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Happy B-day to Spike of the Hula Girls, this weekend,

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Come see him play and wish him a Happy B-day in person here,

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

But, I hate you for getting to hang with X last night.
you are the best bastard I know! hope you have a good day!

But, see you tomorrow..........


Happy Birthday to one of the coolest people on Tiki central! A great musician, a great artist, and even more, a great friend!

Aloha Mr. Spike!

Happy B-day Spike,
will try to swing by the party for a bit.
If I do, it will be on the really early side of things.


Happy Birthday, Spike.

Here we go again! Happy Birthday Matt!

Everybody come out to Don's tonight (9pm in the Dagger Bar)
to help celebrate Spike's Birthday and see the Hula Girls gig!

Huge Happy 22nd Birthday today to you Matt!
how bad is the hangover this year! hope you are having a great one.


Happy Birthday Mr. president!

Woah. I like that one!

I seriously never check the Tiki Ohana thread. Thanks so much, everybody!

Hope you are having a great Birthday today, Matt!

THANKS! I had the pleasure of drinking a TON at the Tiki Ti with many fellow TC-ers this past weekend. Good times! Thanks for the drinks, everyone!

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