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The Isle of Kumanawanalaya

Monkeyman's Mystical Mai-Tai Mausoleum (couldn't think of location, starting with 'm')

Tonga on a stick

I dunno, pooty!

How about just MonkeyBars or The MonkeyBar?

You could ask that signmaker to construct a bar (bamboo?) going straight across the sign with a monkey hanging on by one arm and holding a tiki mug or tropical drink in the other, and keep that Tiki that's currently on the sign, kind of "looking" on in envy.

Yeah, it's not a mind blowing idea, but sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Just my 2 coconuts worth.

That's such a deep, personal thing, (your lounge name)....I'd keep that an inside job.

Thanks for the tip basement but if I was overflowing with ideas I wouldn't be asking for help. If no one elects to participate that is ok too.

I'm running through ideas but nothing stellar is coming to mind.

We need more details on the space. Is it a full room? Just a shelf? The more info, the more creative we can be.

The room is not entirely complete ( I am waiting for my bamboo barstools to arrive, my barkcloth currently shipping so I can make the curtains, and I just started my double tiki ottoman design last night) but I will snap some digital photos and post them. It is a two story house and the tiki area occupies most of the first floor (my living room). It is gradually moving into the kitchen.

photos on the way.

What kind of Tiki Lounge are we talking about? A totally Polynesian Paradise kinda Full o' Junk lookin' place like a Trader Vic's? Or a Smooth-Groovin' kinda Post '68 mix of Mid-Century Modern and Polynesian Pop (with, of course, some Caribbean and African thrown in)Exotica Bar? Keep in mind, too... What kinds of drinks are we going to be serving here? Are we ONLY SERVING TIKI DRINKS!?! Or... Are we Serving Specific Cocktail Menus on Certain Nights? Or... I've got $70 in my pocket. How much rum can I get for that? Quantity or Quality? Lots to think about, eh?

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The Simian Shack?

I was thinking
The South Pacific Lounge
A place for Happy Talk


after 9 months worth of work. I am still missing one crucial thing. A name.

I've got a couple of ideas, that might be a tad different.

1). The Keiki (Keiki I believe is the Hawaiian word for Baby. Seeing how this bar has been under construction for 9 months --- coincidence??)

2). The Whale. (This would be the second title of Moby Dick. The idea that this bar is an obsession of yours...perhaps gone too far.)

3). Finally, and perhaps I've saved the least for last... The Drunken Sailor. Because What do you do with a Drunken Sailor??

If any of these names are used I simply ask that a toast be given to the Tiki Baron there at some time....and if perhaps I travel down the San Diego way, I could stop in and check it out...either would suffice.


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Well, I was kinda saving this one for myself, but after all, you are the Monkeyman: Primate Terrace. But you can't have The Blue Monkey!


Tiki Baron,

I like your ideas and the reasons for them. The duration of my lounge building has been particularly long because I custom built a wrap around teak entertainment center. That alone took me about 6 months worth of weekends. You know how it goes... You might get a whopping 10 hours per week to bust out the table saw and router with. At 10 hours per week including dozens of trips to home depot, you can imagine why it takes so long.

I like your South Pacific name idea as it's a classic Polynesian lounge name. Most the original Tiki joints weren't wildly original with the names. I suggest adding your last name to the lounge's name, so it reads Peterson's South Pacific (or whatever your last name is, I'm assuming it isn't "man"). Peterson's Happy Talk would also sound nice ("A place for Happy Talk" makes me think of Tony Roma's). If your last name doesn't work so well you can use your first name or the name of your significant other or both together.

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Wow, most of the posters on this thread I used to interface with frequently and now... nuttin.

Bummer. Posting is so easy. See, I'mm doing it with my eyes closef.

word pabs, i got this thread while googling "south pacific" and was struck by what has changed in a couple years. such is the internets.


So what did he name the bar? This thread was way before my time at TC.


Hey... posting is easy?!

Must be quite the fab bar by now, what did you name it monk? Did it shift locations?

"Taylor's Hideaway"...?

Need another view of the crime scene. :D



Now wait a sec. Monkeyman isn't Pariarts. Or is there some Unga humor there that flew over my head?

I have trained monkeys do all my posting for me.


Haven't seen much from Monkeyman at all lately.
Derek where are you?!?!?!?!


On 2008-02-05 05:22, GatorRob wrote:
Now wait a sec. Monkeyman isn't Pariarts. Or is there some Unga humor there that flew over my head?

Pariarts made the sign for Monkeyman's lounge.


Nice! Disney taught those boys a thing or two, yes? :) I wear my Pariarts shirt occasionally, but always proudly.

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