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just discovered tiki central

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Hi there!
I just discovered this board! The information found in here is AMAZING. And the sugardaddy yahoo calendar is just... just chock full of events and incredibly up to date. I can't believe how much time is
spent finding these events, let alone posting them and keeping track of cancelled dates, changes, etc.
Invaluable. Truly appreciated!
Great job!!

uh oh..just saw the introduction thread. maybe this can be moved?

[ Edited by: mamacita on 2003-06-22 00:34 ]

Welcome aboard!


Aloha and welcome Mamacita!


Thank you so much for the welcome!!
Trader Pup!! I just checked out your website, I love it! That Motel Long Beach was so cool to look at! Although, I have to say.. the ones that became a parking lot were pretty sad to look at :(

What a cool thing to do! With the postcards I mean! I have a little stack of Post Cards from the area..maybe I can dig em out and send em to you!
I just moved from Roswell and Ocean (a little too $$) but am headin' back to the LBC soon! I can't wait to drive by all the spots!

Seems like everyone that posts here has some crazy, campy site! What a FUN way to avoid doing ebay!!! hehehe

Thanks again!


So where is that sugardaddy yahoo calendar at? There's so many threads!...

I was lucky to find it I suppose! hehe

Here it is: http://calendar.yahoo.com/public/sugarcaddydaddy

Great info, especially if your in :SoCal.



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