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A song for Christa now with a video on Utube

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It's free right now. This is my nephew doing something special. Wendy

Exactly 25 years ago on Friday, January 28, our nation was shocked by the loss of the Challenger Space Shuttle and its seven person crew. The loss was particularly hard on the thousands of children following the adventures of Christa McAuliffe, our first "Teacher in Space".

Many of those children and others who knew Christa are making sure her memory lives on to this day. As a musician, I decided to join in that effort with a new music video -- my first. One night before the Challenger anniversary, the video has been completed.
You can see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTQSPBzn7JA

Before you get drawn into the video drama, I suggest just listening to the song at http://www.spiritualguy.com While you’re there, you can learn the full story of how "For Christa" came into being. Then come back to the video. See Christa’s beautiful spirit take wing again.

And if you feel inspired to, keep it soaring on.

With gratitude,

Jon West

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Impressive, very touching and affecting... with a message.
It brought back a rush of emotion about one of life's "I remember where I was, when..." moments.
It prompted me to find (on YouTube) Reagan's address to the country (written by Peggy Noonan), on the day of the disaster (I hadn't remembered that it was on the day that he was supposed to deliver his 'State of the Union' address to Congress).

"We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and 'slipped the surly bonds of earth' to 'touch the face of God.'"

Tell your nephew, "Thanks".

"The rum's the thing..."

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Limbo Lizard, thank you so much for your post. You touched me. I remember the moment I realized it had happened. I had just had surgery the day before and was unable to get around yet. I woke and used the remote to turn on the TV and every channel was just showing the sky. Then it dawned on me the Challenger. After a moment someone started to speak and I started to cry. God Bless those who risk it all to reach those heights. Wendy

Bump...worth watching.

It seems every generation has there moment when something horrible happens, and you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when the news broke, (like the Kennedy assasination)...

For me, I was a young serviceman in the US Army, but stationed at the Ford Island naval base in Hawaii, and had just returned from lunch at the Navy Galley there. As I was walking past the dayroom where people were watching TV, I noticed a commotion and sailors and soldiers running in there to see what was happening. I was stunned. Floored. It was so horrible and tragic I did not know what to think. Instead of taking the bus back to the barracks on the north side of the island, I decided to walk the long way around the airstrip. I found myself crying, which was a rare thing for someone like me who almost never cries.

Thank you Lucas, its so sad to have seen so many tragedy's in our lifetime. I remember where I was too many times. Wendy

Giving this a bump... today is the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

I was just thinking of doing this after watching the news and remembering.
I would have been willing to go on the ship. Such a horrific loss.

Thank you, Wendy

I can't believe it been thirty years. I watched the whole thing unfold with my own eyes that day. I was on my way home and looked for the shuttle above the trees a few minutes after launch as I always watched the launches on clear days. Unforgettable and very sad.

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Me too. I'd just had surgery and I turned on the TV and there was nothing but sky on the three main channels. I thought for a moment and then it hit me that the Challenger was gone...

What a Great Tribute!!!

Thank you Woo Hoo. It's such a sad memory. Mixed feeling here because I get to hear my nephew sing and see him act out the video witch is a joy. But I remember well the horrible morning I woke up to seeing an empty sky on TV, searching as hope was lost.

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