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Tiki Bob's, Sacramento, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Tiki Bob's

Sometimes referred to as "Tiki Bob's II", Bob Bryant and Earl Erwin opened this restaurant on October 24th, 1957 in the Capitol Inn Hotel, Sacramento. Supposedly, Erwin's wife was tired of driving to San Francisco to visit the first Tiki Bob's incarnation, so Erwin brought Tiki Bob's to Sacramento.

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Here's an article announcing the opening of "Tiki Bob's II". It sounds like the place was decked-out, when Bob Bryant inked the deal to open the restaurant, he: "...immediately took off for 10 weeks in the South Seas. He picked up two or three tons of relics, souvenirs and tropical decorations..."


...and here's a funny article, describing some of the decor such as the "Tall Tiki" and killer giant clams... favorite quote: "When you go here, always rub the Tiki's nose. In the Eastern Island of Tahiti, this is considered a sruefire way to get lady luck on your side."

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Great stuff- I see it was somewhere on West Capitol near the Sacramento River.

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Credit to Humuhumu for info and images.

Tiki Bob's main location opened in 1955, at the corner of Post & Taylor in San Francisco. There was also a second location, at the Capitol Inn in Sacramento. This souvenir menu mailer is from the Capitol Inn location, and is probably from the 1950's, based on the cocktail prices.

This is the fabulous 2011 Sacramento Tiki Crawl decanter made by Wendy and still available for sale. http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=41372&forum=12&3

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