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Yes, got this from the Tiki Bar TV Newsletter...
Surely, we ALL miss Tiki Bar TV, don't we? Encourage Dr. Tiki, Jeff M, to make more!

Yep....request made!!!

i hope they drop the whole pirate ship idea and get more back to the roots of the show. but hell, i'll watch whatever they come up with, regardless :)

I has listed name to make opulence,Now I make dance!

I agree wholeheartedly. No, not with the "opulence" and "dance" stuff in the last post, but with the dropping of the pirate ship stuff in the post before that... Someone once said, "It's all about the story." We don't need expensive sets and costumes, just good 'ol storytelling. For example, "Checker Challenge," was one of the better early episodes which I cannot get enough of. I always thought Tiki Bar TV worked best when it told simple stories with the characters, used classic exotica, and had witty one-liners.


More Tiki Bar TV, and a lot more Lala, please

Don't be Babushka, opulence is good for dance making!
I has it!

Bunnies High!

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