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Happy Birthday John-O 3/22 !

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Happy Birthday John-O... you Suave, Swingin' Scenester!

Happy Birthday, it is nice to have a face to go with the name I see so often on TC. I hope you have a great time, Wendy

Happy Pre-b-day wishes John O.
If you swing by Don's monday.
I will buy ya a drink.


Happy birthday to the master of las vegas!

Happy Birthday, hope to see you next Saturday at the Ti'!


Happy Birthday John O! Sorry I won't be able to go to Don's and help you celebrate so I'll have to owe you a birthday spanking! I hope you have a wonderful B-day :)

Greetings all Agents!

Agent 86 (John-O) is having a "Ceremonial Aging Ritual" (a Birthday that is!)
at T.I.K.I. HQ (Don the Beachcomber) Tomorrow, Monday March 21st

Come on down and have a drink with John-O before he has to retire, and by "Retire" well.......you know...........we don't speak of these things at T.I.K.I.
Be there or be square!

Number 6 & Number 9

Happy birthday Mr. O! See you tonight at Don's.

Happy Birthday John-O!
Have a Wonderful Birthday and Stay Dry!

WooHoo! Happy Birthday to You!!!

Hap-Pea Bee-day 2u John-o!
Same birthday as Glen Cambell and William Shatner!

[->>King Bushwich 33rd

Hippo Birdie Two Ewe John-O!

Today's the day!!!


Happy Birthday John-O!

Today is the day! Wishing you a tranquil and reflective birthday. Now go get ripped! (at the gym).

Best Wishes from Jungle Ginger & Atomic Tiki Punk.

Happy Birthday, man! Next time I'm out,(November?), I owe you a drink!


Happy B-day. Come on by the trailer at Mojave Oasis and I'll buy ya a birthday drink.


O- John-O Happy Birthday! :D


Happy, happy, happy, so so happy.

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday John O!

Happy Birthday John! Have a wonderful year of great things and happenings! Cheers!

Happy Birthday John! Have a wonderful year of great things and happenings! Cheers!


Thanks for the Birthday wishes everyone !!

Because of your Aloha, 2011 will be the year I venture out of the Tiki bar darkness and into the blaring sunlight of (multi-day) Tiki events.

Tiki Caliente Mojave Oasis, here I come. :D

Ackkk! two days late! Hope you had a great Birthday John
we will have to get together for a drink ASAP!

My birthday offer still stands, come by the trailer (or the Clam Shell Bar) at Mojave Oasis for a drink on me. Keep the Tiki flame lit my friend.


Happy Birthday John!!!

Come on down to Don the Beachcomber Tonight, Saturday the 22nd
for the Jason Lee & the Rip Tides show & help John celebrate his Birthday.

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Happy Birthday John-O...keep those killer reports coming...OGR

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