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Tiki Resort, Okauchee Lake, WI (other)

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Name:Tiki Resort
City:Okauchee Lake

Today's entry for Locating Tiki is the Tiki Resort located on beautiful Okauchee Lake outside of Milwaukee. All I have to go on is the matchbook.

Run by Tony and Bob, and featuring, according to Bigbro:

THE most influential Tiki in 20th Century art! PICASSO'S favorite Tiki (!)

... which he acquired as early as 1912 (!), as one of the first primitive carvings in his possession! Here is the photo of his pal Apollinaire with the Tiki in Picasso's studio that I showed in The BOT:

...and here is the man himself in the 1950s adoring his muse!:

I found one little classified ad from 1970 that references the Tiki Resort.


It should be pointed out that that matchbook Tiki is swiped from the Mauna Loa in Mexico City:

Here is a similar matchbook like the above:

It looks like just a different version, but the two locations are actually quite a bit apart within Wisconsin.

Yah, my favorite Tiki! I bought a miniature version of it while in Paris...

And Virani gave me this French colonies knife:

Although the original statue is now in a private collection, I hope that one day I will get to behold it in person.


Nice mini Tiki. Looks like that would make a nice pendant.

The Picasso Tiki was also on the cool Mauna Loa swizzle.

As for the matchbooks, there were both done by Superior Match Co. out of Chicago, so the second one you posted was probably taken from the stock archives at the company.


virani posted on Fri, Apr 6, 2012 8:21 AM

bigbro, where did you find that mini tiki ?
I also love that Marq a lot !

Nick, found it in one of those many little stores on one of the main shopping streets in Le Marais. That sounds daunting, but this store specialized in collectors mini-figurines: Name any comic book character or pop culture personality, they had them ( in plastic, in that similar size than the Tiki). Maybe if you google "Comic character replicas en miniature" or something...

On 2012-04-06 08:21, virani wrote:
bigbro, where did you find that mini tiki ?
I also love that Marq a lot !

I agree, that is a great looking mini. I would pick one up if someone made them here. Buzzy, you listening?


News ads from the Tiki Resort.


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