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Need bamboo/tiki free font for mac

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Can anyone recommend a site with a good bamboo/tiki free font?


[ Edited by: spy-tiki on 2003-06-20 21:35 ]

You might want to try this site. Go to the "K" and then look for Kon Tiki.


Try this font called "Castaway" ... the letters are all bamboo.



House Industries makes Tiki Fonts, and included in the set is a bamboo font. It's not free but well worth the $$.

I believe it's http://www.houseindustries.com

Don't know of any other fonts, but now I'm curious.......are you printing a custom drink menu for the home tiki bar?

Something along those lines. My wife's family from nor-cal is descending upon us in a couple of weeks and I'm putting together a faux menu etc. for a polynesian evening at our place here in so-cal. (Mum-in-law used to spend a lot of time at the Coral Reef in Sacto years ago- the only one who understands me)

And thanks for the font sites!

[ Edited by: spy-tiki on 2003-06-23 09:20 ]

This is a very old thread but I could use an updated answer. I'm creating custom letterhead for Tiki Acres, our ranch. The font mentioned above is great, but includes no numbers, which makes it hard to use for the address on letterhead. Any new information or referrals?

Not free, but lots of fonts to choose from



Check out Font Diner http://www.fontdiner.com/
In the 'free silverware' section.
Bahama is a bamboo font and Creaky Frank makes a great tiki font.


oh oh, now I get it. You want free fonts, not tiki-free fonts. Confused me. Like tikis were just gumming up the works in all your fonts... There is a bamboo font out there. If all else fails, we could email you all our good fonts.


I used this one for my wedding programs:


search "bamboo"

Letters only though, no numbers

I edited a font into an imitation of the Trader Vic's font (one of them, anyway). It's all upper-case, but has numbers. It looks like this:

I could email it, if it's anything like what you're after.

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