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Tiki Rubber Stamps

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Could anyone to sources of tiki stamps please list the websites. I know in the past they have been listed but I tried looking and the eyes got weary...thanks

I got one from sideshowstamps.com...


You can buy them from the same people off ebay too. This is the one I got...

Thanks Tikifish,
I just went to a stamp convention yesterday(yes they do have such a thing). Every image you could imagion but no luck in the tiki area. Thanks Tikifish...

Zettilogy has some funky arty moai-ish ones:





I also have gotten some from Viva Las Vegastamps:



and another one that I can't find on their page, but here's a Christmas card I made with it (sorry, it's geocities):


Sideshow stamps is, indeed, excellent and are very friendly people, too! Also, Stamp Yourself Silly (www.stamp-yourself-silly.com) offers Hawaiian and Tiki stamps.

Also found a tiki mug stamp here:


More Easter Island tikis:


This one doesn't have tikis, but it does have a naughty hula dancer:


How about the rubber stamp I used to make this bookmark:

It's not great, but it's only the second rubber stamp I've ever carved myself. Yay, Shecky!


Just found this great sheet of unmounted rubber stamps. And it's on sale! Of course, you'd have to mount them yourself...

There are 3 tiki mugs (Paul Marshall, peanut guy, and one other that I'm woefully ignorant of), a tiki statue, a moai, and assorted palm trees, floral doodads, shells, etc., not to mention a surfer dude and a wahine.


Came across this looking for something else.

FATIMA BLUSH: Oh, how reckless of me. I made you all wet.
JAMES BOND: Yes, but my martini is still dry.

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I like the sideshow tiki stamps for background pieces, and just discovered
Bombshell Stamps (http://bombshellstamps.com). They have awesome
pin-up girls, and rockabilly stamps that I use for the foreground.

They are supposed to be coming out with a new tattoo style tiki line too!


nuKKe posted on Sat, Dec 6, 2008 3:09 AM

if not on time for this holiday season, grear up for next year.

Sideshow stamps - the website:

Sunday International - tiki stamps

100 Proof Press (search for Tiki and Moai):

Stamp Oasis - I think this manufacturer is closed, but you can find their products here:

The Cat's Pajama:

Vivalasvegastamps new-ish website (visit the actual store while in Vegas):
Tiki: http://www.stampostore.com/index.php?searchStr=tiki&_a=viewCat
Hawaii: http://www.stampostore.com/index.php?searchStr=hawaii&_a=viewCat
Polynesia: http://www.stampostore.com/index.php?searchStr=polynesia&_a=viewCat

and how about printing your own? Here's a starter:

Here's the link to the Sideshow Stamps Polynesian & Tiki page

I received this rubber stamp from one of my students this year for Christmas.
It was made by Terbear Collectibles http://www.terbearco.etsy.com

Bombshell Stamps just came out with new hawaiian and tiki style stamps! Yeah!! They have that vintage tattoo feel, and I just adore them!!! Check them out here (scroll down the page):



That may be some Sailor Jerry icons.

I'm going to have to order some of these!

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