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A gathering place for the sick, injured and out-of-sorts...yes we have a psych ward!!!
Share your horror stories and pictures...a warning to the squeamish.

This year has been a bad karma one for me...had the respiratory plague in Feb/March. Then in August took a bad fall and had a serious break to my right wrist. Broke radius and ulnar bones and my wrist slipped up and back over the broken bones...ouch!!! Luckily Doogie Howser was able to reduce it after excessive attempts in ED...had a very heavy, very tight cast on from knuckles to mid-upper arm for 6 weeks.

Have been out of the cast now for about two weeks and still can't use my hand. Can only painfully bend my fingers and wrist about 1/4 of the way and have a lot of weakness and still some swelling. Still sleeping in a recliner. Se la vi...at least I have my wrist. Have been off work on disability...which I would rather not be...sigh. Only made it to 2 locations on our Sac Crawl this year...but good to get out as possible with the help of others (still can't drive).

Hang in there all you peeps with your health issues.

Doogie Howser :lol: I know that feeling. I work in a hospital and several years back I noticed that a few of the ER docs were younger than me. Now it seems like they ALL are. I can't be that I'm getting older, they must be graduating from med school earlier!

Here's my recent minor surgery, had some sort of fibrous lump taken out of my palm where it was growing onto my tendon. My first surgery since I had my tonsils out in 1968. Also my second stiches in my life (the first were last year when I had a mole removed, and that could have just used a couple of steri-strips)

I'm now three years past the magic age and still haven't had my colonoscopy done, now that I met my deductable I should try to have that done before the end of the year. Maybe I can post some pics of that here - or not! :D

So Mike...that must be your new lifeline. It's a little jagged, but we know you live on the edge!!!

Mother's Day 2011 I fell down the stairs from the top and broke my arm and hit my head. I had a metal plate put in. Here's my favorite photo.

I have surgery photos but they are more gruesome than the knee photo so I didn't post those.

On the way to Tiki Oasis, I fell again and broke my ankle and ruined my knee. I still hobbled around, I didn't want to miss the best party of the year.

Sorry Vamp and MDM, here's my knee this time yesterday, Wendy

Update 10/30/11 I'm up and walking around now. I'm a very fortunate person to have health care. If I didn't I'd owe $100,000 just for this summers injuries.

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This is going to be a morbid thread :lol: So far it's all healthcare professionals posting, are we the only ones that get injuries?

We are probably the only ones who "appreciate" the many tortures on the human body, mind and spirit.

Hope they sucked all the evilness out of your knee Wendy. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Geez, who can compete with you guys? Who would WANT to? My feeble injuries currently include a broken toe and a re-redux of sciatica that will require a third epidural injection appointment. Or maybe just a few Mai-Tais for now...

Nothing to compare with the above, but I just finished up a rediculous course of IV & oral antibiotics after being bitten by the neighbor's darn house cat about 10 days ago. If cats thought I didn't like them before...

Hope everyone else is healing up right!

I know a lot about sciatic pain and treatment. If you would like to have some helpful hints just send me a PM ASAP. I say that because I get to have my third surgery in 7 months on 11/30/11. I'll be down for a bit after that. I'll try to have more photos taken. This time it's just my left thumb. I hope your shots work.

Cat scratches and bites are super scary. Remember every pill of the antibiotics must be taken or mutations will invade your body and you could end up someplace even scarier than the bite! I hope you are fine and will stay that way.

Sorry I didn't get the names with these messages. Cheers, Wendy

Cat bites can be very nasty as they harbor some evil bacteria in their mouths (especially those that are out hunting). My Mom got bit by a ferel cat she had on the back of her leg and had to get IV drugs and debridement of the wound...she still has a very deep scar (the cat is in hell).

Still doing physical therapy on my paw, but it is doing better. Can't make a fist yet and it is very weak, but I am half-way there I think.

Wendy...I think you win the prize for most banged up so far here.

This has been a rough year for folks with many losses, so think we have our Tiki community to look towards and give a nod of appreciation for all the support everyone provides. With so many events and personal contributions to our challenges, we are indeed a lucky, caring clan of folks.

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow, Wendy! I hope it does the trick and that you heal quicker than expected.

I can sympathize with no use of your hand, Vamp - my hand & wrist were only out of commission for a couple days due to the infection, but it was frustrating.

Hoping Mike's & Zinctiki's pains go away soon, too!

Thanks for the well wishes, though mine was just a minor incident! I finshed all the antibiotics and everything seems to be back to normal. I had no idea that a cared-for, indoor cat could be such a menace. Next time she sneaks outside, she's on her own!

bamalamalu, Vamp, MDM everyone who has sent me well wishes. Fingers crossed -on the good hand- that I'll get some fun photos.

I'm glad we are all on the mend. 2012 NO INJURIES ALLOWED! Cheers, Wendy

went well, stayed awake, no anesthesia, i turned it down, had arm block

photos tomorrow

[ Edited by: danlovestikis 2011-11-30 16:47 ]

most of my surgery photos didn't come out. the light was so bright it was all white. a few were just fine and here they are

my anesthesiologist and surgeon Dr. Nielsen

ready to go, tourniquet on arm after all blood was squeezed out

first cut

enlarging the cut

home with everything i need which Dan set up

i've got dan my right and now left hand, i'm so lucky!

It was Cat Stevens who said "the first cut is the deepest"

Glad you are doing well Wendy:)

Wow Wendy...you are a trooper!!! Good to hear everything went well. Bless Dan for being such a good nurse. hugshugs to you both


Geez, Wendy! There's a lot of us collectors here on TC, but I think you're the only one collecting surgeries! Get well soon & get back to making cool stuff.

Thanks Vamp and Rick. My collection is complete. I hope to never add another one added. I'm so thankful for all the help I've had by terrific surgeons and their staff.

I got to unwrap my hand to change to a bandaid. Looks good and hurts way less than before the surgery. I've gotten back to the art by glazing some projects.

May everyone stay well and happy in the new year, cheers, Wendy

PS the wrist was the deepest cut MDM

[ Edited by: danlovestikis 2011-12-05 08:47 ]

Looks great Wendy...at least you will be able to hitchhike with it.

I am starting a "wrist class" later this week. Who knew my wrist would get some class!!! :)

Oh my Vamp. I've never heard of that class, please share what you learn with me. My wrist hurts as much now as it did 5 months ago. The surgeon says to give it a year to get better. See you tomorrow? I hope so, Wendy

Here's another chance for you to laugh AT me and not WITH me :D I had a glass splinter in my hand for several months and I got tired of waiting for it to go away. So I went in about a month ago to have it removed. The surgeon is a young beautiful woman who I know pretty well, when she went to inject the local anesthetic I got all woozy and almost passed out - I HATE NEEDLES (I don't mind being on the dull end, just not on the sharp end) I had to lay down and was most embarrassed! :blush: It's not about blood or pain - if I cut or smash my finger while I'm working on something, I'll just keep working until I finish then clean it up. It's just something about those damned needles! :lol:

Reminds me of a funny hospital story. I worked ICU for 16 years. As an ICU nurse you are expected to know a little bit about everything, so when the ICU is overstaffed and other areas need help, nurses have to float to the other units to work...a not so fun thing. One of the gals had to float to the Emergency Department one night. She was a petite girl and a big burly cop who had been exposed to a serious infection came in and had to have a shot of Penicillin. I have given those shots before and the liquid is very viscous and requires a large bore needle to give and is given in the bootay. So she tells the cop to bend over and she is getting the syringe and alcohol sponge ready and the guy faints on top of her. She was pinned underneath him and yelling "help, help, help" until other staff members ran in to extract her out from under him.

My ex did not like needles either. I usually had to go to the dentist with him as he would be white as a sheet just sitting in the waiting room. I always told him to lay down when he had to get a shot. Better than hitting the deck and having a concussion.

That needle thang happens to a lot of folks Mike...BUCK UP BONZO!!!

Great story Marlene. At age 40 (1998) I decided I had had enough of this needle thing - I was a grown man and a black belt, I needed to quit being a wus. So I got my flu shot, my tetnus shot & hepatitis vaccine series that I had been putting off, I donated blood, I had routine lab work done and I pierced my own belly button (at work - I was bored and we had all the supplies). I went home and showed my wife my sexy new belly button ring. Her reaction was "MIKE!!! GET THAT THING OUT BEFORE THE CHILDREN SEE IT!!!" :lol:

I'm much better now but sometimes the needles still gets to me.

Good story Vamp. At work it was always the guys that passed out when I gave them a shot.

No Way Mike. A black belt in karate or judo? I can't believe you did that to your belly button.

Now I will go to bed smiling at how funny people are in this world. Wendy

Okinawan Seidokan Karate. Someday when I'm bored I'll tell you the rest of the piercing story :D

I hit myself in the face today with a lug wrench while changing a tire and broke my nose. They put a plaster cast on it in the ER and I'm supposed to see the Ear/Nose/Throat doc on Tuesday

NOT REALLY!!! I'm working on a project and needed a plaster mold of my nose and mouth :D

Mike, I've decided you are handsome no matter what you wear, Wendy

[ Edited by: danlovestikis 2012-01-09 18:05 ]


Nice plaster beard/moustache....needs trimming.

Next: Plaster eyebrows, for the sculptor who has everything.

LOL Mike...shades of Hannibal. Nice mug!!!

Im totally ick with a very bad cold, stoopid cold!


Get well soon Dawn!

Hi Dawn, Dan is ill with a cold too. I hope you feel better soon and the same for my right hand man. Wendy


Get well soon Dan!!


This thread has surely gone downhill to just about
nothing in record time! We started out with thrilling
tales of falls, trips and stumbles resulting in multiple
broken bones, illustrated by photos of surgical scars,
surgeons actually cutting flesh, and of course that
shuddery illustration of a knee pierced by a plastic
pipe with more tubing than I care to remember. Now
we're down to an occasional "I've got an icky cold!
Boo hoo!"

We can do better than this! Come on, everyone,
give us your stories of gross medical woes that bore
your friends and neighbors but will enthrall Tiki
Centralites the way the earlier posts on this thread did.


PS--I do sympathize with anyone who has a bad head
cold. Will post my method of wiping such out in two
or three hours, as soon as I look up a few details.

The problem is not that there aren't enough grisly injuries, but that they aren't grisly Tiki injuries. I get some excellent burns and cuts at work, but getting scalded by a balsamic vinegar reduction or slashed while trimming artichokes simply doesn't make, in a manner of speaking, the cut. As soon as I stab myself with a rumaki skewer, count on some vivid photo-journalism.

Kraken is right!

I did not say anything because I am working on being a kinder,Gentler ATP (What are you looking at!)
Yet I was saving this thread for something special, I am a wood worker & that leads to occasional
Power tool, Nail Gun & Table Saw atrocities.

The next time I shoot a 2 inch nail threw my hand, I wanted to proudly post the gory pictures here
amongst a small & worthy band of mutilated fellow TCers.

We must have higher standards when it comes to horrific injuries!
(A public Tiki service announcement, brought to you from ATP)

[ Edited by: Atomic Tiki Punk 2012-03-15 13:05 ]

Ok guys you asked for it. The knee and thumb surgery I had this past year were nothing compared to my broken arm being fixed with a metal plate.

I worked at this hospital for 34 years so I know all the doctors and staff well enough to get great photos. I had three falls and three surgeries and two broken bones all since last May. I put Dan's cold on here so he wouldn't feel left out. I hope I'm done here. I don't like being the Rock Star of injuries! Cheers, Wendy


That's what I'm talking about!

Suck it cold getter's!


I am so glad it's not lunch time yet! :) :)

The aftermath of Basal Cell Carcinoma, the bane of the desert dweller. Not an especially flattering picture of me :lol:

Don't forget the sunscreen!

I don't want to mess with that guy!

Avoid the sun it is not your friend. Suntan = damaged skin. Wendy

Yikes! Glad that's gone!

Yikes...that is close to the eye Mike...good thing you had it checked out. Scars add character!!!

I have an appointment with my PCP this week and hope I can get a referral to dermatology...I got some suspicious leopard spots. Oh the price we pay for our romping in the sun as youngsters.


Congratulations, MDM! You're the one and only TCer
to take ATP and myself seriously re returning the blood
and gore to this thread. It seems I'll have to recount a
few of my own medical misadventures to spice things up.

But first,I promised awhile back to give my own formula
for rapidly relieving even the worst head cold. Here it is:

Get a nebulizer and fill it with colloidal silver. Spray it in
each nostril while holding the other nostril closed and
gently inhaling. Repeat as often as you feel like it. You
should feel substantial relief in a
few hours, with the cold gone within a day.

But don't use what's sold as colloidal silver in most health
food stores. That stuff is mostly ionic silver; worthless for
this purpose and likely to turn your skin blue if you drink
too much of it for too long. The only product I know of
that actually is almost pure colloidal silver is Mesosilver
from Purest Colloids in Westampton, New Jersey:
If anyone knows of another non-ionic silver vendor, by
all means let us know.

And next, on to some of my own horrifying medical tales.

I have no recent torturous injuries to speak of. On the tale end of a cold...but that is too mambie pambie to mention here. Today I reached into the refrigerator to remove a deli tray for my party tonight and a 6-pack of diet coke in the plastic bottles fell on my left big toe...it will be black and blue tomorrow but not gory enough to post.

Yesterday was a challenge. Our cat had a fight 2 weeks ago and after careful examination we didn't find any injuries. We missed something small under her chin. When checking her Thursday night we found an infected wound. In the morning we went to the vet and she was rushed into surgery. Now for the next two weeks she looks like MadDogMike!

The tickets to this fight cost $550.

She's our baby and worth every cent. Wendy

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