It was the Tropical Bistro.

When we were last there (two years ago?) the Mai Kai Lounge looked like it could have used some cleaning, but other than that I wouldn't have changed a hair on it's head! Hope they didn't go overboard. Let us know, if you get the chance to stop in.

If anybody is curious, my wife called the Mt Fuji this afternoon and they ARE open for business! Now, how big of a remodeling job have they're done? . . we'll soon find out!


Sorry for being absent lately. I did speak to M Fuji and we have a reservation for the tea room at 6 PM until whenever and the gratuity is going to be added to our meals, so just a heads up about tipping. Then we're good to go for Mai Tai mayhem.

Again, the tea room is ours from 6 PM on (although we should probably aim to be done eating 7:30-ish for their sake). I guess just tell 'em you're with the Tiki Central folks.

Bring your Mt Fuji mugs and a DD!

Wish I could make it to this - have a wonderful time guys!


Just keeping this at the top of the page for everybody...

This is TOMORROW, at 6 PM!

If I'm not on here again before then, I'll see you in the tearoom for dinner. I'm thirty but look about 25, so if you see some young punk with his young fiance, that's me.



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All set to hit the road to Omaha in a little bit, going to hit the hot tub at the hotel first!

See you there!


Great first event, had a blast, thanks to Potato for setting this up, can't wait for the next time. Great to meet Silverline too!

Navy Grog rules! We almost took West A's shuttle home! :wink:

A BIG thanks to the owners for the free t-shirts!

please post your pics... :)

Hey Mike! We just got back home, glad you made it home safe. It was good we had that shuttle service but I wish I could have stayed and tried the Scorpion! :drink:

Mindy and I had an excellent time, it was great to meet everyone. And for a first time event, the number of people was just about right. I am really glad the Mai Tai lounge was doing such a good business.

Big thanks to Potato for getting this ball rolling! I would have liked to talk to Silverline more but that can wait till next year! :)

My T-shirts are in the wash already. Can't decide if I want to wear them or keep as display items. That was an awesome gesture by the owner and I am truly grateful.

Hope to see you all again soon.

Here's a pic of that "rare" green mug next to the brown one like yours. And the varying green glaze on the big boys.

WHAT A NIGHT! Finally back now and settled in after a late start home this morning and several antique-mall-stops on the way. HUGE thanks to Potato for getting this set up! I was surprised to learn that NO ONE in our group actually lived in Omaha! It was a great meet-up of like-minded, dedicated tiki fans!

Here we all are in the Tea Room. Clockwise from top right: Potato and soon to be Mrs. Potato, Mr. and Mrs. WestADad, Mr. and Mrs. SilverLine, and Mr. and Mrs. Mfachman, all about to enjoy a great meal. (Special thanks to our waitress for getting this shot!)

We were all pleased to find that the recent remodeling really hadn't changed anything. I heard there was a slight flood in the Mai Tai Lounge downstairs that dictated new carpet and overall cleaning, but the colors and decor remain the same.

After finishing dinner we headed down to the Mai Tai Lounge for drinks. The Zombies and Mai Tais, were the most popular, followed by the Planter's Punch, Fog Cutter, Tropical Itch, and Navy Grog. More, please!

To our surprise, the owner (standing in the center, below) came down and presented us all with new T-shirts to show her appreciation! Huge thanks to her for putting up with us!

So, is Mai Tai Mike still there, you ask? Come on! Where else would he be? He's busy as ever; the place was PACKED when we left and a bus-load (yes, a BUS LOAD) had just arrived to take our still-warm seats. I really can't image this place closing anytime soon.

Here's Mike (left) with his new bartender, Andrew Lambert.

We had a GREAT time! It was wonderful to meet everybody and we're really looking forward to doing this again! Right now, I need to PM somebody about some rum!

Thanks for a fantastic night!

Classic Silver Line Boats

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Hey guys, Looks like it was a blast. Sorry we couldn't make it this time but hopefully next time. Glad it was all a success. Well done, 8FT


Thanks to everyone for coming! It was a great time and it was nice to actually meet everyone. Thanks to Mt Fuji for being such gracious hosts and making us feel so welcome. And, 8 Ft Tiki, there's always next time. I'm sure we'll see you then.

The good news is, after speaking to the owner, the online fears about potential closing of the Mt Fuji are unfounded. We have many years of hopefully continuing this tradition. 2011 Meet-Up, here we come!

An underappreciated velvet bathes in the soft blue glow of a television.

Well, it doesn't look like a service entrance anymore.

That says it all.


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Thanks for posting the pictures you two, we had a great time.

SilverLine, I sent you a PM about the rum.

Potato, you still game for some Lemon Hart?

If I ever make it out to Omaha again, I will check that place out. Looks like you had a great time and so cool about the t-shirts. Thanks for posting pictures.

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