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The Storm Shelter - Rockledge, FL

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I've decided it's time to set up a thread for The Storm Shelter. The old bar was being eaten by termites, so we had to get rid of it completely. We just finished the new bar this weekend. We are going to add some brass railings from the old bar to the new bar, but otherwise she's completely done. Already had some people over this weekend for Manhattans and Mai Tais.

The bar was built by TikiMike at Tropical Art Designs in Satellite Beach. The masks are Bosko, Ed's Heads, DeTiki and another Bosko. We have drawer pulls from Crazy Al. The top is from ColorCopper.com.

This is where we have the annual Pre-Hukilau parties as well as other gatherings of fellow Brevard tikiphiles. If you want a decent cocktail in Brevard, this is one of the few places to get one!

Room pics: I know the room isn't what is usually considered "tiki", but that's not really what we were going for. We like the more modern, comfortable look, with just enough tiki to give it some exotic touches. Living in Florida with a tropical jungle of a backyard, we don't feel that much of a need to bring it inside to remind us that we are living in a sub-tropical paradise.

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George, the vaunted Storm Shelter has been missing from this forum far too long. I’m glad you finally decided to share its charms outside of the Tiki Events forum. Those charms include not just the décor, but also the hosts and the cocktails.

TikiMike did an outstanding job on the new bar. I really like that blue-green copper patina on the bar top and face. It's a great backdrop for the Tiki Bosko, Ed's Heads and DeTiki masks. Of course, my observations are limited by what is evident in the photographs. Perhaps I can elaborate a bit more after a visit.


Looks like a fun place and I love your bar top!!!


I think it's a really nice tiki area. I really love the the bar area. Classy looking! Thanks for sharing with us.


Another fabulously fun event took place at the Storm Shelter last night, as TikiHardBop (George) and TornadoTiki (Chris) introduced their new tiki bar to the neighborhood in advance of the coming Zombie Apocalypse. After a few hours of freely flowing libations, some of us were feeling akin to the Zombies.

Our invite...

A few party photos...

The new bar, constructed by TikiMike FL

George (TikiHardBop), already feeling the effects of his root beer

Chris (TornadoTiki), hostess with a twist(er)

Pat as a fembot

TikiTomD appearing as Fig the Rocket Scientist, forgotten brother of Sir Isaac Newton

TikiMike (bar creator) and lovely wife, Tamara

Anatomical closeup, for admirers of TikiMike’s costume

Anybody see an asp?

Metikigal (Christina) in the center, between TikiMike and Tamara

George, after multiple root beers and perhaps something a bit more exotic

"To infinity... and beyond!"

Mahalo to George and Chris for again being perfect hosts in a perfect setting, allowing us to forget if ever so briefly the hard times being experienced by so many...



Great post Tom. Definately a bar to see in person. Great party! Awesome bar! Thank you George for the invite!




On 2011-09-26 08:39, TikiHardBop wrote:

I know the room isn't what is usually considered "tiki", but that's not really what we were going for.

i have huge respect for TikiTomD, and i think your bar is very nice TikiHardBop, but i am kind-of torn here.

Care to elaborate?


Reminds me of a Enlish tiki bar!


well...by your own admission, the Storm Shelter isn't overly "Tiki",
i was merely agreeing with you.

perhaps you'll add more "Tiki" later?

Probably not. When my wife and I re-did the downstairs last year, we made a conscious decision not to go "all in" with the tiki elements. We both feel that since already live in a sub-tropical paradise, with front (shown below) and back outdoor tiki decks, as well as a yard full of tropical plants and bamboo, there is no need to build a traditional tiki "coccoon" to remind us of the tropics -- we're already there.

I didn't start the thread to put The Storm Shelter forward as an "ideal" tiki bar that everyone should be striving towards. Remember, not everyone who participated in the original tiki/polypop phenomenon converted their basements into mini-Trader Vics. It was more to chronicle a welcoming place for like-minded people to get together and share some good times. For example, as mentioned before, this is where we have the annual Pre-Hukilau party for the Brevard tiki community.

Although they are not yet pictured in the thread, we have throughout the house and yard quite a collection of tikis, carvings, paintings and even lamps by local artists. All the tiki mugs used at the bar are made by my wife and you'll hear nothing but great things about the quality of the drinks being served. So if you're ever on the Space Coast of Florida, we'd love to have you over to The Storm Shelter for Florida-style aloha.


aahhhh....that certainly puts things in a whole new light!

the bigger picture wasn't so clear, from so far a distance, i'm sure you understand.

some day, we would truly love to take you up on your gracious offer.

aloha, TikiHardBop.

Yeah, living in the heart of "buy a couple of tikis, a parrot, a palm tree, put on some Buffet and we're a tiki bar" and after seeing some misguided attempts along the same lines on TC, I was kind of worried about being taken that way as well, which is why I hesitated so long about starting up the thread.

And although it may not come across in the pics, the bar is pretty sweet. I've had more than one jaw drop as they enter the bar. The company that makes the copper is going to feature it on their website. And I'm really glad that we could get some of our tiki artists/friends involved in the construction. And TikiMike found us some 100-year-old corbels from a local house (which is definitely a rarity in Fla) to serve as rail holders for the foot rail from the previous bar.

I'll try to get around to posting more pics in the future. And look for pics from upcoming tiki gatherings like the big Pre-Hukilau party, which is really not that far away!


Needs McTikis!

Good on ya HardBop! Well said.



Looks like a good time was had by all at TikiHardBop's Halloween Ball. :wink: Thanks for posting pics it looks like it was a hell of a lot of fun.

Your bar is nice, it does have some Tiki in there; it is actually sort of refreshing to see a different take on tiki bars with spare but prominent tikis in a very tasteful setting. One shouldn't have to plaster tiki's in ever nook and cranny to call it a tiki bar, I think. Personally I have a major liking for the pre-tiki poly pop from the 1930's, I love that fusion of Art Deco and Polynesian theme.


ummmmm? This should be in the caption this photo section no?

EDITORIAL: no offense to anyone in the photo meant, if it is offends, let me know and I will take it down. I'm anal enough to look at background elements on all photos and found the expressions and hand placements humorous.

Edit 2: Yes, I am ten years old

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trick or treat?

Sweeet tiki bar. I like the masks on the front and the color of the bar top. It looks like you Florida folks know how to party, too. I agree that your tiki bar should also reflect your own tastes. It gives it personality. My tiki bar is in the backyard but if it was inside, I would probably do the same thing.

Trailerpark Tiki: You might recognize the Tin Man, he's been in Las Vegas the few years and can usually be found at Frankie's on Wednesday nights!

And not to brag -- OK, I'm bragging -- but look whose bar is now featured on the ColorCopper.com website:



Nice. One might observe that ColorCopper.com isn't doing this just for customer relations; they primarily hope to sell more product by showcasing great applications of their product, and the Storm Shelter is certainly an awesome application.


Really beautiful Bar! and Love the name, congrats!


Had a local photographer come and do a pinup shoot at The Storm Shelter a while back. It is featured in the background of the pictures with the girl in the leopard print dress:


The Storm Shelter was the location for some serious judging of drink entries for the 2013 Hukilau. Went through 10 drinks in less than two hours and then just opened the bar up for free form drink making. Rough work but somebody's gotta do it:

Just realized that it's been forever since I posted! The Storm Shelter is still alive and pouring rum! For proof, here's a pic from a recent get together:

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