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Dan's 63rd birthday photo.

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Dan's having a really fun day with best wishes from VampiressRn and Gecko and Psycho Tiki D. Here are the photos I meant to post for him. Happy Birthday Dan from the wife who screws up but loves you tons, Wendy

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Happy Birthday Dan! Much love from a fellow Pisces!

Happy birthday DAN!!!! I hope Wendy gives you a day off from slaving in the clay studio :lol:

The happiest of birthdays, Dan!

GROG posted on Wed, Mar 9, 2011 12:36 AM

Surf naked Dude!


Aloha and best wishes from mainland europe...



Happiest of birthdays, I know Wendy showered you with tiki on your special day. I only have one question for Wendy though...Wendy, when are you going to learn how to paint velvets because I want to see the birthday velvet nude I know you will eventually paint for Dan for one of his birthdays?

See you soon you guys!



Happy Belatted Birthday Dan....hope it was a great one !

Happy Belated B-day Dan! Hope you are showered with new Tikis this year....Oops...Too late :) Hi Wendy! I see that you have been really, really busy, keep up the good work. Aloha, Freddie

Dan is a shameless pet!!! LMAO...you are too funny Wendy.


Is that a Gilligan's Island "Kona'sCurse" mug ? If so, who made it ?

GROG posted on Thu, Mar 10, 2011 9:32 AM

Kirby and I were going to make the mug, but Gecko beat us to it.

Hi everyone, I just read out loud all the birthday wishes for Dan. He says a big thank you everyone.

I was going to make that mug too but Gecko beat me to it. The poor guy who made it in plastic on eBay should have made mugs.

He has a $20 version on eBay where he sells as dabigpuka. Cheers, Wendy

ps Duane you know me so well, the velvet is stretched on the frame. I'm waiting to hear from Robb Hamel if I can do it with acrylics rather than oils


Happy Happy belated birthday Dan!

Laura, fellow Pisces

Almost that time again....

Thank you hang10tiki for finding this birthday link for Dan.

It's funny but I had forgotten it completely. 2011 was a long time ago.

How funny that I just took this photo of Dan getting a Maui Rob mug for this years birthday in his favorite room.
The jungle hasn't changed at all!

Happy Birthday soon, Dan, Love, Wendy

[ Edited by: danlovestikis 2015-03-05 19:25 ]

Wait for it.....

Is it any coincidence that Dan and Wendy birthday's are exactly 5 months apart and there are 5 figures in the cannibal trio? I think not!

MadDogMike ever wonder why you never see kids with us?

I got to say Happy Birthday to Dan in person, today
but again, have a great one tomorrow Dan!

Atomic Tiki Punk where were you? I didn't get my hug! Wendy

Happy Birthday Dan-0
Don't forget to eat some cake today
Or something good

Worst sound ever, slurp of an empty tiki mug through my straw!!!

[ Edited by: hang10tiki 2015-03-08 07:03 ]

I love this. Dan wants it on facebook. I think I'll go post it now. This is terrific. Thank you hang10tiki, hugs, Wendy

Happy Birthday! Hope it was magically tiki filled!

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