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Where can I get Plastic Tiki Mugs?

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Hey all I'm in the Los Angeles area but I need to pick up some Plastic Tiki Mugs. Any suggestions....I want to give them away as parting gifts. Thanks.


They have some at Soap Plant/Wacko on Hollywood.


You might try both Target and Mervyn's. I've heard from others that they have some plastic one's. Also, La Luz gallery in Hollywood seems to carry a large selection of tiki mugs (not sure if plastic one's) and of course Tiki Farm. Good luck!

I got mine at Party City, they have several SoCal locations. Also Alin Party Supply should have them.


If it's possible to swing by Oceanic Arts...well, it would be hard to leave with JUST plastic tiki mugs.

If you have a Party City, Alan's Party Supply, or other large chain party supply center.

If it's possible to swing by Oceanic Arts

SCD - I already called them and they have only one color, so they say....But more than likely I'll be picking up a thing or two from them if I end up going, Gotta Love the OC.



i got mine at Mervyn's. they had a huge selection with about five different colors. they also had larger ones with lids and plastic straws, just in case you get a little too tipsy for the open topped ones :D


I was just in Mervyns and they were 50% off here in Detroit....might get lucky in your town!


PartyAmerica at the Grove?Farmer's Market (3rd & Fairfax).

Then travel west on third, make a right onto LaCienega where, just south of Beverly, Wrap/Scissors/Paper is located.

On the SW corner of 3rd & Fairfax, note the two rooftop tikis guarding Tahiti\the Tiki Lounge until it (hopefully) reopens.

I was searching the internet looking for mugs as well and found http://www.tikiworld.com. I'm not that tiki saavy, but it looked cool to me. Hope this helps.

Oriental Trading has "plastic tiki cups" for $14.95/dozen


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