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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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Votes were pretty evenly spaced between several themes. "No theme" seems cheating to me, I like the challenge of a theme. "Animals" seems a bit too broad, almost makes a mockery of a theme. Cannibals would be fun but has been pretty well covered. That leaves Pele/Fire/Volcano, which happens to be my favorite (take note - when you volunteer to organize a Swap you get to pick the theme :D ) It is sufficiently "Tiki", seems broad enough to provide inspiration and variety but narrow enough to provide structure. I can't find that this theme has been used before, at least not in the past 4 or 5 years.

RULES - mostly a re-hash of previously posted Swap rules but here they go:

  • Participants must make a original piece of art inspired by the theme specifically for the swap - no prints of previous art, molded objects etc. This does not preclude using a molded object and heavily modifying it.
  • Each participant is only allowed to swap once. If you want to make more than one piece of art and allow your partner to choose, that is perfectly fine.
  • The art can be anything you like, so it could be a painting, charcoal sketch, pastel art, a carving, a one-off hand carved mug, mosaic, diorama, fabric art, lamp, etc.
  • Post progress pics on this thread of the art you are making - to motivate everyone else to get involved!
  • Post pics of your completed piece by the due date!!! Only participants who have posted a picture of the completed project will be included in the drawing
  • All of the participants names will go into a hat and will be paired together randomly on Wednesday, August 8th. If you are going out of town for Tiki Oasis, this gives you a week to get your package shipped before you leave. If you and your partner are both going to Oasis, perhaps you can swap at Oasis. The list of swapping partners will be posted here. PM your swapping partner and exhange your postal details. Please ship your piece as soon as possible, your partner is anxiously awaiting!
  • Note - there is a reasonable chance that your creation will be sent overseas! You are responsible for postal costs of the item you create, so don't enter a 6 foot carving unless you're prepared to cover postage! If you have a big or heavy item or are shipping overseas, shop prices with different shippers (USPS/FedEx/UPS).

It has been a year since the last Art Swap and it's time for another one. No one seems to be stepping forward to lead this thing so I'll take a stab at it.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, you make an original art piece (not a mold or a print) inspired by the theme in any media ~ could be a painting, digital, carving, ceramic mug, beaded, knit, sewn, mixed, diorama, whatever. At the end of the Swap, you are paired at random with another participant and you swap art ~ you get theirs and they get yours. There are a few rules to ensure everything works out, I will post those shortly.

I think the week before Tiki Oasis is a good time for the drawing, that gives us just over 3 months and a chance that you can swap face-to-face with your partner at Oasis.

Most recent Swap themes have been;
Ladies of Tiki
Papua New Guinea
Polynesian Menu
Shrunken Heads/Headhunters

Suggested themes have been;
Mixed Media
Ship Wreck
Music - Exotica/Hapa Haole/etc
Martin Denny

What do you think?

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" Friedrich Nietzsche

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I think you are terrific for taking this on. These all sound good so I'll wait to see what the crowd is in favor of. Wendy

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I vote Marquesan

Marquesan works for me.

Got a PM vote for "how about artwork based on exotica, hapa haole, or other tiki-type music, either the song title, or the sound and feel of a song?" Or album cover

Mike is a great guy to take this on. I'm open to any theme... but cannibal gets my creativity all a-tingly.

there are alread several group shows based on album cover art this summer. seems like that ones played.

Good point Dawn. I'll let this subject ruminate for several days and see if we get some input. Marquesas is the frontrunner right now but that might be a little narrow, maybe include all of French Polynesia (Marquesas, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Tuamotus)?


I'm SO in!


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My vote is for Cannibal or Animal.

Remember you can make your art any style as long as it is Poly-pop in basis.

I'm definitely in! Mahaloz Mike for taking this on!
My vote is for either cannibal or Pele/fire/volcano.

Sounds like fun I would love to do a swap! :)

hmmm I like a lot of the themes, but leaning towards Pele/fire/volcano.


Mike... You rock!

Hmmm... Some really great ideas here.

I like Volcano/Pele or Water/Sea or Animal...
Those each provide lots of options to keep the creativity going.


Cannibal! Cannibal! Cannibal!


Maybe we should do Cannibal in honor of our fearless swap leader, MadDog Mike, and his teardrop the Tahitian Cannibal!

TikiG posted on Mon, Apr 30, 2012 8:20 AM

I'm in on this swap - Thanks Mike for organizing - now what do I paint?

C'mon G - you have to pick a topic first.

Quick question - Are Zombies cannibals?

Technically, I guess they are. Just not in the "natives sitting around a stewpot full of missionary" sense

how do you get in the art swap and can i join if its not to late

Marquesan / French Polynesia is my pick...


Yaay Mike!

I'm voting animals. I've struggled when the swaps topics get too narrow.

2 ways to join.

Contact the Swap manager. He will send you the limited liabilty and artist qualification forms. Fill them out in triplicate and mail to 3 non-discretionary associates. Once your forms are processed and filed for public knowledge, someone will contact you with your secret password and a diagram of the secret handshake. Then you find your way to a legitimate tiki bar. Find the hottest waitress, tell her your pasword and finish it with the secret handshake and a pat on the ass. She will in-turn either slap your face or she will give you a phone number. Create your art and then call the phone number - she will tell you where to stick your art!


Make a piece of art and post it on this thread before the deadline.


Great input peoples, keep it coming. Animal lovers, are you thinking of everything that isn't vegetable or mineral? When I hear "animal" I immediately think land mammals, but it seems the Papua New Guinea fruit bat is about the only Polynesian land mammal. If you include birds and sealife (and humans & mermaids), you have a lot more to work with.

Looks like right now we have a 4 way tie for Marquesan/French Polynesian, Cannibal, Animal, and Fire/Pele/Volcanos

Anthony, the drawing for the Swap is done at the very end so you can join at any time as long as your piece is FINISHED by the deadline.

I'm intrigued and want to join in but I'm not so sure how someone would feel about getting something I made! LOL

But I'm always impressed with how kind & supportive everyone I've encountered on TC is so I'll give it a whirl IF I can think of something that goes with the theme!

Can't wait to hear what it is. My vote is for Fire or animals as long as it isn't limited to mammals.

how about making a piece of art based on your favorite tiki bar - old, new, current or long gone ?? you pick out any tiki bar and make something that reflects that particular place ?? this way it opens up all sorts of possibilities and the final piece can be something based on the decor of a place, the look of the place (signage, interior or architecture) or even an event held at that place. maybe even your favorite drink at a particular place.

maybe a theme isn't even necessary. tiki is the theme so turn us loose to make anything artwise that is tiki related. we'll call this one "artists choice"

just my 2 cents.

I think i'm in on this no matter what theme is choosen

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"we'll call this one "artists choice"

This one I like!!
Animals? I guess I could decapitate a squirrel and stick a light in his head.
Would that be tiki? or maybe cannibal,Kinda headhunter.

I will be in if the theme is workable.

One of the coolest things about the swap is that you don't have to stick to your "wheelhouse". Carvers can paint, painters can carve, lamp guys can try anything. No one is expecting anything, so have fun. Just remember that you will be paying to send your stuff to your swap mate - even if they live on the other side of the planet! I have sent Swap items to New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

hasn't pele/fire/ volcano been done as a swap already?

Turtle posted on Tue, May 1, 2012 8:45 AM

This looks fun. I'm open to any topic. I little creative challenge can be interesting. Surprise me. :)

LoriLovesTikis what is fun about this swap is that it is an opportunity to see a lot of art in one place. You get to meet many people and make new friends. I for one just want to have fun at this art party with as many people who have great attitudes. So please join in. Just work hard on your piece to do the best you can. That's all that's expected. You'll be encouraged and you'll grow as an artist. I wouldn't have made the Zombie Mug if I hadn't done the first clay version during the menu swap, its what inspired me.

I like the freedom of "Artists Choice". That's a fun wild ride into each persons mind. Freedom, the American way! On the other hand it could be weird. Cheers, Wendy


"I have sent Swap items to New Zealand, Australia, and Europe"

THAT would be cool!
And I can't paint worth a dam.
But I would like to give this swap a try.

I could work with an animal theme starfish, seahorse ect...
Just wanted to write "I could decapitate a squirrel"

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Thanks for the encouragment, Wendy! You and everyone else are so friendly & nice.

As for the swap - Just a pick a topic so I can get to work!!! (I'll need extra time on the test, teacher.)


I'm sure you'll test aces!

Mike - make an executive decision. I think most everyone will agree!

Thanks Tom, I did just that :D

Deadline?? August 8 - this will give those going to Oasis an opportunity to make arrangements before crunch time.

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I set it for 8/8, that gives people one week before Oasis to set their packages shipped if traveling to Oasis. We can change that date (soon) if people think 8/8 is too late.


Now time to invite all your artistic friends on TC to join in... start sending those PMs

This is going to be a fun ride!

Thanks again, Mike!


I think I can work with that so I'm in.


tikiskip... Yay! Can't wait to see what you create!


Join in and maybe I will be sending it to you.
Got a cool idea hope it works.

I am trying to find a good and easy way to communicate with all the interested artists. Since TC does not have a "mass mailing" feature on the Personal Messages (maybe that's a good thing), I am working on a group e-mail. If you have posted on this thread or sent me a PM in the past week, you should have received either an e-mail or PM. If you did not get a message and want to be included, PM me an e-mail address. If you got an e-mail and don't want to be on the list, let me know - I hate SPAM as much as the next guy so I'll understand

i can work with that!

August 8th is my birthday. That will make the deadline easy to remember.
Thank you, Wendy

Cool I'm in SO as for right now 8/8 is the dead line, and pele, fire , or volcano is our subject matter?
sorry new to this just saw the post on the front page I'm good can't wait!!!

Anthony Maye/Users/anthonymaye/Desktop/IMG_0360_2.JPG

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Ok so having never done this before on TC how does it work around here? I have done one art swap before on a Haunted Mansion site; how we did that one was we all posted a little bit of stuff we liked and what sort of general "size" would work so the person receiving would get something they could keep (this came about because earlier art swaps were unspecified and several people got things they had no room for and had to sell, which lead up to some bitter feelings). I know some places are more strict, and some more loose in how they organize their art swaps so was wondering exactly how things worked around here, sorry if that sounds dumb.

Size only matters when it comes to shipping. You will be responsible for shipping $$, even if you have to send it several thousands of miles. make something you would display in your own home. You get what you get and you don't get upset. The reward is that you will be sending someone your original art - not what you get in return. Most likely you will be happy! If someone sells your swap piece - that is just wrong (unless you need to buy food or medicine). ALL WORK MUST BE YOUR ORIGINAL ART.

Thanks Tom. Anthony and Tiger, hope that answers your questions. The Swaps here have not been too heavy on rules, we want people to be able to relax and enjoy! Size is pretty much self limiting because you pay shipping. You get to pick the media and your interpretation of the theme. We have had some rather "unorthodox" interpretations but that's all good - it helps keep thing interesting (see TikiG's paintings for the Birds of the Pacific Swap :lol: ) Swap participants realize that there is a wide scale of artistic talent here on TC and that you may Swap with someone who is on a different level than you - that's part of the fun. You may end up with something from one of the masters or you may end up with some crap from MadDogMike :D You get to be the judge of your piece, if it doesn't meet with your approval, you just don't offer it for the Swap.

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