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Interesting Decanter

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Hi Everyone. From reading the posts on this forum, I get the feeling you all might be able to help me out some. I have had this particular decanter in my collection for about 10 years now, but have no idea what it originally was or where it came from. It was given to me in a gift basket cause the person knew I enjoyed odd items.

I know it is not Tiki, but it is interesting in the least. Can anyone help me out with some info?



Looks kind of like the Green Giant vegetable guy....how are things down in the valley Little Sprout?


[ Edited by: mattfink on 2003-06-09 08:29 ]

HEY!!! Is that a slam to my stature? Wait...you don't know how tall I am. :wink:

I hadn't thought of him as the Green Giant, but of course now that you have said that it might become his name.

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