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New to this forum but not new to carving. I figured I would share some of my tiki carvings some new and some old.
These tikis were carved 100% by hand with a rubber malet and a 1" wood chisel, no chainsaw or power tools.

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Did you used to work for Wayne?

No self taught. grew up in cocoa beach though

McTiki posted on Wed, Oct 3, 2012 7:37 AM

Well done Crazy!

Keep em coming!


Your neighbor...



They look great, hope to see alot more.


yep. pretty much identical to wayne's stuff...

I suppose that is a big complement to be compaired to Wayne. Although I am familier to the name and have seen his tikis around town, I never really sat down and studied his stuff. I really should take time and take a closer look at some of his work. RIP Wayne

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Thanks for all the compliments

Here's one i carved 17 years ago

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Pretty cool stuff you got goin on.

Keep em coming



Its the Tiki KING.
Im starting to get quite a collection here, I need to start selling these things!

My first attempt at dry brushing.

second attempt

Nicely done carvings! I like your stuff.

VERY NICE!!! Your painting skills are great...love the colors and style.

Love the mail box and the male pinup shot too. Wendy

The ladies seem to like my work better when i pose with them. I guess i will have to start jumping in on more of these tiki pics. Lol


I thought Dans a guy.... just sayin` :0/

Not hatin`....... do you workout??

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Dan is not a guy. The post is signed Wendy. Go check out the posts of her work.

Don't be hating Jb! Lol. this is my first attempt at carving a palm frond

Came out great
I know those r tough to work on

Im trying to make some extra cash money for some carving tools.
$45 for a small tiki or fish. I can ship. Let me know if your interested. Keith 321-271-4520

Love the Detail in the Headresses

The latest Mahi Mahi

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