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Pictures of Skipper Kent's (SF), anyone???

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I was wondering if anyone had postcard or menu pics, or had any info. on Skipper Kent's restaurant in SF... I just picked up an Easter Island salt and pepper set that is apparently from Skipper Kent's.

[ Edited by: KAHAKA on 2003-06-18 21:56 ]

That was ME you outbid! I was at work and missed the rest. Congrats on those great shakers, they were fantastic!

About a year ago I scored a Skipper Kent's Moai mug as a birthday present from my wife. It's my most expensive mug at $30. I don't use it for drinks (one of the only mugs I own that I don't actually use) because the convex bottom makes it tough to clean.

Would love to know more about Skipper Kent's...


I could swear there was a Skipper Kent's postcard posted on this site once upon a time with an interior view. Maybe not- I couldn't find it. Sabuuuuu?


I have a few things, will post some pics tonight.

If I have any that puamana doesn't, I'll add them tommorrow.



SORRY FARTS! I've been dying to get SOME relic from a SF Bay Area restaurant with very little luck (due to very little $). I have failed miserably bidding after the Tiki Bob stuff as the $ and demand continues to rise. I'll steer clear next time......

On 2003-06-19 12:15, KAHAKA wrote:
I've been dying to get SOME relic from a SF Bay Area restaurant with very little luck (due to very little $).

If you're interested in the Skipper Kent's mug I'd be willing to consider a trade. Email me at [email protected] if you want to discuss it...

Skipper Kent's looks like a great place to get loaded. Look!


That's a great image Kreaky Tiki! I think that I had heard the Skipper Kent's was on Columbus in SF. Apparently it was quite the swank joint in it's day. The SK Moai mug is my favorite. I've always thought it was a great lookkin' mug.
Also, wasn't Zombie Village over in Oaktown affiliated with Skipper Kent's? Anyone?


I guess bigbro's not here to do his usual duties, so... You can find a Skipper Kent photo in the BOT p. 161. Also, an unexpected reference on p. 153 with something to do with Zombie Village. I just happened to be looking at those pages recently. Also, here's a rendering from the 1954 "Famous Recipes from Famous Eating Places"...



Here's a few Skipper Kent's & Zombie Village items :

The back of the postcard reads " Skipper Kent's San Francisco, Restaurant, Round-the-World Curio Shop. Head Hunter, Witches Brew, Skipper's Gold, your favorite cocktail or highball - They are expertly and generously concocted from 160 different kinds of rum & our fabulous collection of scotches & bourbons."

The back of this one (also Skipper Kent's) reads" A dining experience that will bring you back - Exotic Cantonese food... Savored American dishes... cooling rum drinks enjoyed in a lush tropical garden. Gifts for your favorite friends from our Round-The-World Curio Shop."

Following is a small drinks and appetizer menu, a combo version which includes the Zombie Village location in Oakland, also:

The back of another cocktail menu not shown states that the tropical trees, plants and flowers were grown on their plantation in Kona, and that their mugs and glasses could be purchased in the gift shop.

One more small cocktail menu mailer for the Zombie Village, also owned by Frank "Skipper" Kent (as well as N.A. "Hafe" Hafer)

[ Edited by: puamana on 2003-06-20 10:32 ]

Thanks everybody for all those nice images. I particularly like that artist's rendering.

Here's another view of the interior:

And here's a matchbook showing both Skipper Kent's in San Francisco:

And its sister restaurant, The Zombie Village in Oakland:

Mike also has scans of the menus in his gallery here:



I don't have pictures but here are some recipes from Skipper Kent's (from the book "Look What's Cooking In And Near San Francisco" c.1950).

3 oz. fresh OJ
1.5 oz. fresh lemon juice
0.5 oz. passion fruit juice
1 oz. heavy Jamaican rum
2.5 oz. light rum
mix with 8 oz. crushed ice in blender and pour into large glass.

[b[Pagan Love[/b]
0.5 oz. pineapple juice
1 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. light rum
1 oz. heavy rum
Add ingredients to Zombie glass half full with ice cubes, add seltzer, and stir. Granish with lemon or orange slice and cherry.

1 oz. lemon juice
0.5 oz. cherry brandy cordial
1.5 oz. light rum
Add ingredients to tall glass half full of ice cubes, add seltzer, and stir.

Planter's Dock Special
1 oz. brandy
1 oz. gold rum
0.5 oz. dark rum
0.5 oz. triple sec
3 oz. OJ
1 oz. lemon juice
1.5 teaspoons bar sugar
Mix and pour into 14 oz. chimney glass filled with cracked ice. Decorate with cherries, pineapple chunk, and fresh mint.

Kono posted on Sat, Feb 26, 2005 5:50 PM

On 2003-06-20 10:11, puamana wrote:
The back of another cocktail menu not shown states that the tropical trees, plants and flowers were grown on their plantation in Kona, and that their mugs and glasses could be purchased in the gift shop.

Edited for being a dumb ass. "Hey Kono, ever heard of Kona coffee?" "Sure, I've got some in my freezer right now. Grown on the Kona coast of the Big Island." Doh! Anyway...

Some of the Skipper Kent's mugs have on the bottom "Exclusively for Skipper Kent's San Francisco, Calif.-Kona, Hawaii." On my Princess Keolo-na-hihi mug it actually says "Kono" Hawaii which piqued my interest, but obviously that's an error. I was wondering if Skipper Kent had a restaurant in Hawaii as well as in SF. He apparently had a plantation but I wonder why that would be on the bottom of his mugs if he didn't also have a restaurant or bar there as well. Google got me nowhere. Anyone?

[ Edited by: Kono on 2005-02-26 18:22 ]


There is a vintage postcard of the exterior of Skipper Kents's on page 69 of Tiki Quest.

This may sound like a stupid question but, what is the name for the large backed chairs in Sabu's picture? I have always wondered.


Frank (Skipper) Kent and his wife Lucille did live on the Kona Coast and planned to built a hotel and restaurant there on the spit of land along the coastline. However a lost heiau and other artifacts of the ancient Hawaiians were found on the property and the project was never started.
My Dad and the Skipper were ship mates and both enjoyed sailing the San Francisco Bay.
The last time I saw him was after a visit to our family home as he and Lucille drove away in their RED 1941 La Salle.


Kono posted on Mon, Mar 7, 2005 3:37 PM

Thanks for the information tikiboy. Another mystery solved!

skipper kent napkin with a neat drawing of the inside:

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