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Lamps & Assorted Mysteries of the South Seas From Bongofury (Mugs Added Pg. 2)

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Here are some of the lamps I have made. I will add more pictures as old photos are found and new lamps are made. Mahalo to all that have added my crafts to your home and bar. If you want something that you see here, I can make it or most any custom order. Just send me a PM or email. Most of the lamps can be finished on the top in case it is hung where it can be seen from above. If you have a low ceiling they can be swagged in a corner of a room for great effect.

Tabletop version

I've done the shrunken head, pufferfish. jellyfish and more inside a netted float

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NICE Very NICE! Thortiki

I really love the totally unique ideas you come up with.
Great Work!!!


Sweet!!! We should do a trade some day. I really want one of those numbers with the floats in the side. And a float lamp of course. And...

Your lights look terrific here and even better in person. See you at Oasis, Wendy


Impressive lamps!

So many great artists on this forum. Inspiring stuff!

Thanks everyone. Humbled by praise from two of the best makers of lamps. I'm sure some of my "ideas" came from both of you. I made a mug once that looks like more TikiToNy than Bongofury. Here are a few more...


This light is awsome!!

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I am with skip on that one..

Mrs Swanky has been wanting a diver's helmet lamp since we saw them at Oasis. That's so over the top that you can make that! I can see it now with some faux seaweed on top of our 19th century British Naval officer's chest... Gotta get that done.

Thanks for sharing this stuff here!

Beautiful stuff ron! I had no idea how many great designs you have!!! I to love the divers helmet and the one with the floats on the side.

God you been busy Ron, Great stuff!

One can never have enough beachcomber lamps - I need one of those puffer floats!

Here is my Tiki Modern piece carved from a slab of Cedar mounted on a Luan board coverd with new old stock orange burlap with a custom cut Redwood frame.

More Lamps

I have more......and a mug too!

Your going crazy Bongo! love the lamps..

Freekin awesome

Thanks Hang10tiki

My first mug I did last year...Shrunken Gorilla

The first lamp I did hangs in the Rincon Room. Moisture is starting to unravel some of the trim after being outside for 6 years

Second lamp

Some lamps for a client...I will be making some similar to these for Oasis

Another style of Divers Helmet

With an orange bulb instead of blue

spiked posted on Thu, Aug 2, 2012 6:47 AM

Very cool!!!! Love all the lamps and other stuff as well!!!! :D

Shrunken head mug = awesome!!


Nice stuff!!

"The first lamp I did hangs in the Rincon Room. Moisture is starting to unravel some of the trim after being outside for 6 years"

And that is part of the reason I use shellac on most of the rattan on my lights.

bongo - those divers helmets are totally awesome. Love the aging on them! VERY well done!!! (all of them, not just the helmets!!!)


Seeing these in person along with you and your wife are a highlight of Tiki Oasis. Wendy

Tikitony and I did some mug sculpting back in May. Mine was based on this PNG drum that we had. I wanted a fog cutter shape

I also made some skull mugs. It fits in your hand nicely

Thanks to everyone that bought one at Tiki Oasis


All great looking pieces, Bongofury!


Brilliant. How did you age the divers helmet?

LOVE the skulls! I'll be out in SoCal in a few weeks. I don't believe I've met you in person, yet! You should go to Don's on 11/16 for The Hula Girls.

Thanks! The Divers Helmet was already aged. BK....not sure if we will make it to the Hula Girls but you are welcome to stop here for a visit.

Hey Ron Here is one of your beautiful lamps in our lounge,Must be the most travelled one as its now in England,Also your PNG mug is about to find a new home here too!

And we're very envious of that float and puffer.

Thanks, Bongo!
I would love nothing more than to see The Rincon Room in person.

I carved this 5' Tiki Bob back in March.


Hey Ron, your lamps are amazing. I can't believe i stood underneath them for a few hours admiring how great they are not knowing you had made them yourself. I hope to make it back soon and come look at them again but next time i'll pay more attention.

P.S. I'm going to have a crack at making a couple myself shortly so i might have to PM you asking for a few tips.

Here is some more stuff I have been making. The South Seas mask and port holes are plaster.


Great work!
Love the port holes.

That South Seas mask is killer, Ron!


Love your stuff Ron! Picked up a blowfish lamp at Oasis and it's great. Love the portholes too though, maybe next year!


This is really good work.

Amazing work! I really like what you've created.

I really enjoy looking at your creations at events. Keep them coming, Wendy


Nice work!

It is so good to know that there are such talented, dedicated artists like Bongofury! Keeping the dream alive. Awesome!

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