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Jade Isle, Scotch Plains, NJ (restaurant)

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Name:Jade Isle
Street:158 Terrill Road
City:Scotch Plains

Here is another location that has somehow managed to avoid the Tiki radar here on TC. I recently added this postcard to my collection from the Jade Isle restaurant located in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. The restaurant has been around for 39 years.

The card shows some well decorated Tiki rooms, including this garden area with a large Tiki pole.

The bar - another red Naugahyde wonderment.

The dinning areas.

The back of the card (check out the location marker on the map)

The restaurant is still operational and still serves Polynesian drinks in Tiki mugs. Here is the drink menu from the website.

Link to the website.

Need to send some New Jersey Tiki agents out to this place to see if there are any Tiki trappings left.



How about that? I figured at some point someplace new would show up.

It's somewhat accessible from NYC. There is a train that stops about a 25 minute walk from where the restaurant is. I'll have to get on out there at some point, but it looks like it's probably on par with Chan's and King Yum. Hopefully the decor has remained untouched.

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Great find! Interesting that unlike most East Coast Chinese Tiki joints which are entirely decorated from the Orchids of Hawaii catalog, Jade Isle has some Oceanic Arts shields and weapons on the walls.

Aaaah, Chan's! What a great place:


I saw a few on-line reviews last night that were written recently and indicate that the decor has not changed. No pics available though.

Is that a typo on the drink menu? Kava Bowl you can share with 3 or 4 friends for $10.50?? Wish I was closer, I've got some imaginary friends I'd like to treat to a bowl....or two....or three.


I went to Jade Isle last night. Unfortunately, there isn't even the tiniest bit of tiki decor left here. Not even in the bar area.

Boring dining room


Pupu platter

Generic pagoda swizzle stick from the Jade Isle.

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