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Tiki Time at Chicago Vic's!

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Aloha, I'm happy to report that it is indeed "Tiki Time" at the TVs in Chicago. I went for the first time on Friday night and having read the reviews that talked about its "nautical" theme, disapointedly thought "oh well, I guess that's progress" So I was elated to get out of the cab to see not only a large (6ft?) tiki in front of the Palmer House Hilton (home of the Vic) but also a large banner proclaiming "Its Tiki Time 6 nights a week at the newly renovated Trader Vic's" . And people, the sign did not lie. Its totally South Seas, and looks like a cross between the London Vics and the Atlanta Vics. Its beautiful. Just thought I'd share. P.S. I'm going back tonight - I just can't stay away! -Aloha.


Sorry my holidays won't put me in Chicago for Exotica (the Kona Kai sounds great) but Hotwire put us in the Palmer House Hilton (a sign?), so looking forward to easy-access tiki as I get into this!

On 2003-06-02 11:35, manehune wrote:
P.S. I'm going back tonight - I just can't stay away! -Aloha.

Give us more than a few hours heads-up next time and we'll get a posse together!

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