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In search of Euro Tiki!

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Aloha, all -

I'm new here and my name is (sometimes) Mrs Carnaby. I'm a Euro-chick with no means of Tiki-ing! Does anybody out there know of ANY PLACE AT ALL in France or England (besides Trader Vic's in London) where I can hope to find likeminded individuals.

I am a desperate woman.

Mrs Carnaby

Worry no more, Mrs Carnaby -- go to the Search page here and look for the string entitled "London's New Tiki Bar" for the lowdown on, well, London's new Tiki bar, South London Pacific. You could also look at the website:


Or why not go to fellow TikiCentralite Trader Woody's UK and European Tiki page?


I know of nothing in France, I'm afraid, but there is always "Tikis" in Belgium (somewhere near Antwerp, I think) -- and, of course, you'll see TikiChris's and Trader Woody's reviews on Spanish and Greek Tiki if you scroll down the posting list.

As for finding like-minded people -- well, that's a little more tricky. I can't honestly tell you that this list is harbouring hundreds of UK Tikiphiles -- in fact, as far as I know, there are four of us (two in London, one in Oxford, one in Scotland) -- although, of course, there may be a million Brit lurkers... If, however, as your signature suggests, you are happy to extend your wishlist to lounge/jetset, etc. then I can't believe that you would have any trouble anywhere in Europe -- just have a look at http://www.clubmontepulciano.com for a start...

(how wonderful -- a chance to go on about my twin obsessions in the same post. I can only apologise to those of you who have long since lost patience with my endless repetition of the words "South London Pacific" and "Club Montepulciano"...)

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Dear AndrewSister,

Many thanks for your sage advice and Top Tiki Tips; I am tremulous with excitment at the prospect of the South London Pacific Bar, and suspect I shall soon become a 'bar mosquito' there whenever I'm in London. I'll be based in Bath (doing my postgrad), a town which I somehow suspect has never fully embraced the spirit of the Tiki. How comforting it is to know that South London Pacific is only an extortionate train ride away!
Thank you also for giving THIS particular International Playgirl such a warm welcome to TikiCentral!
Mrs Carnaby

and you let us know if you feel like meeting up when you check out South London Pacific -- we'll see if we can rustle together some of the London tiki team ("tiki teabags", as we were once memorably described on this group).

On 2002-06-25 03:38, theandrewssister wrote:
we'll see if we can rustle together some of the London tiki team

Yep, I'm game!

Tiki Chris

Meeting up at London South Pacific sounds great! And I look forward to meeting all the well-brewed 'Tiki Teabags' (hee hee - WHAT a moniker...I love it!)

I'm up for some more of those Golden Colada's!

Trader Woody

What is a Golden Colada (and can I make them at home? It sounds delish!)


I would guess that it's a Pina Colada with some Galliano. There's a drink called a Golden Cadillac with Galliano, Creme de Cacao, and half-and-half.

The ever-reliable SLP website tells me that a Golden Colada includes Amaretto, Dark Rum, Pineapple Juice and Coconut Cream... but, alas, not the proportions. Then again, having watched Darren and the guys hurling spirits haphazardly four at a time into the glasses, I gon't suppose they do either. All I know is they always give me extra amaretto with a knowing wink, for some reason -- not that I actually LIKE amaretto but it's a nice touch.

It also includes a good selection of fruit on a stick and an umbrella. Of course.

Well, without proportions indicated, there is the very enjoyable 'trial and error' and 'experimentation' period to go through before we find the 'perfect' Golden Colada; yet as I don't know what the 'perfect' Golden Colada actually TASTES like...'could make for an interesting evening! (Andrewsister; I think I can explain the 'knowing look' you're given when you get your extra Amaretto; an Italian friend told me it was a 'known aphrodisiac' (at least in certain bars in Milan!) so that explains it!

(Obviously, these barmen are men of excellent taste.)

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Mrs. Carnaby --
If you should happen to find yourself in The Hague in western Netherlands (preferably not for a war crimes tribunal), there is a tiki-esque bar/restaurant that recently opened. Called "The Rainbow", it is on a rise, overlooking the yacht harbor and is surrounded by cafe tables and umbrellas. The interior, though,is a riot of jungle foliage, fake pre-Columbian ruins, waterfalls and the like. They even have a live parrot in a cage who is remarkably friendly, if a little loud. The clientele is largely made up of suits, but we went there in the early evening for cocktails and had most of it to ourselves. They played Sinatra, Dean Martin and other "crooners", and the waitress was quiet personable. I highly recommend the "monkey mama" drink, which seemed to be mostly banana liquor, fresh pineapple, rum and coconut milk. A bit steep at 8 Euro each, but a pleasant splurge.

The place referred to above in Belgium is called "Tiki's", in Gierle, near Bruges. It can be found on-line at http://www.geocities.com/tikibelgium/main.html I haven't been there in person, but from the photos on their website, it looks a bit--shall we say "improvised". Still, that might be more the fault of flash photos than of the actual ambience. Even middling tiki is better than no tiki, and here in Rotterdam, no tiki is what we have plenty of.

Dear Rch,

Thank you for your informative response; 'The Rainbow Room' sounds quite spectacular, and I shall of course add it immediately to my list of 'must do' places.

Although I am devoted to Bruges, it is not a town I associate with Tiki (which is why I wasn't surprised to hear that the bar you mentioned is 'outside' of Bruges!) I shall check out the link, as (for insane reasons I can't possibly be bothered going into now), I actually go to Bruges quite often.

So thank you for the 'Top Northern Euro Tips'.

Much appreciated,
Mrs C.

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