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Happy Fathers Day!

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To all you dads out there, have a great Tiki day.

Hope you get that tiki, mug, or big screen TV you wanted.


Ah thanks Trustar (hey Dude, I was down at the Pier today and was thinking about stopping by).

And happy F-Day to all you other fathers out there.

For Father's Day, all I want is a major session of what it was that got me here!



Thanks trustar and Bong from a new dad(Oliver is 6 wks tomorrow). We actually got him settled enough this afternoon to get out to a park and have a good lunch, he was snoozing the whole time. We needed this!

My Dad-day present to myself is gonna be a Tiki Farm Suffering Bastard repro. No way can I afford a vintage one!

:), emspace.

From one dad to another... Happy Father's Day!
Grandma sat the boys last night and the Mrs. took me out to dinner at Trader Vic's (the new one in Palo Alto)! It was great, and when we got home, she served me a Mai Tai in my Father's Day present... a minty Mr. Bali Hai!
Do it get any better?

Happy Father's Day to all you freaks out there in Fatherland! I got my wish today- got to hang out with the kids and then bbq Halibut with Mango chunks wrapped in banana leaves! MMMMMmmmmmmmmm Good! A little laid back family luau was da kine! Just what the doctor orderd! 8)

Happy Fathers Day to all the Tiki Dads out there.

Head'n out to camp at the beach and do a little surfing and fishing with the boys today.

There never too young to Tiki with Dad.



HAve a good one! all you Fathers out ther in TC Land!

Yea same here all the Daddy ,os out there Enjoy your day .

Happy Fathers Day to dads of all shapes, sizes and forms....

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's...know you are raising your kids to appreciate the history of Tiki and carry on the genre.

Happy Ugly Tie Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Tiki Central dads-- we're the offensive linemen of the family!

Happy "I needed more ankle length socks" day!
hope you all get a good meal at least.

My daughter's tiki interpretation of me and my dog. Best Father's Day card I ever got.

OMG, Lance! That's the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

We got my hubby a set of Meinl bongos & carrying case. The man just loves to drum.

Happy Father's Day, everyone! :)

Great gift Lance.

That is precious Lance.

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