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Enchanted Tiki Mug?!

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Does anyone know about this? I stumbled across it today... http://pub115.ezboard.com/fdisneyshauntedmansionfrm1.showMessage?topicID=111.topic

Patrick McNeal

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As the post said, Tiki Farm is producing this mug. I've seen the prototypes in Holden's office in about 1/2 dozen different colors but I'm not sure what will end up being the official glaze. There's talk that it can only be bought at Disneyland as well (just like the Bali Hai repro mugs by Tiki Farm being only available from the Bali Hai in SD).

I believe there's pics of this mug floating around somewhere on this board.

It is not sure if this very fine mug will be produced (officially). A labor of love by talented Kevin Kidney (illustrator of the Poly. Pop evolution chart, Intoxica, renovator of Mr. Bali Hai, and Hawaiian Eye collector), Disney has repeatedly shown ignorant of this excellent (designed for FREE!) item for their stores.

Kevin also designed Miehana, the logo Tiki (for the legendary Anaheim Museum show which he put together with his collaborator Jody Daily,) and now Miehana the mug, which will be produced by Tiki Farm.


It's the lime green one in the middle.


OOPS, double post. Sorry

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So if Disney doesn't approve this, we're (meaning the general public) are never going to be able to get a hold of it?

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They should realize the goldmine that Tiki Room merchandise would be. They could have shirts, tikis, mugs, birds (with voice chips, of course) and more. I know I would buy it up...

[ Edited by: Biotron2000 on 2003-05-18 10:28 ]

That tiki room mug rocks!

I want one.

Erich Troudt

me, too. what's the latest status on the mugs? maybe we should start an online petition?

Erika posted on Tue, Jun 17, 2003 7:32 AM

On 2003-06-17 02:16, Futura Girl wrote:
maybe we should start an online petition?

Or even write actual letters, depending who needs convincing. Maybe Holden could tell us who to e-mail or write--or whether we could just write to Tiki Farm, and they could collect the "evidence" and show it to the Disney overlords.

Meanwhile, I'm going to start praying to the tiki gods that there'll be a mail order option. Disneyland's a long drive from here. . . .

As best as I can tell, it looks like Disney has given the nod for the tiki mug project and the release will likely be late Fall/early Winter 2003 (just in time for the official "closing out of the 40th anniversary"!?). I am though collaborating on other projects with Disney for their anniversary and they are even acknowledging the "COOLNESS" of the Tiki Room and the "developmental swag". There's big stuff in the works but I'm bound and gagged for the time being. Everybody should seriously think about stopping by Disneyland sometime around late August/early September and be the first at the gates. More to come as soon as I can devulge!

In the meantime, I'm buried and working hard to catch-up... Martiki's have been shipping the last few weeks and we're continuing to ship all Martiki backorders through the next week or so. Not too much developmental stuff for now - just trying to catch-up! I've got a good lot of Tiki Farm 2-tone swizzle sticks ( http://www.tikifarm.com/html/miscTiki.htm ) and some really nice tiki soap, too ( http://www.tikifarm.com/html/soap.htm ) - 10% off for Centralites. Buy a bunch of the soaps and you can have 'em for $2.50/each (24 or more pieces)... they're nice quality and smell good - which is especially nice to know since this post tended a bit towards the spamalicious zone but hell, I've gotta do it every now and then - this tiki thing is my life.

Holden Westland
Tiki Farm
"Purveyors of Polynesian Pop Culture"

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Okay Tiki Room Fans - Pass this around!!
Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room turns FORTY YEARS OLD this Monday June 23rd. Lots of us are headin' down to Disneyland on Monday to celebrate. Wear your "Tiki-Splendid Best" and we'll take advantage of all the great photo opportunites (just imagine, the Tiki Room filled with an audience all wearin' fancy Aloha shirts! Walt would be proud.) Disneyland has announced a special limited edition Tiki Room wristwatch that will be available that day at the watch shop on Main Street (We've seen 'em --not bad!)
Miehana sure hopes to see you there on Monday! Let's all sing like the birdies sing!

I got a call early yesterday morning from a fellow Tiki collector who was in Walt Disney World's Polynesian Resort gift shop (on his way to a meeting). He said that they were now carrying Tiki Farm mugs and shot glasses.

I love that mug in the above pic... must have it.


They are carrying Tiki Farm Mugs, but are they carrying THE Tiki Room Mug from Tiki Farm or just their regular mugs?

I'm heading to Disneyland mid July, I'll check it out.

It occurs to me that the Enchanted Tiki Mug (as cool as it is) is missing something...

Disney's ETR is so well know for it's painted tikis that ANY colorful painted tiki is now generally known as a "Disney tiki", right?

So, why does this mug have a single color glaze? I was expecting a bright, garish, Disney-like mix of colors! :-\

Of course, I've only see the one prototype,... so who knows what the final version will look like?...


Not sure about Disneyland, but I stopped by WDW's Polynesian Resort on Sunday to check it out. Not THE Tiki Room mug pictured above, but they are Tiki Farm mugs. To me it appears that they are the mugs from Tiki Farm's 4-pack. They have the shot glasses too (Tiki Farm by Squid on the bottom of the shots).

I just got some insight from someone on Disney's "advisory committee" (a focus group of fans that help the suits make decisions from time to time) that the probable cause of missing the anniversary date came from scheduling conflicts more than anything else. They had seen the Shag merchanside plans way back in the spring and enthuiastically gave them a thumbs up.

The premier of the Pirates of the Caribbean film at Disneyland and an accompanying merchandise event was already scheduled within a week's time of the Tiki Room's anniversary, which would have been too difficult for their events group to coordinate. By putting it off to September, the event can be properly showcased before they have to focus their efforts on the Haunted Mansion Holiday.

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