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The Breezeway *New A-Frame pics up!* - Costa Mesa, CA

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Ever since I joined TC way back in 2002, I've wanted to build myself a legitamate tiki lounge... I've carved tikis, sung about tikis and tiki bars, and lusted after my friends' bars... and now, the time has come.

I bought a house built in 1961, a couple of years ago... After a bunch of construction, we have finished most of the interior decor.

Bamboo Ben called me the other day and said, 'so you want to finally do your Breezeway, or what'? He talked me into committing to a date. And Dinah and I are super happy to have the king of bamboo on board! Here is the space...

The official build happens at the end of July '12, but I've started carving trim and panels so that we can just assemble everything with the time comes to put it up.

Progress is happening... more updates as they come!


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Good Start Spike, Looking forward to the trip & end results
post PICTURES! (notice the all caps. that is suppose to mean something)

This should be gOOd!

Still trying to figure out where to put the

giant flat screen TV! Maybe on the ceiling??

There are a couple of places where a carved panel will sit nicely. So I got to it this weekend.

Sketched out

Started carving with a router but finished with a hammer and chisel.

Taking cues from William Westenhaver and Bosko, I took to the torch.

Here are the panels, all torched and wire brushed.


Will there be a grand opening? I'll bring my tiki head masks.

Looking good!!


Congrats man I feel once you have Ben make you a room there's never a reason to leave the house except to buy more rum . I know I dream of the day A.) I own a house and B.) the day I have Bamboo Ben come over and customize it.

Thanks, Walt. Yeah, Ben is going to be a BIG help with this. And if he didn't prod me into finally getting this going, it probably never would have happened!

Yeah, we should probably have a little 'grand opening' party.

On 2012-06-27 11:36, Luckydesigns wrote:
Thanks, Walt. Yeah, Ben is going to be a BIG help with this. And if he didn't prod me into finally getting this going, it probably never would have happened!

Yeah, we should probably have a little 'grand opening' party.

Time for a Bar not another car!!! :)

Every time Spike posts a pic of a car I'd be like...
there goes the bar! :)

a little "grand opening" party sounds interesting.

Now where are we going to put the T.V.?


party party!

congrats on the beginning of the tiki bar,

can I DJ the party?


Of course you can, Jeff.


Can I help BTD carry his CD's ????

Yeah, we should probably have a little 'grand opening' party.


Did a little more carving and burning on my big tiki, yesterday...

Also, Dinah and I started laying out the design for main wall behind where the bar will be.

Great looking house Spike, congrats on the upcoming bar - keep the photos coming. Don't turn your back on Ben if he has a power tool in his hands :P

Are you incorporating Mid Century Modern elements into your bar design?
(My Favorite!) This going to be fun........

Looking forward to seeing the magic Tikified creation that BB does for you...should be fun.


I'm thinking that first party should be the first week in November! :D


I LOVE your house thus far. What a great use of color. I can't wait to see the rest.

Thanks, guys!
ATP, we will be working some midcentury modern things into The Breezeway. You've seen the '60s tulip table table that we have in there now... That will be staying as well as us adding some bullet planters and stuff like that as well. We've been revisiting Sven's Tiki Modern lately.

Looking Forward to this..........

The build begins!

We spent Monday morning at OA and picked up some new lamps, masks, and lahala matting...

Here's Ben, doing some finals calculations before we go shop for lumber.

Dinah, painting the ceiling

Supplies from OA

More photos of the progress as they develop!

Awesome start


Looking good!! I bet OA is an amazing place to visit, especially with Bamboo Ben!

Can't wait to see more!


Keep those pics coming!

I'm disappointed - legend is the The Ben just looks at a room and KNOWS what supplies to get.
Bamboo Ben doesn't use a hammer, he drives those nails in with his bare hands
Dried pufferfish are afraid they'll get poked by Ben
Bamboo Ben doesn't breathe, he holds air hostage
Jimmy Hoffa isn't dead, he's hiding from Bamboo Ben
Bamboo Ben, Bamboo Ben - there was a time he was my only friend.

The natives grieve when the white men leave their huts,
Because they're obviously, absolutely nuts.
Only Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun!

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Building the framework for the lava rock waterfall.

lava rock waterfall !!!! You bastards,this is going to be so cool!

Yeah, I can't wait to see what how it turns out!

Oh, boy! You've got us hooked, now, Spike!

Great, Kahuna! This is good stuff, going on here. Ben and Dinah and I have been talking about doing this for a long time. Lots of ideas thrown around in the conceptualizing stages... Once it's done, it should come out really cool!

Here's the water cotainment basin for the waterfall thinger...

The walls are going up. We have to use this plywood so that we can mount the bamboo and lahala matting to the walls. Stucco isn't good for anything...

These diamonds will come in later...

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Oooooh...Ahhhhh...what a tease!!!


The worst part of this build is...

I can't have any music playing in the background while I work!!!

When I re-did the Kon Tiki Tucson it was all Reaggae!

When I built the Kona Club in Oakland it was PURE FuNk!!

I built Forbidden Island in Alameda it was Heavy Metal !!
( Otto and Will the Thrill used to be metal heads and made me do it! :wink:

For some odd reason the home of the Hula Girls this week won't let me play any tunes.?!

I can't wait till Friday eve when this build is over!!! :wink:

Need me some music!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! This lounge is going to be killer. Im excited for you man. If I had a Lava rock waterfall in my Tiki room, that would be so bad ass. Especially made by Bamboo Ben. Congrats dude!! :D

Some good ol Punk Rock. Thats what you need Ben. :D


At the very least, The Hula Girls LP on continuous replay.......


It looks like that the Tiki Room is really coming along. The carving on the wood pieces look great, it takes a lot of time and effort to do that.

Ben once visited the Virgin Islands, now they are just called "The Islands"
His legend precedes him like lightning precedes thunder :lol:

Spike, it's looking great! The nice thing is that it will be done quickly where most people spend months or years building their bars.

Congrats, Ben is amazing!!! I'm sure it will be spectacular!

Believe me, it's not me keeping Ben from the music! There are 'other' reasons for that.

Thanks for the comments, everybody. Ben is doing one hell of a job with this build. The guy is a machine.
And now back to the progress...

Dinah burning all of the trim that I've been carving for the last month

The whole interrior has the plywood walls up now

Ben, installing the ceiling cover

The 'work area'... You can see more of the carved redwood panels that I've been working on

Oh I know why! I forgot to put on my thinking cap/Vintage stingy brim fedora
can't wait to see the place.....

Work on the bar top

Scrubbin' it.

So Dinah is doing all the work?

On 2012-07-25 12:28, Atomic Tiki Punk wrote:
So Dinah is doing all the work?

Mmmm... yeah, could we see more pictures of Dinah?

Yup. I'm making her do ALL of the work.

No, it's mostly her and Ben. I'm dropping in and helping out when I have time to get away from work. I've been working till about midnight, when I get home too. I also spent the last couple of months carving all of the trim and tikis and stuff so my stuff is easy for assembly.

Ben has been amazing at making it all happen. Especially in knowing where to create layers and points of interest and details like that. His suggestions and layout have been beyond what we could have done ourselves. We'll be putting a bunch of Bamboo Ben hanging lamps in The Breezeway as well!

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