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Tahiti Cheap

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Here you guys and galso go = Tahiti flights on the cheap - Just bring your Vahine or Tane for a romantic trip to true Polynesia

$340 Round Trip plus tax - LAX Papeete LAX
Departures July 4, 5 and 17 Only
Return July 10 and 24th Only

Check out http://www.airtahitinui-usa.com

(South) Pacific Andy:

What a recommendation! That is a very low fare.

Regarding Tahiti, is Moorea your favorite Island?

Also, is the Tiki Village on Moorea as worthwhile as its reviews suggest?

I am not sure there are any seats left at the price but worth a check - Moorea is a great island but I like Huahine much better. More of an island feel. And the Tiki Village on Moorea is way overrated. Very bad food and the show is OK. You can see the same at most hotels for free. Some of the cultural stuff is interesting thou.



What a great price! Thanks for keeping us up to date on Tahiti.

I would snatch this offer up in a minute if I didn't already have plans for the summer.

Any recommendations on reasonably priced places to stay?

It depends on which islands you are going. They have the ultra deluxe hotels which will run you around $300 plus per night and some great smaller hotels/pensions which will run you around $100 per night. It all depends on your likes.


Andy -

I've been thinking about going back to Bora Bora, but had a bad experience with the Le Meridien last year. Looking for a new place to stay (gotta be top shelf digs all the way, baby).

Have you heard anything about the new Sheraton Bora Bora Nui resort?



Too bad you had a bad experience at the Le Meridien. I like the hotel and know the managers there. What type of problem did you have? As far as the Nui, I have heard its great but very, very expensive. Big rooms and all the luxury you want. Hey since you have been to BB why not try another island like Tahaa. The new Pearl is suppose to be fantastic.


On 2003-07-02 09:29, Pacific Andy wrote:
What type of problem did you have?

Dude - it was so bad it could've been one of those Chevy Chase "Vacation" movies. [hmmm, new thread material?].

First, it was HOT. I'm talking unseasonably, blistering, can't breathe hot. The overwater bungalows there have no air conditioning (surprise!) so it was impossible to sleep. Second, my wife got bad food poisoning in the restaurant and about a gazillion mosquito bites (gap in the bug net, also a new experience in a 4-star resort), so she was miserable. Trying to cool off, I decided to go for a swim. While climbing down into the water the ladder broke and I received an 8-inch gash in my thigh as I fell into the water. With no ladder to get back onto our deck, I had to swim about 200 yards to one the maintenance guys use. I climb up, walk about 500 yards (still bleeding) to the front desk -- and they tell me to, get this, take the next scheduled boat to the pier and hire a taxi to drive me to the Doctor - who I had to pay! When we got back to Honolulu we looked like wounded veterans returning from battle :wink:

I'd love to return and erase those bad memories. Any tips?



It would be a good movie. Tahiti Vacation. Too bad, the staff at almost all the hotel in Bora Bora are not that great and you are right the food at the "good" restarurant is pretty bad. Well one thing since last year all the OW have air now. I like the Hotel Bora Bora and the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort. The Nui is suppose to be great but I have been since it has open. I would consider Taha'a island and Pearl there. Check out their website at http://www.pearlresorts.com
If you want I can give you the GM's email and name in Bora Bora and you can bitch at him.

I'm getting married next summer and we were thinking of going somewhere polynesian on our honeymoon. Tahiti is my choice at the moment. Are there any recommendations out there? I'm sorry about those bad experiences. All of this information, positive or negative, is great! Thank you!


Tikiwahine, French Polynesia is the perfect honeymoon destination-look no further! You won't want to leave, so I suggest that you try to visit at least 3 or 4 islands and stay no less that 10 days. Even if that means not going for the overwater bungalows. And congratulations on your up comming marriage!

Well bendatiki, that's great! Those overwater bungalows look very cool, but the price just isn't in my budget. Checking out many of the islands would be a great adventure. The tiki collector in me is wondering if there would be any great items to purchase over there? Maybe venturing into the tacky tourist areas would unearth some neat stuff for the upcoming bar? Although a non-mass-produced carving would be much more appreciated in the long run. Thanks for the congrats, I'm really looking forward to the rest of my life! (and the fact that someone has decided to love me, despite my admitted tiki-madness) :wink:


Last minute--leaving LAX July 2,4, or 5
$340 -- Last-Minute to Tahiti (Roundtrip)
Source: Air Tahiti Nui


On 2003-07-02 15:05, Tikiwahine wrote:
I'm sorry about those bad experiences.

Tikiwahine -

I don't want to sound too down on Tahiti, it was just one of those things (shit happens). You'll love French Polynesia. Bora Bora was truly the most beautiful and serene place I have ever experienced -- and I can't wait to go back. I didn't get a chance to check out other islands (except Tahiti), but have been told that 2 or 3 max is the way to go. Anything more than that and you're spending all your time packing, unpacking, and in transit. Givin its your honeymoon, I'm guesing you have better things to do :wink:



I compare Tahiti today as I am sure Hawaii was about fifty years ago. The locals are very polynesian in dress and attitude and the islands are beautiful. For a honeymoon do a couple of island and if you can swing it do an OW, its amazing. I am not sure how much tiki is to be found but it worth looking. Just remember Tahiti does not have any malls or too much night life so it maybe not for everyone. To get a lot of information on Tahiti check out http://www.tahiti-explorer.com click on the Tahiti forum section in the middle of the page. You can get a lot of info there.

Maeva posted on Thu, Jul 3, 2003 12:48 AM
Maeva posted on Thu, Jul 3, 2003 12:53 AM

Hi Pacific Andy. This is my first time posting. I just so happened to see people writing about Tahiti, so that caught my interest. So Andy, where are you living right now? In Papeete or Bora Bora or somewhere else? Are you living there or just visiting? I love Tahiti. For the one who's about to get married, I suggest going to Pearl Beach Bora Bora Resort. Beautiful and good French food. Really. Service is actually good there. You can live in a garden bungalow with your own private walled garden with deck, plunge pool, and outdoor shower. Back to Andy...tell me more about yourself in Tahiti.

My wife and I stayed at Pearl Beach Bora Bora, and we absoloutly loved it. The food was excellent, the service was impecable, and most importantly, our garden view room was very romatic. This is what the garden room provides: a private dive-in pool in your backyard, which is hidden by high walls, an out door back next to your dive-in pool, and check this out...an out door shower. The shower was kindda freaky at first, but it was so relaxing to take a shower out doors.


Hmmmmmm...I have always been hesitant to go to French Polynesia as it always seemed SO expensive and tourist driven. The pix I have seen of Bora Bora and the other islands are of course are ethereal, but it just doesn't ever seem like you could just hang out with the locals, away from all the 4 star resorts. I know folks who have been to Fiji and had good things to say and that the prices were very reasonable. I don't know, $300 a night hotels were never my thing.........hmmmmmm

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Anyone interested in traveling to French Polynesia, should visit their official web site at http://www.tahiti-tourisme.com Here you will find complete information about the islands. Then you can decide if it for you.

I guess the best thing to do is (try to)take it all in, expect the unexpected, and keep a laidback attitude about the whole thing.
I think you're right about keeping it simple, a couple of islands with lots of exploring on each one sounds like the ticket!

Pacific Andy, I like what you're saying! A crazy nightlife is exactly what I want to avoid on this trip, so Tahiti sounds perfect. I have a real interest in flora and fauna, so checking out the local scenery is top(next to you-know-what) on my list. We're big into good/different food too, that'll be another neat experience(minus the possible food poisoning)

Thanks Maeva, I saw the fantastic pictures on their website, the place looks sooo beautiful! We'll have to see what our budget can include. Unfortunately, I don't think $500 US per night is possible at the moment :)



Yeah, tahiti is not a crazy party town. In fact, there's not alot to do there, which is exactly what you should be looking for. We were there for a week and never thought of work, school or anything else. Although there was nothing really to do, we were always up by 5AM to watch the sunrise and would always go to bed by midnight, so we were busy just having fun. I would say an average week vacation for 2 in tahiti would be in the $5000 range, so it's not something you can do to often, but worth every penny. We're still trying to figure out how to live there permanently.


I think the best bet for visiting Tahiti & the isles would with the Family Pensions which are in all the major island groups. They are very reasonably priced and have a warm family style polynesian welcome. I was in Rangiroa last year at the "Chez Glorine" pension and it was really an unforgettable experience, especially the "blue lagoon tour" on the opposite side of the atoll.
Awesome. Oh sure, pensions might not be as comfy as in the big hotels, but anyway 4 star hotels are all the same everywere. A few tips, check out this site (in english) , http://www.haere-mai.pf and stay away from Bora Bora, much too over-rated, too expensive, and too many tourists.

Bon voyage

Thanks Vaïnui, I'll check into it! I find all of this research to be very exciting. Having never been anywhere tropical, I've only been dreaming thus far :)

Aloha, eh?


On 2003-07-03 12:59, The Monitors wrote:
I would say an average week vacation for 2 in tahiti would be in the $5000 range, so it's not something you can do to often, but worth every penny.

Does the $5000 price include numerous day trips, the cost of a 4or5 star hotel or is it just becuase the Tahitian magic requires more mula for the hula?


On 2003-07-03 12:59, The Monitors wrote:
I would say an average week vacation for 2 in tahiti would be in the $5000 range

OUCH!!! That is what I am budgeting for 13 weeks in South East Asia! Including 4 weeks in Bali!

Tahiti is great, but not for everyone. It is expensive and even worst now with the weak dollar. But if you ever want to just relax and take in the natural polynesian experience not too many places match that.

Hey Christiki, yes the $5000 does incluce everything from airfair to dining and some excursions. Pacific Andy is also correct that Tahiti is not for everyone. My buddy recently went there for their honeymoon after hearing my experience, and they absoloutley did not like it. I think the reason is because they're too frugal. I recomemded renting a motor boat and exploring all the little motu's (aka: small islands) around Moorea, but didn't because it was too expensive @ $80 / 4Hrs. That's like going to Los Angeles for the first time and not going to Disneyland. You didn't really go to LA if you don't visit disney!

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