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Rioturban Tiki Carving

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Hi Tikiheads,
here are a few fotos of my carvings, hope you like them.
best wishes,

the big one
made of spruce wood and is about 2 meters high,
eyes are paua shells

"The Tongue Tiki"
it is carved out of cypress wood and is about 1 meter high,
eyes are paua shell inlays

"The scales Tiki"
its also cypress wood and is about 1 meter high with paua shell inlays

one of my first pieces,
made of cherry wood and about 50 cm high

this one is a tiki for incense sticks,
you can take off the bee and put an incense stick
into the hole.the ash would fall onto the tongue.

also one of my first tikis is this one,
its chestnut wood with paua shell eyes

the "ferocious treebeard",
a rough practice piece for the first steps with the chainsaw

this one is a practice piece from the book:"te toi Whakairo"from Hirini Moko Mead
its shown step by step how to carve it and very good for beginners
its 33cm high, 15 wide and 5cm thick

"The Woodpecker"
made out off robinia (bastard acacia)with paua shell inlays.
its about 1 meter high.

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Your work is incredible. Each piece is unique and well composed. You have a great sense for design. Very nice.

Welcome to Tiki Central...love your carving style...NICE!!!

my new gearshift knop!

Love the modernist one...

...and the highly stylized "Woodpecker"

Wohnst du auf dem Lande?

thank you!teils teils, auf dem land und in der stadt!

marquesan style-1,8 meter

Sehr gut bruddah


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fresh oiled "Moai".about 1,4 meter high


seen your stuff in the carving section...

your finishing skills are impressive sir...


Love that Moai !!!

actually it`s not a tiki but for me somehow connected. a fake bonsai for my sister (she has no luck with real plants!)

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cy posted on Fri, Aug 9, 2013 7:57 AM


first try on a shrunken head- i`m hooked!




rioturban your work is simply amazing! Beautiful detail and I like your choice of woods. You should ship some stuff over to the US and vend at Don's or Oasis :)

cy posted on Sat, Nov 2, 2013 10:24 AM

Yeah Rio, just ship them to me and I will make sure they get there.


a little pendant


"Laurel & Hardy"




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cy posted on Wed, Jun 18, 2014 12:47 PM

Always enjoy seeing the direction you are heading Riot, Tikipole is very cool!

Speed-tikis! 1.5 Days of work

Me,Myself and I.

Hey lovin' your work. The woodpecker, inscense burner, the gearshift and the pendant all among my favs. I'll be eagerly awaiting more!

Thanks Jay,
here is one i did recently for a lady.
little pendant in a box.

some while ago this chopsticks

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and another older piece, about 5.9 feet .( man i need to update my account!)

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Marvelous Stuff! Great!

Mask Buthan Style

Tekoteko Maori Style

"The Discus" modern style

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