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Kings Win!!!!

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New England native & UMass alum Jonathan Quick in goal. I'd love to see the cup in L.A.!

[ Edited by: Big Kahuna 2012-06-11 19:56 ]

WooooHoooo Kings!!!



This really is unbelievable. For a team that just snuck into the playoffs to be having a run like like this is amazing. As a goalie & a superstitious hockey player, myself, I really am careful of what I say, so GO KINGS!



It bothers me to hear all the local news shows say that the Kings are 1 win away from their first Stanley Cup.

It makes me nervous because I was a big California Angels fan back in 1986. The year they played the Red Sox in the American League Championship series and were "one out away from going to their first World Series".


Hey, Bushwick. I'm a Red Sox fan. Do the names Bucky Dent & Bill Buckner ring a bell?

I always hear Red Sox fans refer to the first guy as Bucky F*#@ing Dent


Was a little worried when series went 3-2

No Marty McSorley illegally curved stick this time.



Game 1 of the finals tonight! Here is what it looked like when the two teams last met in the playoffs in 1981.

The game broke 7 records for penalties in the playoffs.

Go Kings!!



Game one to the good guys!

The Kings are up three game to zero!

Thanks, Kings.

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