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Mike Nesmith and his broad tiki comedy

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Completely un-tiki related, I've been obsessed with the Monkees lately. (Thanks to the DVD box that just came out.) In "researching" Mike Nesmith, found the following on his site http://www.videoranch.com.

He has a videotape for sale containing some "Television Parts" stuff that I guess didn't make it on the air...

"Only in the "Home Companion" will you find "The Voyage of the Kona Tiki", rare documentary footage of one man's valiant attempt to cross the Pacific in a Polynesian Restaurant."

It's hilarious...and the clip is up at the site!

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I just discovered ths video on YouTube:


It is freaking hilarious.
They REALLY nailed it.
I am surprised that no one commented back in 2003 when annalulu posted about it.

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:) Good one!


Very Cool! A friend of mine had several small parts in "Television Parts," including that of the man tending the grill near the beginning of this piece! I hadn't seen this one before. Thanks for posting it!


Hey, and he got the tikis right! Looks like they came from OA?


The first beach scene is of Pacific Grove, CA., exactly where John Denver flew his airplane into the sea.
The inside building scene was taken at the defunct Mark Thomas' Outrigger in Cannery Row , Monterey.
When he looks to the restaurant after the umbrella, that is the outside of the Outrigger in Cannery Row.


That was fabulous! I fell completely in love with Mike Nesmith when I was fifteen years old.

I've got Dr. Duck's Super secret All-Purpose Sauce on VHS. It's always been a favorite of mine, but it's been ages since I've had a working VCR.

Thanks for sharing the youtube clip.


"threw himself overboard into the parking lot" :lol: :lol: :lol:

Got to add this one to YoYo Island's "Tiki Tube" lineup(*), chop-chop!

If anything resonates with YoYo's style of humor, it's this... :)

"Don't let it be forgot,
That once there was a Spot,
Where Blowfish all wore sunglasses,
and Tiki-times were hot..."

(*ps: Yup, it's up at YoYo. Major Mahalos to Anna and to JT, for starting and reviving this thread. As one who appreciates 'quality ham', I hoist a hearty, refreshing, pork-infused libation to 'ee both!
Cheers nui nui! SOK)

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Excellent. I was a big Monkees fan and of course Mike is brilliant!!! Thanks for the link.

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Did somebody say MONKEES!!??


"Voyage of the Kona Tiki" was a running sketch during one episode of Mike Nesmith's Television Parts.

The sktech was then collected as part of the "Home Companion" DVD, and can be viewed in pieces (each of the seven "days" interspersed throughout the video) or all at once.

The above clip, which goes to YouTube, is missing Day 2. So, for those of you who'd like to see the whole thing, here it is:


It's in Quicktime format - optimized for iPhones and such.

If you like the humor, I recommend going by Mike Nesmith's site (http://www.videoranch.com) and buy the "Television Parts Home Companion" DVD.

Another funny one from Mr. Nesmith's site (but sadly, not on the DVD) is this:

There are many other video clips to see, but most seem to be in the RealPlayer format, and now dead... :(

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This is just a fabulous video man; I’m becoming a huge fan of Mike Nesmith. “The voyage of Kona tiki” in Mike Nesmith’s Television parts home companion DVD is really hilarious. If I’m right, it was the running sketch in one of episode of the Mike Nesmith’s television part. If anyone out there yet to see it, please watch it soon.

The link to the video on Megaupload is kaputt - the whole site's been embargoed.
Here's a link (for now, at least) to the video on YouTube, that includes 'Day 2', missing from the earlier YouTube version:

Voyage of the Kona Tiki

Hamo posted on Wed, Jun 27, 2018 6:41 PM


Here’s a new link, posted to YouTube by Nesmith himself. It really is a fun spoof.


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