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The Honu Hideaway

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We moved back to Vegas and our home tiki bar build has started.
The official name shall be "The Honu Hideaway"
It's a converted single car garage, so it's 20x11 feet.
Let the fun begin.

AND AWAY WE GO.........

Worst sound ever, slurp of an empty tiki mug through my straw!!!

[ Edited by: hang10tiki 2012-04-08 10:20 ]

Great start Hang10, enjoy the ride!

Why is there so much smoke in the room.......You got Doug Horne Art!
and that is Tiki, you can be my friend. 8)


I love the look of the walls. How did you do that?

Wow...the walls look fabulous and nice back bar area. Have fun!!!

Beautiful empty walls - so much fun to fill in - very nice bones

I assume those were "Before" shots, & the last three were "After" shots?

Please post more when you have more!

MadDogMike- It's been a great ride so far. Now if only work would stop getting in the way of the fun.

AtomicTikiPunk- Not smoke in the room it's my crappy camera.

MauiRose- I wish I could say I did the walls (xtra plaster and faux paint) but the prior owner made it a media room. Now it will be our dream tiki room. It was the deal closer on the house for me.

VampiressRN- Thanx, we are having fun thinking of all the stuff we can do to the room.

HollerWaller- The bones of this room sold me as soon as I saw it.

FreddieFreeLancer- Yes before shots, then we started adding out stuff in.

Needed a 16 foot frame for my vinyl, no luck at any stores so I made my own...sorry, still have a crappy camera.

Lattice molding to make lower half of frame.

Two 8 foot pieces needed. Was only 3.00 each so I got three just incase.

Drilled a hole every 13 1/4 inches so the screw would not crack the plastic when I drilled it into the wall.

Bamboo n machete

Fun stuff

Split it so it would hang flat

Hang lower half of the frame with twine by each screw to tie on the BOO

Yep, almost fell

Place the albums and then tie the BOO on.

half way done...

get er done...

I used wood trim instead of the lattice molding for the top support. $6.00

Put the top molding up. Placed it 1 inch above the LP. More twine as well.

Tie on the top BOO, it hangs down far enough to hold LP against wall.
I can still take the LP down to play it.
Then I cut 3 small 12 inch pieces of BOO, one for each end and one in the middle to cap it off.

DONE for under $30.00


That looks great Hang10! Very good idea for showing off the vinyl.

Thanks for all the pics. Cheers!

You're off to a great start. Have fun & keep those pictures coming!

Q and Lori
Thanks for the kind words.
Hope u enjoy lookin as much as we r enjoying the fun.
Working on getting a couple lamps up today.


I found a thrift store lamp in need of repairs...

Got it home...

Fix it up...

It works...

It's up...

Pretty clever record rack Hang10

We had a wonderful visit with you and your wife in Las Vegas. Thank you for driving to see us. Your room is wonderful. We have hung your swizzle sticks in the Buzzy Bedroom. Cheers, Wendy

MDM- Glad the master of "outside the box" approves.

Wendy- It was great to see you guys, glad the Frankie's frame is up, ill have lots of room for many of your creations in our Tiki Room.

Today the lil wife made me a pillow for the room

then I put up my other lamp

Better and better each time we look. I knew she would use her skills to enhance your room. Hug her for me, Wendy


the bamboo record album display looks great.......I'll probably steal your idea!


Really fine progress -- especially like your innovation with the record album display rack. Nice contribution by the spousal unit as well.


Wendy- glad u like...she's a keeper
Skootiki- steal away, it was fun and easy
TikiTomD- Thanx for lookin, more to come

Doors off and mugs up...

Way up top...

Da rest...

This one has a "Wendy" and Dan shelf, but I will soon have to move it as they are working on 3 more for my collection...

Full view of the bar...

Worst sound ever, slurp of an empty tiki mug through my straw!!!

[ Edited by: hang10tiki 2012-03-18 20:54 ]


If you find someone who can't unwind in your Hideaway, I declare them un-unwindable and clearly wrapped way too tight. Thanks for sharing all the work y'all put into it.


Looking good, no more mug storage and display problem.


What a busy guy - very very nice display - bar looks great!

Professor G- Greetings fellow member of "Wendys Blue Bob Group". The lil woman and I were just about to go unwind in the bar and I saw your post, good timing. We just have to decide what drink to mix up. Tough problem to have.

cdtiki- Aloha Duane. That's right, no more mugs in boxes. Say hello to Lady Di and we look forward to tossin back a few or 20 with you guys at Tiki Caliente.

Holler Waller- Thanx, having fun with the room, time 4 a drink.

Thought I posted this one but I missed it...

Missed this one too...Pier one basket thing, drink coaster and some nylon suture...


Black light is up (sorry it is a bit dark) and lots of stuff glowing...

Nicely done! Very impressive shelf and mug collection, and great decor all around. I hope you have a turntable to spin that vintage vinyl!

Got an idea, science meets tiki. Pics soon...

castaway- thanx, i do have an old turntable, no place to put it yet, soon.

If we ever make it back to Las Vegas I know the #1 attraction to visit will be your new tiki room. Thank you for the photo with my temporary shelf. Your three Bob's will come out of the kiln tomorrow. Your room is beautiful, Wendy

PS I didn't know there were 2 Bali Hai Goofs

Well it worked...

I wanted to use my huge Crystal Head Skull Vodka bottle but is still almost full. So I picked up a lil one instead.

Water and fluorescein dye. Looks great under the black light.

Hi Wendy,
We must have been posting at the same time. Your up late, hands deep in clay I bet. That second Goof is the new one at the Bali-Hai. Got it the last time we went. You know your always welcome to our Tiki Bar. I better get busy on your new shelf. Looking forward to your post tomorrow.



You've really got a fine Tiki mug collection there! I see you've been stocking those shelves with Wendy stuff, too, kicking it up a notch.

That black light is taking me back on a memory trip to my surfin' 60s days, when life was quite a bit more carefree than it is now. If you only had an Endless Summer poster in Day-Glo colors under that black light...

Here's wishin' you and yours a fun weekend,


TikiTomD- Funny you mention that...The one I have is not made in day-glo colors, just a mini poster...Still looking for the right spot to hang it...Thanks for the comments...


Cool skull Jon, did you use the leakfinder dye from the automotive store? Comes in water soluble and oil soluble

Now that your wife is making tiki pillows she needs to have her own tiki name. Dan said that since you like numbers "hang10tiki" that your wife should claim the name
Janelle-no.-5. How about that! Wendy

Nice skull project. Wow...this place just keeps getting better. SWANK!!!

MDM- my dye (fluorescein dye strips) might have come from work but I'm not sure :wink:
It's used to stain an eye to look for corneal abrasions.
Wendy and Dan- my lil bride loves the nickname.
U witty little clay masters you.
VampRN- Thanx, glad u like.

It's funny how many people around here wear scrubs ...

Got a few of my DUDES out...

Went to Don the Beachcomber on 1 April
for The International Tiki Market Place event.
Good times:
Got these for the room
Thanx Crazy Al

Put this together today

  1. Bosko piece
  2. Old frame I got a while back
  3. Animal print fabric

Very cool room. Love it all!


That framed Bosko carving is mighty fine, and I'm also partial to those Cook Islands Fisherman's God (Tangoroa) cabinet pulls by Crazy Al. Great additions, hang10tiki!


Way to tikify those cabinets!

FallenStar- glad u like.

TikiTomD- Thanx, yea I dig the Bosko piece too.
And I needed those Crazy Al cabnet pulls bad!

MDM- thank you sir...

Worst sound ever, slurp of an empty tiki mug through my straw!!!

[ Edited by: hang10tiki 2012-04-08 10:21 ]

few more items up...

Your sure have been busy creating a tiki paradise. Artfully done your room is the ultimate retreat. Wendy

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