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Formikahini's Coming to Visit California!

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Hey TC Gang!

I may not have gotten to go to Hukilau (sniff), but I can at least get to have a visit with the SoCal Hoity Toities and the um, NoCal folks too (do we have a name for y'all yet?)

I'm landing in LA on Tuesday, July 22nd, renting a car and winding my way up the coast to finally leave from San Jose on the 30th. I'm planning on San Francisco that last weekend (Fri 25- Sun 27, or at least that Saturday), but other than that, my dance card's open. Got any suggestions of good nights to hit the LA tiki bars, and do I have any takers to hit OA some afternoon?

I'm freshly back from chaperoning 25 teenagers through Spain for a month, and DO I DESERVE A VACATION!!!

Alice the Exhausted

If you come a little south to San Diego, we will save you a mai tai at the South Pacific Room in Vista (our home).


The very naughty Miss Formica has provided Kahuna with a fifth of genuine absinthe...for that she has earned a forthcoming fifth of Kahuna's delicious Tres Canones homemade Pimento Liqueur....

You got it Monkeyman! I would consider seeing your newly christened bar as being part of a proper Southern California tiki tour!

And BK, "naughty"? Nooooo. Absinthe isn't illegal to bring in from abroad...at least I don't think it is. 'Course on my customs claim card I just wrote "1 bottle liquor"...


All us Hoiti Toitis will welcome you with open arms! It won't take much encouragement to get us to show you around the Tiki sights of SoCal. And I'm ALWAYS up for a trip to OA!!

But you might want to extend your time in SoCal: there's Royal Hawaiian, Sam's Seafood, Bahooka, Bali Hai, Purple Orchid, Tiki Ti, Lava Lounge, OA, Bamboo Ben, House of Tiki, the Lagoon Room, Bong's pad, Islands at the Hanalei, to name a few.....

I think at least a trip to Tiki Ty for any out of town TCer should be mandatory. But pretty much anywhere you wanna drink you'll have company.



Send me an email when you get more confirmed plans and we can work out the details. You will get the red carpet treatment.


On 2003-07-04 09:27, Traderpup wrote:

But you might want to extend your time in SoCal: there's Royal Hawaiian, Sam's Seafood, Bahooka, Bali Hai, Purple Orchid, Tiki Ti, Lava Lounge, OA, Bamboo Ben, House of Tiki, the Lagoon Room, Bong's pad, Islands at the Hanalei, to name a few.....

Ah jeez, you're right! Since I have done (and loved) Tiki Ti, Lava Lounge and OA, I may have to leave those out this time... God, that's even hard to write, much less DO!! After looking at SugarCaddyDaddy's calendar, it looks like I gotta do the Sam's dinner show on my first Wednesday (dang, or was it King Kukulele's thing? I guess I shouldn't be typing this after a huge chocolate martini with my friend Jeanne from New Orleans!!)? Good move or no? You Hoiti Toities gotta let me know which night (or day - or happy hour!) is best for which place, and I'm happy to be there then!

I am soooo looking forward to this!!!!!

Monday you should take advantage of The Purple Orchid's monday special, a martini and a manicure for $10.


Bongo is up to a little gig for Formikahini at his hut. Need dates & times though. Who's in?

Thanks, Bong!!

As it stands now, I'm in the LA area from Tuesday July 22 to Saturday the 26th. I know King Kukulele has his thing on Wednesday, and there's the Sam's dinner show on Friday (according to SugarCaddyDaddy's calendar!), and I admit I'd like to try to see both of those (never been to Sam's).

Anyway we could work around those? I don't know their starting times, so maybe lots of other stuff could also happen on those nights?

Thanks, wonderful Hoiti Toiti's! I can't wait to see you all again (or for the first time, in some cases)!

On 2003-07-08 16:01, Tiki_Bong wrote:
Bongo is up to a little gig for Formikahini at his hut. Need dates & times though. Who's in?

I'm in. Standing by for details.

There's a bong hut in SoCal? I am there!


What are you serving at the Bong Hut? Bong Water?


And may I suggest for your entertainment pleasure;



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Miss Formika~

While at MonkeyMan's party, you came up in conversation (were your ears burning?). The The Hoity Toitys (Toities?) would like to know what schedule you have put together for yourself. We are always open, and can adjust to whatever time frame you have given for visiting. Just let us know!

SugarCaddyDaddy's Schedule of Stuff!

[ Edited by: sugarcaddydaddy on 2003-07-14 22:48 ]

Is Bong's in Sunset Beach?

Well, Formikahini will be in So Cal from July 22 until Saturday July 26. Since I'm back at work, the only days possible for a little get together would be Friday the 25 or Saturday the 26th.

Formikahini, are you leaving on the 26th? and if so what time? I don't get off work work on that Friday until 5:30.

Let me know


Hi! been without internet access a couple of days.

I have to leave SoCal on Saturday the 26th to be in Santa Cruz, so Friday it is, Bong? Any way to put the Sam's show in there before or after? I don't know the times. And we GOTTA get Bigbro out that night!

As far as the rest of the trip, my plane arrives LAX at 5:42 on Tuesday the 22nd, and I'm thinkin' about maybe heading straight for the Tiki Ti as soon as I get my rental car and fight thru the traffic? That way, I can see a slew of you and solidify some further plans, not to mention start off the trip with a bang! For Wednesday, I would like to see King Kukulele's show if possible, plus whatever else could fit in the LA area. So Thursday down in San Diego, Monkeyman? And try and see the Bali Hai while I'm there ?

So many bars, so little time!!!

I leave Texas this Thursday (the 17th) for Colorado and then Phoenix. I may or may not have internet access during that whole time.

Northern Cal is a whole different story! I'd love for folks to join me at the Trader Vic's in Emeryville on Tuesday, the 29th (I leave for good on the 30th from the San Jose airport). I'm still trying to figure out the time for that (probably 7:30), plus when to fit in the Tonga Room on the trip.

[ Edited by: Formikahini on 2003-07-31 00:58 ]

On 2003-07-15 10:27, Formikahini wrote:
As far as the rest of the trip, my plane arrives LAX at 5:42 on Tuesday the 22nd, and I'm thinkin' about maybe heading straight for the Tiki Ti as soon as I get my rental car and fight thru the traffic?

Formikahini, the Tiki Ti is not open on Tuesdays! However, a good alternative that night could be the Tiki Tones show at the Continental Room in Fullerton, CA (although its a bit far from LA).

Now THAT's the kind of info ya need from a local - thanks, PolyPop! How far's Fullerton? I'd be game to see a great band first thing I do! Or, there are a score of other LA area spots to hit, too. I haven't even been to the Beverly Hills Hilton Trader Vic's, although that might be a nice lunch place one day.

[ Edited by: Formikahini on 2003-07-15 10:55 ]

Fullerton is a good 1 hour away from LA. Some other good alternatives could be Bahooka, Trader Vic's, Purple Orchid or Damon's. Closest to LAX is Purple Orchid.

The South Pacific Room in Vista will be ready for your visit.

AlnShel, ModMana, Shipwreck Joey, TikiChic

Are you up for a visit to the Bali Hai Thursday night?

An excellent midway point on your trip is Monterey. You can see the most beautiful part of the California coast called Big Sur.
There's the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row. Most of all, there is Hulas, Munktiki Work studio. If you stop by this way, my tiki bar is an open door to you and any TCer. Have a great trip.


The Polynesian Spectacular at Sam's is only on Friday night. Why don't we plan to hit Sam's on Friday instead of meeting at my hut as I don't even get home from work until 6:10 (and after I clean off all the embalming fluid and bits of body parts I won't be ready until 7:00 or so).

All those interested in Sam's show post in order to get an idea of who's interested

Well, not lookin' like there's much interest in a Sam's show on Friday's (rats!), or is still too early to say?

I'm way game for something like Purple Orchid on Tuesday after I get in, but as SCD reminded me, I probably oughta put dinner plans in there somewhere! I'm staying in Marina del Rey.

Suggestions? Leaving town tomorrow, so speak now or cell phone me later!

I wanna do it all, darnit! Oh, to have a week (or live in California!)!


I'll go to Sam's. Sounds fun.

me and mine are into a Sam's Polynesian Review night.

We'll need to make a decision by next Monday because I think it may sell out, and Formikahini will need to know what up.

Come on folks, it's a legendary event (surpassed only by Al's mixing abilities). Who's in?

If you guys do end up at Sam's later Friday night (7/25), I can probably meet you after the Polynesian Show. I'm out the whole day in Hollyweird prepping and attending the DGA Screening for a film I worked on.

If Friday is an Orange County day for Formikahini, maybe a trip to The House of Tiki as well as Bamboo Ben is in order?

Hey, been out of touch in rural Colorado!

I'm essentially game for whatever y'all recommend that I do. I get into LA tomorrow (Tuesday) and would love to start right off: dinner somewhere and then the Purple Orchid (since Tiki Ti's not open Tuesday)?

Oh, do I need to call Sam's to make the reservations, or do we have an idea yet for how many (since y'all say it may sell out)?

[ Edited by: Formikahini on 2003-07-21 12:47 ]

formica-you are planning on being at Emeryville Trader Vics on Tuesday the 29th-right?

Here's a suggestion since I don't see any actual meeting times/places set here. Run with it, adjust it, or toss it...How about:

Tuesday, July 22
~Trader Vic's dinner since Miss Formikahini arrives later (5:42 pm) in the day?
~The Purple Orchid after?

Wednesday, July 23
~Bahooka for lunch or dinner?
~L.A. shopping/site seeing suggestions?
~Tiki-Ti's for drinks? (The mexican restaurant about 100 feet from Tiki-Ti's is pretty good for dinner too).
~Sven arrives today too, so I'm pretty sure he's having Tiki-Ti withdrawals.

Thursday, July 24
~San Diego visit? AlnShelly's Lagoon Room, MonkeyMan's South Pacific Room?
~Kealani's for lunch?
~Bali Ha'i for dinner?
~Shopping at Bamboo2U, Momalani's Island Traditions, tour Shelter Island & Tiki Farm?

Friday, July 25
~Shopping at House of Tiki, Bamboo Ben(s), Oceanic Arts?
~Lunch at Aloha Grill, L & L Hawaiian, Dukes?
~Visit Bong's?
~Dinner/drinks at Sam's Seafood?

Yeah, all of these are ending in question marks, since these are merely suggestions.

What's your input everyone?

Oh my God, SCD, that looks aMAZing!!!
And I'm game for it all, gang!

and Bruce, a definite yes to Emeryville Trader Vic's on the 29th. Plus, any more time I can see you and Enid, the better! I need to do a Tonga Room thang, don't forget!

Formikahini & H.T.'s,

I'm free on Friday, so if you're in HB hopefully we can meet up sometime during the day. The schedule that SCD put together is pretty comprehensive and it all looks pretty tentative, so meeting place and time would be helpful.

Hey Reverend, will the shop be open on Friday? Name a time and perhaps we can meet there.

I would love to join up with you guys but I gotta presentation to give Thursday and gotta prepare for that and can't really do anything Friday night either as I'm going camping with the pirates in Tehachapi early Sat. morning. Hope your visit is wonderful. You are in good hands with SCD!

Leaving Phoenix this afternoon, so you HT's probably need to check with SCD, with whom I think I'm going to be talking by phone, for the actual meeting times Tuesday evening (if anyone can actually meet then).

Sorry you can't join me/us Hanalei Pirate!

Thanks SugarCaddyDaddy!

[ Edited by: Formikahini on 2003-07-31 00:59 ]

Hey you LA HT TC'ers!
Floratina? SuicideSam? Doctor Z? Sabu? ChrisTiki? TikiFille? VintageGirl? Atomic? FuturaGirl? TraderPup? Chiki? TwoWheelin'? CheekyGirl? JohnnieVelour?

Have you been able to plan anything with Formika? She's in your backyard in just a couple of hours. I haven't seen/heard of anything going on yet, so I thought I'd post. Also, since PolyPop doesn't have internet access until the end of the month, I am temporarily being his "eyes" for him and am calling him with any updates.

SugarCaddyDaddy's Schedule of Stuff!

[ Edited by: sugarcaddydaddy on 2003-07-22 16:37 ]

I'm free for Purple Orchid this eve, Bahooka for lunch tomorrow, possibly Oceanic Arts too, and for any Friday antics in Orange County (excluding Sam's for dinner show, but can meet for drinks there)... anyone else?


I could use a pre-vacation drink.
Is the Purple Orchid a definate? Time?

I'll plan to be at Purple Orchid around 9pm...

Slight chance that I may be able to make the Purple Orchid tonight. If I can, I'll be there around 9:00pm myself.


Formikahini (aka Alice) left a voicemail message on my cell saying that her plane is delayed and should be landing in LA at about 6:15pm. She said that dining at Trader Vic's would be nice after she lands (but she's open to suggestions) and then The Purple Orchid.

I am sort of the middleman here, since I just posted suggestions for a daily schedule. If any of you LA HT TC'ers would like to call her cell and see what you guys can possibly do to show Formika some spots, please call her cell: 713-992-8144.

I will do my very best to make it out if I can this evening. I would just hate to NOT have her see some places and NOT be greeted by TC'ers....we did set a precedence while Gecko was in town, so let's try to extend the welcome wagon for our other fellow TC'ers. Right everyone?

Which reminds me...I'll be she'll want to continue her excursion to Orange County & San Diego County, so are you guys ready/available this week?

If anyone can see/meet her, be sure to call her cell phone!

SugarCaddyDaddy's SoCal Hoity Toity Schedule!

[ Edited by: SugarCaddyDaddy on 2003-07-22 17:45 ]


Purple Orchid around 9 sounds good - I'll really try to make it!


The Trustar duo would love to make it out to Sam's Friday evening, even without the show. We will keep out eyes out for times.




You hoity toitys that don't have commitments this week need to chip in to help show Formica a good time - I know it is hard during the week and I'd be out there if it wasn't for this presentation I have to make... and the pirates on Saturday camping trip.... don't let it all fall on SCD's shoulders! Also, we got a reputation to protect down here - she'll be leaving us and going up to S.F. and yeah they have the weekend advantage on us - but you guys are the hoity toitys - so come on and don't disappoint!

I left a message on Formikahini's cell saying that it looks like 9(ish) at The Purple Orchid. She will call either myself or TraderPup on our cell phones. PolyPop will do his best to make it on over too. I also called Gina at The Purple Orchid to give a "heads up" and she in turn, will call Dave and/or Rebecca to let them know that Formikahini/Alice and other TC'ers will be there, so that he too can offer a warm welcome (remember, they're TC'ers too= Wersmo Derinc). They usually aren't in on a Tuesday evening, so Gina said that if Dave or Rebecca can't do a personal welcome, SHE will make sure Formikahini is well taken care of.

I, of course, will try my absolute best to be there too. It's about 45/50 minute drive, so 9pm should have the least amount of traffic (hopefully!).

It's looking more definite that both Tikibelle and I will meet you all at the Purple Orchid tonight at 9pm. I'll bring that old El Segundo Tiki Hut matchbook that Dave wanted.


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