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Tropical Islands, Krausnick, Germany (other)

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Name:Tropical Islands
Street:Tropical-Islands-Allee 1
Phone:+49 (0)3 54 77 - 60

Tropical Islands Resort is an artificial tropical resort in Krausnick, Germany. It is said to have the world's largest tropical indoor pool which can accommodate up to 8,000 visitors a day. It is also the world's largest indoor waterpark at 66,000 m² (710,000 sq feet). The complex contains a large artificial rainforest. The rainforest contains over 30,000 cubic meters of soil with over 500 species of plants. It has over 29,000 trees and plants and creepers covering the remaining space. Sounds of natural rainforests are broadcast throughout from speakers disguised as rocks or other natural features.


I haven't actually been here. I'm an airship enthusiast and searching the internet for information on that topic led me to discover this. I'm not sure if this would be fun or so gimmicky that it would come of as cheesy and unenjoyable (and I have a high cheese threshold.)
There don't appear to be any actual tikis in the place but I kind of like to think that the future might hold communities similar to this where like-minded people live in the style and place of their choosing regardless of where in the world they actually are.

Rather than type up a long description I'll post a few links that you can click on to read at your leisure.

Their web site:

Wikipedia article on the place:

Background info:


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A pal of mine emailed me this article with pics of this place. Pretty amazing!

On the site of a former Soviet military airbase in Krausnick, Germany, is an enormous hangar originally built to service huge helium-filled cargo airships. The hangar is tall enough to enclose the Statue of Liberty, and was converted to a recreational facility when CargoLifter AG went bankrupt in 2002. You will note that it is snowing outside.

Inside, German vacationers are basking on a sand beach with palm trees at the "Tropical Resort", which includes a lagoon, water slide, adventure park, and numerous restaurants for up to 6,000 guests at a time. Daily admission is $40 for adults.

I refuse to believe that "Krausnick" is an actual name for a German town! Next you will tell me that Hogan's Heroes' SCHULTZ spoke German!

Actually, Moritz R has told me about this place. I have been curious, but reluctant to get locked into a facility for a mass German family gathering.

That's a good idea for the 2 blimp hangars in Tustin, CA!

They've got a Samoan fale (straw hut).

Copy & pasted from their website.

The Samoan fale
Tropical living in the South Seas
Typical Polynesian straw huts are called fale. The ground plan is usually oval in shape, and large tree trunks support a leaf-covered roof. The islands sometimes experience strong winds, so, to prevent damage, the roof is shaped like a tortoise’s shell, giving the wind nothing to get hold of. The houses are usually open at the sides, even at night. The "walls" consist of plaited mats that are rolled up and only let down in case of rain or strong wind.

The Samoan fale at Tropical Islands is a sort of community centre for a number of villages. It is unusually large, each of the 28 beautifully carved wooden pillars standing for one of the family groups.

The Tropical Islands fale was constructed with the assistance of the Samoan Tourist Authority.

Hidden behind a bar stool is a Samoan mask.

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On 2013-02-22 18:19, tikilongbeach wrote:
That's a good idea for the 2 blimp hangars in Tustin, CA!

Ha! I had the same thought when I saw those photos. The trouble is, if you have beaches and beach weather OUTSIDE the hangers, why do you need the hangers?

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