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you KNOW you want a Tiki Central Tee Shirt...

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So, we put the shirts up knowing quite well that it wasn't the best type of Tiki Central knicknack to promote. When we first discussed it, it was obvious that white tshirts just weren't "tiki", no matter what the art. But we put them up anyway because CafePress makes it easy to make.

Well, they've sold okay. Okay, they've sold poorly. Again, it's not a problem. We knew they weren't exactly what people wanted.

HOWEVER, the CafePress account for this billing period is just a few dollars shy of their minimum, and their deadline is coming up. What does that mean? It means

if we don't sell another shirt in the next few days, we'll lose the money that's currently in the coffers.

CafePress gets to keep it. I know it sucks, it's quite the "If we don't get the money in the next few days we'll lose the orphanage!" plot of a Three Stooges episode. But it's in the CafePress agreement -- we have no choice.

So, If you've been thinking about getting one of our nifty Tshirts for lounging, painting, or better yet: for your not-into-tiki-but-they-wear-white-tshirts significant other, then this is your chance. Help save Tiki Central's profits from going to the MAN Buy clicking-and-buying a great TikI Central T-shirt.

We have 2 really cool designs: The Tiki Central "open 24 hours" logo (and although it doesn't flash, it still looks grand) and the Beautiful Tiki Central shirt design that our good friend Astrolabs designed to look groovy on a white Tee.

but there's more than just shirts: Force your kid to go to school with a Tiki Central lunchbox, or get yourself a nice Tiki Central mousepad to remind you of the olden days when computer mice needed mousepads to work correctly.

Again, I don't want pitty-sales, but if you've been thinking about getting a shirt but you've put it off, now is the time to jump in and help us (me) collect the money Tiki Central is due!

Simply visit out store located here to get your exotic Tiki Central T-Shirt today!

Thanks for reading,


[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2003-06-10 05:09 ]



I'm too skittish for flaming pasties so I went ahead and ordered the t-shirt. Been meaning to do it manana for a few months now. Certainly don't want the $$ in the coffers to go to "the man".


OK, did my part and got me a Tiki Central shirt enroute.

C'mon, people, step up!

I am now the proud owner of a Tiki Central mousepad!


Just ordered my own Father's Day present. Geee I wonder what I will get.

Mahalo to everyone who ordered!!!

:) :drink:

[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2003-06-12 01:11 ]


Okay I bought 3 bibbies for my little preschool business. Hey, it's tax deductible, why not?

any chance of seeing a jr. baby doll shirt with just a small logo on front?

Got the mousepad, great quality, nice and foamy! Such great graphics, not sure I want to spill coffee on it. I know we know longer need mousepads but I like having my wrist rest on something soft.

Thanks for ordering.

I added the Baby Doll shirt with the small logo in the front.



laney posted on Wed, Jul 2, 2003 4:18 PM

Where's the thongs? I'd buy some thongs! May even add the babydoll Tee to the order if I could get some thongs!

Okay, there's the thong, too. I DARE YOU to get one :)

Thanks everyone!


hanford_lemoore wrote:
Okay, there's the thong, too. I DARE YOU to get one :)
Thanks everyone!

Umm....Hanford. If I may negotiate this one for you:



WOW! I was thinking she meant thong as in flip flop thongs not panties. Boy was I wrong. haa

WHAT? Only ladies thongs?

I was thinking they would be the perfect attire for my upcoming cruise to Mexico.


littlegiles, I noticed that the thong is white. If one thing is for sure about fashion, men should NEVER wear white thongs! Especially when swimming. Not sure I want to wear a thong when the crotch says "open 24 hours". Everyone needs some down time.

laney posted on Thu, Jul 3, 2003 2:23 AM

Yea! I did my part with a couple thongs and a babydoll tee. I guess I'll be open 24 hours-ouch!


OK, Laney was brave enough to admit it.
What other TCers own the Tiki Central thong?
I just don't want any sudden (or God forsaken images (Bong....)) surprises and spitting out a perfectly good mai tai, at the SF Crawl or Tiki Oasis.
Thanks in advance.

Kono posted on Wed, Mar 9, 2005 3:12 PM

What'd you do, perform a search for "thong??"

I didn't even know that there is Tiki Central merch. It's probably right in front of my face somewhere. That mousepad looks pretty cool.


On 2005-03-09 15:12, Kono wrote:
What'd you do, perform a search for "thong??"

Every Tiki chance I get.

Kono posted on Wed, Mar 9, 2005 3:23 PM

On 2005-03-09 15:16, Unga Bunga wrote:

Every Tiki chance I get.

Anything else come up? :wink:


yup, just got a shirt for myself. Needed something to cheer me up after I just lost out on a Kowloon mug I wanted. Worst part of that deal was it was my fault I lost it. crashing my rolling chair across the room really didn't make me feel much better. Have to go hunts for my chairs wheels now.....


Can you post a link to any TC merchandise?

check the sidebar under TikiCentral shirts.


Well, now, that would be too simple, wouldn't it!

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